Whether you are moving to another state or locally, there is a possibility that you will choose to complete the whole process personally. You are probably thinking that there is no use in paying an expert for a job that you think you can manage. Also some people tend to opt for DIY Moving since they are basically unaware of the common rates charged by the relocation companies.

The Dangers Related with DIY Moving

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Risks and Dangers of DIY Moving | Wooden nature|Wikimedia Commons

You will not necessarily get your expected situation when moving. Your brave decision can lead to a single mistake that will result to uncontrollable mess. The risks associated with the self-move have a higher risk that will expose you to a higher moving cost that will surpass your original budget. This may also lead to personal injuries that will result to bigger consequences. Being aware of the common problems will allow you to decide whether you should still push for a DIY move or to seek the help of the professional mover.

Higher Expenses

Perhaps one of the primary reasons why people are not hiring the services of the professional moving company is because they believe that the service they provide is costly. You will always think that the cheaper option is the best choice. However, you will be surprised to know that you will accrue higher moving cost if you choose to move things yourself. You will have to shoulder the cost of the fuel and moving supplies. You will also need to rent a moving truck and a driver. In case the vehicle acquired damage during your move, you will have to shoulder extra fees for the repairs. There are also instances that the moving boxes will be too heavy. You will require the use of dolly to transport your items in the truck.

Time Wasted

For those who prefer DIY moving, you will be required to sacrifice most of your work and personal time just to ensure that everything will be accomplished. Collecting boxes, arranging your items and packaging your personal belongings will need an average of 50 hours. This will not include the time needed to haul the boxes inside the truck and transport them in your new location.

Lack of Experience

The professional moving companies have been trained to properly move and then organize your boxes inside the moving truck. This will help them ensure that your things will not acquire any damage during the transit. On the other hand, those who will choose a self-move will perhaps require the assistance of their friends. You don’t have the necessary experience to pack things and arrange them in the truck that can damage your belongings and increase your moving cost.

Finally, those who lack the necessary experience and training on moving will also be exposed to the risk of accidents and injuries. When you don’t know the proper way to lift the heavy moving boxes, you can injure your spinal column. The knees and the shoulder can be strained. Accidentally dropping the heavy moving boxes will not only damage your items and increase your moving cost, it can also lead to serious injuries.