Having a roommate provides several benefits. You will be able to share the monthly financial obligations and you can also enjoy the value of companionship and safety. Moving with your roommate will enable you to enjoy bigger space in a strategic location. Regardless if you are moving with a friend or someone you encounter online, there are limitless things that you should consider. One of the most important moving tips is to ensure that the agreements between roommates are put in writing. There are instances that disagreement can be unavoidable. If you have a detailed house rules, you will be able to eliminate conflicts.

Moving Tips to Avoid Conflicts with Your Roommates


Moving with roommates requires a lot of things to guarantee that everything will proceed smoothly. For instance, you need to conduct a quick background check. Today, it is relatively easy to search for information about a person. It is no longer surprising if you are connected online through a common friend that will make things a bit easier for both of you.

Rental Agreement

When moving with roommates, it is only expected that both of the names will be written on the lease agreement. Nonetheless, it is still advisable to create a separate agreement that will highlight the responsibility of both parties when it comes to settling the rent. When creating your rental agreement, make sure to add how long you need to inform the other parties in case one of you needs to leave.

Dividing the Utilities

You should also decide if you want to divide the utility equally or if you prefer a particular division that makes sense according to your situation. For instance, if one of you prefers to use the landline for communication, while the other one normally uses his cell phone. Sharing the expenses for the utility that you don’t use will be unfair for the other party.

Household Chores

This is probably one of the common sources of conflict when moving with roommates. Initially, this may sound a bit petty, but it is always better to determine whether paper products and groceries will be shared or if both of you prefer to shop things for yourselves. Keeping your space clean will not be an exciting and fun task but this is necessary. Be sure that the household chores are properly and fairly divided.


When you start sharing the space, perhaps none of you own a pet. However, this fact can easily change. The rules about pets should be determined by the start of the lease agreement. You need to be upfront and do not hesitate to voice your opinion, especially if you have an allergy. Issues related to pets can lead to huge problems if not addressed during the early state.

Hopefully, these moving tips that we shared with you will help you live harmoniously with your roommates. Having a roommate relationship can lead to several benefits as long as you highlight the things that you expect from each other by the start of the lease. To know more about moving, check our blog articles.