Terms and Agreements

TopMovingReviews along with its agents, employees, officers, affiliates, and subsidiaries (collectively referred to as we, us, or our) are committed to provide our users who are accessing our site with the satisfying and optimum level of experience. In order to deliver the highest quality of service, we have established specific conditions (Terms and Agreements) wherein the users (hereby referred to as ‘users’ you, and your) should agree before utilizing our website.

It is imperative that you read and have a full understanding of this page before you enjoy the various features and content of our site. Once you access our website, you hereby agree to the condition without any qualification and/or limitation. In case you do not agree to our Terms and Agreement, we do not encourage you to access our website and use any of its features.

Our company reserves the exclusive rights to revise and modify our Terms and Agreements any time should we deemed it necessary. Our users are also bound with these revisions and modifications whether they are aware of such alterations or not. We therefore encourage our users to visit our terms and agreements section periodically to be informed about certain modifications.

Website Description


Our Site (www.topmovingreviews.com) is consists of service marks, trademarks, names, music, logos, sounds, videos, illustrations, photographs, artworks, graphics, software, text and other types of content (hereby referred to as Content) that are disseminated, distributed, posted, published, uploaded, and made available for public consumption (referred to as Posted). Our site has been developed as a mean to display and organize elements and materials that are created by third-parties. Our content may include but will not be limited to links, discussions, comments, and ratings. The contents delivered on our site falls on the responsibility of those third-party developers and creators. We are not in any way responsible for these contents. Our website is intended to provide access to these types of content to deliver our service to the users. Our website is developed as a platform for discussion. This may lead to the posting of inaccurate, harmful, offensive, and sometimes inappropriate materials that can sometimes be deceptive. Our users are anticipated to read or view these contents with common sense and extreme cautiousness.

Moving Quote Submission


Once you click our submit button, you hereby certify that you are at least 18 years of age. You also agree that our company may contact you through the contact information that you’ve provided. Our marketing partners and service can also reach you with regards to the estimated expenses or the non-binding moving quote. You also understand that you will likely receive pre-dialed and/or autodialed calls that pertains to your requests. You hereby agree that your consent will not be a purchase condition.

Security, Password, Member Account, Writing Reviews and Testimonials


Once you signed-up to be a member of our online community, account credentials and password will be delivered after the completion of the registration process. The user would be responsible in safeguarding and upholding the confidentiality of their account information and passwords. They are also responsible to all the activities that are happening within their account. You also agree that (1) you will immediately inform us if there is any unauthorized access to your account or any kinds of security or privacy breach and (2) that you will sign out from your account after completing your sessions. We will not be responsible for the damages and the loss from your failure to abide on our conditions.

Guidelines on Writing Reviews


When writing your review, our users are expected to accept these guidelines

  • You (the writer of the review), will be responsible on the content of your review. Any false information that you shared will result in the filtration of your post.
  • Companies, their employees and their relatives up to the second degree are not allowed to submit reviews even if it is under the request of the customers. Those who did not abide this condition can result in the termination of the account.
  • A client may only post a single review for every transaction. We will not honor the ‘play-by-play’ types of review.
  • Only the verified customers of the company can post a review.
  • You are not allowed to copy and post the reviews found in other websites.
  • You should own the rights to the photos that you will use. We will not allow you to post copyrighted pictures.
  • Sharing the information of other people is never allowed. Consequently, you are not permitted to post a close-up picture of the others especially without their permission.
  • The reviews should be objective and impartial.
  • The testimonials, feedbacks, and reviews should not include hate speech, lewdness, harassment, threats, and other forms of bigotry.
  • Your contribution should always be appropriate and relevant. It should not be composed of rants about the political ideologies and practices of the company. Any other matters that does not imply to the core function of their business should not be included in your review.

Guidelines for the Business Owners


To the company owners who are updating the content of their company profile, you hereby agree to the following guidelines.

  • The owners of the business are allowed to address any issues or disputes in a public manner. Public comments should not be used to launch an attack against someone. You should also not advertise or offer incentives to those who will provide you a favorable review. Paying someone to leave a positive review is never allowed and may result to account limitation or termination.
  • The business information section should only be used to share details about their business. It should remain relevant and proper. Our features should not be used to attack the credibility of your competitors in the business. We also deplore the practice of keyword stuffing. Any manner or promotions and special offers will immediately be removed.

Our Authorization


The content that you are posting in our site is owned exclusively by the poster. You have the power to remove or delete it anytime by simply sending us a request at our e-mail account or calling our hotline. Our website content is protected under the copyright law. We are providing our user with non-exclusive, non-transferrable, personal, and non-transferrable access on our site. You are also allowed to download our content to your website provided that you will not modify, display, copy, use, transfer, grant security, assign, distribute, sublicense, or publicly perform our content for commercial and public purposes without our permission except for the content that you’ve written on our website. You also agree that you will not access our website through other means other than our official interface that we provided. Special rules should be applied when using specific software that is delivered by our website. These special rules and exception will be highlighted on our Legal Notices. In case you want to request for our special permission when using our content on other sites, we encourage you to send us an email and specify this on your request. In the event that we prove that you violated our Terms and Agreements, we can terminate your permission to access our content without prior notice and requirements.

User’s Authorization


We will not claim the rights or ownership to the things that you posted on our site. Nonetheless, with regards to the content that you shared to our site, you hereby provide us with non-exclusive, royalty-free, and worldwide rights to publicly display and perform, sublicense, adapt, modify, distribute, use, and reproduce these content. This authorization will only exist as long as your content is included in our website. This will then be terminated at the time that your content was removed from our website.

User’s Conduct


You hereby understand that all types of content that were posted on our site are the exclusive responsibility of the individual who posted the content. This simply means that the user is responsible for the contents that they are posting. We do not have a direct control on the contents that are posted on our website. We cannot also guarantee the quality, integrity, and accuracy of the content. You are accepting all these responsibilities for your personal participation and communication. You also agree that users will only utilize our website in a proper and legal manner and in a way that is related to the purpose of the website. You agree that you will not…

  • Threaten, stalk, harass, abuse, defame, or violate the lawful rights which includes the publicity and the privacy of others.
  • Post defamatory, false, unlawful, inappropriate, obscene, infringing content.
  • Share content which infringes propriety rights, patent, trade secret, trademark, and copyright of other parties unless you are the sole and exclusive owner of this right or carry the permission of the owner of the material.
  • Distribute any unofficial promotional or advertising material such as pyramid scheme, chain letter, spam, junk mail, and any forms of solicitation.
  • Impersonate entity or person and delete or falsify author attribution, proper or legal notice, or proprietary descriptions, or labels of source or origin of the content.
  • Make multiple nicknames in order to post various reviews and ratings for the moving company or their services and items on our list.
  • Exploit, resell, trade, sell, copy, duplicate, and reproduce for profitable purposes a small portion or all of the content.
  • Post any type of content which contains malicious wares, virus and/or computer codes, files that are intended to limit, destroy, or interrupt the functionality of hardware or software or any kinds of equipment.
  • Obstruct or try to obstruct the proper function of our website or similar activities that happen within our website.
  • Directly or indirectly violate the existing international, federal, state, or local laws which may include but not in any way limited to promulgation and regulation of the US SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) or any national rules or the equivalent securities exchange.
  • Deliver resources and material support (or disguise and conceal the ownership, source, location, nature of the resources and material support) to any entities as designated by the US government in pursuant to the Act of Immigration and Nationality section 219.
  • Store and gather personal information that are related to the other users (which include email address) especially without the proper consent.

Removal of Content


Despite of the fact that we are not responsible for the content posted on out site, once a content that the user posted does not abide on our terms and condition, we may probe the allegation and determine based on our discretion whether to delete or request the exclusion or removal of this content. We do not have the responsibility or liability for the non-performance or performance of this activity. You agree that we reserve the rights to the removal of the content of anyone for whatever reason.

Termination of Access


You also agree that we have the rights to delete all contents posted by you under particular circumstances without giving any prior notice. We can also terminate account and block access to our system. The reason for termination of the account will include but will not be limited to (1) non-payment of the fees that you owed with regards to the services that our website offers,(2) engagement on unlawful or fraudulent activities, (3) extensive inactivity period, (4) unanticipated security and/or technical problems and issues, (5) termination or interruption or modification of materials on our website, (6) self-initiated deletion or termination of account, (7) as requested by the government agencies and law authorities, (8) violation and breach of our Terms and Agreements. The termination of the users account will include (1) blocking you access to our platform and any type of content found in our website, (2) elimination of account credentials (3) preventions to use any parts of our website. Consequently, you also hereby agree that the cause of the termination of your account will be based on our exclusive discretion and we shall not in any way be liable to the account terminated.



Notwithstanding the medium or type of content, as long as the user’s content remain included in our website, you certify that we have the rights to display advertisement on various forms alongside your content. You are waiving your rights to object or to have your approval to this marketing such as propriety right, trademark right, and copyright. In addition, you concur that you will never attempt to interfere, undermine, or obstruct this kind of marketing.

The user’s business dealings, correspondence, advertisements and participations on the special offers and promotions, found in our website including the executing of the service, delivery of the goods, payment, and other representations, warranties, conditions, terms that include similar business dealings, will happen only between you and the advertisers. You also agree that we shall never be liable or responsible for the damage or loss that you incurred due to your dealings. 

Limitations of Liabilities


All contents that you will discover in our website are ‘as is’ and will be delivered on ‘as available’ basis, it does not entail any type of warranties. We are disclaiming all sorts of warranties whether statutory, implied or expressed which may include but have no limitation to non-infringement of third-party and propriety rights, merchantability, suitability for a distinct purpose, and title warranties. We cannot also guarantee the significance, relevance, comprehensiveness, reliability, and accuracy of the content on our website. We do not claim that our content will suitably meet your requirement and expectation. In addition, we cannot guarantee that our site will function without any errors and that your access to our site will not be hampered. We also cannot guarantee that our site is free from malicious programs and computer viruses.

You hereby certify that you are using our website alongside its feature at your own risks. In the event that you don’t feel satisfied to our terms and agreement, content, privacy policy and other similar policies we encourage you to remove the content that you posted on our site and/or stop the use of our website. In case using our website and our materials and resources has resulted to the replacement of data or equipment, we will not be liable for these costs. Note that most of the content on our site has been provided by third parties and we are not responsible for these contents.

We also do not certify that the content posted on our website would be appropriate for specific audience or group and/or our content can be accessed and downloaded outside of the US. The access to our website content (which include applications and software) may be unlawful to some countries or certain individuals. In the event that you use or accessed our website beyond the borders of the United States, you will be responsible to stay in compliant with the existing laws.

You profoundly understand that we will never be liable to the user or third parties for any forms of damages (including but will never be limited to lost profits, punitive, special, consequential, incidental, indirect, and direct) that resulted from the users inability to access or use our content whether it depends upon legal theory, tort, contract, or warranty even in the event that we are or we are not advised upon the possibilities of such damages. In some jurisdictions, they will not allow the implementation of the limitation of the liability for consequential and incidental damages. In accordance with the law, some of the limitation stated in this section may not apply to the user.



For those who have disputes over the other user/users, you hereby certify that you are releasing us (including but not limited to our employees, partners, subsidiaries, agents, directors, and officers) from the damages, claims, and demands be it actual or consequential indefinite or definite, of every nature and types, whether arising from or in any way related to the particular dispute. Furthermore, for our users in California, you also agree that you are waiving the Section 1542 of the California Civil Code.



With this, you agree that you will hold us innocent, indemnify, and defend us (partners, licensors, affiliates, agents, employees, directors, and officers) against and from any kinds or nature of expenses (including but without any limitation to accounting fees and lawyer’s fees), awards, damages, and claims that results from legal suits and claims arising from your breach of our Terms and Agreement, access to our website, consumption or using the content found on our website, and your posting. A notice may be delivered to you on a prompt manner regarding the proceedings, suits, and claims. We will assist you at a reasonable manner and at your expense in defending proceedings, claims and suit.

Privacy Policy


The information that you provided to us which include the data during the registration process is subjected to the Privacy Policy. In case you want to know more about our Privacy Policy, we encourage you to read our complete Privacy Policy section. By using our website, you understand that you are providing consent to the use and collection (stated on our Privacy policy) of essential information which may include the processing of the information, utilization, and the transfer of these information to US or other countries for safe storage. You hereby acknowledge, agree, and consent that we are allowed to disclose, preserve, and access your information along with the contents that you posted on our website in case it will be required by the law or on other instances when the disclosure and preservation of the information will be essential to stay incompliance with the legal process, respond to the user’s request, respond to the claims that the contents are violating the rights of any third parties, enforce our Terms and Agreements, and protect the personal safety, property and rights of our company, the public and the users.

Nature of the Website


You acknowledge and understand that all users will have an access to our website regardless of the location and without your prior knowledge. We often recommend our users to be cautious when sharing personal information that is related to you and your family members. All forms of communications that the users posted on our website (which includes comments that are posted through third-party services that are related and linked to our website in any manner) will be non-confidential and will be available for public consumption. The limitation of the protection of privacy is highlighted on our Privacy Policy section.

No Liability for the Content


We will never guarantee, represent, support, and endorse the reliability, accuracy, and truthfulness of any content that are posted in the website. You hereby agree that reliance to the content will be at the user’s discretion and at your own risks. We do not have the ability or capacity to monitor all the contents posted in our website. Consequently, we also have no obligation to monitor these contents. Nonetheless, we reserve all the rights to disclose information as deemed necessary to satisfy the government request, legal process, regulation, and other existing law, and to remove information, reject to post, and edit any materials or information, either in part or as a whole regardless of the reason and at our exclusive discretion.

Linked Websites


Our website may contain links from third party sites and services that will be maintained by the others. The links are provided as an added convenience to the users and are not a form of endorsement or advertisement by us. We will not be liable or responsible on the content of these third-party websites and services. We also cannot guarantee the accuracy and safety of their materials which may include (without any limitation to) any forms of advertisement, products, and materials. Once a user chooses to access these links that will direct them to third-party websites through any of our content, you agree and understand that you are doing this at your own judgment and risk. Furthermore, you also agree and acknowledge that we will not be liable and responsible (whether directly and/or indirectly) for the loss or damaged caused or resulted from the reliance or the use of the content, services, or goods that are available through third-party resources and websites.

Intellectual Property Infringement


We are respecting and upholding the property rights of our users and we also ask others to do the same thing for us. Our company, during appropriate situations and at our exclusive discretion, may terminate or suspend your account in case we think that you are deliberately violating our propriety rights or in some situations if you infringe our propriety rights multiple times whether intentionally or unintentionally. In addition, we, during appropriate situations and our exclusive discretion, may disable or remove your access to the content that infringes other individual’s propriety rights.

For the user who believe that their content was copied in a way that violates their propriety rights or in manner that falls within copyright infringement, we advise you to provide the necessary information to our legal office which may include (without limitation):

  • A statement by you that is made within perjury penalty, stating that the information included in your notice is true and exact. It also should states that you are the owner of the intellectual property or copyright or you are authorized to take action on the intellectual property or copyright with the consent of the owner.
  • A statement stating that the use of content is not authorized or endorsed by the owner of the copyright, the law and its agent.
  • Description of the material that has been infringed which includes the location where it is found in our website.
  • Email address, telephone number, and address of the authorized person or the owner of the copyright or intellectual property.
  • Physical or electronic signature of the authorized person who are acting on behalf or on the interest of the owner of the intellectual property or copyright.

Remember that we may not be able to take action upon your notice if you do not include a statement that is made within the perjury penalty.

General Practices of Our Website


You hereby agree and acknowledge that we have the power to establish limits and general practices that concerns the utilization of our website and the storage and consumption of the content which include (without limitation) the maximum number of time and/or duration that you can access our site in a particular time, limit of the disk space that are allotted that are allocated in our server, the highest number of content that you are allowed to post, and the longest amount of day that your content will be retained on our site. You hereby agree and understand that we are not liable or responsible for the failure to save or store and deletion of the content that you posted. You also acknowledge that our company reserves the exclusive rights to log off, suspend accounts that are inactive for a longer period. You also acknowledge that we possess all the rights to change these limitations and general practice occasionally without any prior notice.

Website Termination


Our company reserves all the rights to discontinue, modify, our website (or part of our site) permanently, or temporarily without any notice, occasionally, or any time. You also agree that we will not be responsible and/or be liable to the user or to third-parties for the discontinuance, suspension and modification of our site.

Interstate Communications


Once you post or register to our website, you acknowledge and agree that when using our site to post your content of any types of forms, you will be creating communication that will be delivered to the computer network. As the result of our system of electronic equipments for communication, business practices, and our network system and architecture, communications even those who appear to be a type of intrastate will result in the transmission of interstate communication. This will be regardless of the time and your physical location during the transmission. In pursuant with our Terms and Agreements, you hereby agree that the usage of our website will result to interstate transmission of data and information and that you as a user is bound by the laws concerning interstate communication. You further agree that any forms or types of disputes that may arise concerning your post will be matter to the jurisdictions and laws apart from the state that you are located when you posted the content.

Export Control


The government of the United States is controlling the import and/or export of particular information and products. You, as a user, hereby understand and acknowledge that you are required to comply to these restrictions and that you are not permitted to export, re-export, import, and re-import the contents (which may include applications, programs, and software) to the persons or countries that are prohibited in the laws concerning export control. When you download such contents, you hereby certify and agree that you are not located in a place where the export and import are prohibited. In addition, you also agree that you are not part of the Specially Designated Nationals of the Treasury Department or the Table of Denial Orders by the US Commerce. You will be personally responsible and liable for compliance on the local jurisdictions and laws with regards to the export, re-export, import, and re-import of the content.



  • Our Terms and Agreements (which includes our Privacy Policy as well as the legal notices that are related with the content that are aforementioned through reference) represent the agreement between the users and TopMovingReviews site. It manages and governs your access and use of website, overruling the prior agreement between us and the user. Changes that will be made on our Terms and Agreements will be written and reflected to our page or with the equivalent legal notice.
  • We will not be required to waive any provisions stated in our Terms and Agreements except through writing. The waiver will be considered as continuing or supplementary waiver of these provisions or the equivalent provision on our Terms and Agreements.
  • In case the provisions in our Terms and Agreements have been deemed invalid by the court that has an absolute jurisdiction, you hereby acknowledge that the court should try to put this in effect to the respective intention of the parties involved. Furthermore, the invalidity of these provisions will not have an impact on the existing provision of our Terms and Agreements and that it will remain effective and in full force.
  • The relationship between us and the user and the Terms and Agreements shall be governed under the laws regardless of the conflict on the provisions.
  • You hereby acknowledge that regardless of the law or statue to contrary, actions and claims that resulted from the use of our website or matters related with our Terms and Agreements should be filed within a year or it will entirely be disqualified.
  • You understand that memberships of our site are non-transferrable.
  • No franchisee-franchiser, employee-employer, joint venture, partnership, agency relationship will be developed by our Terms and Agreements. You further acknowledge that, with the exception provided under our Terms and Agreements, there will never be third-party recipients under our Agreement.
  • Captions found above our Terms and Agreements are introduced only for convenience and does not contain any contractual or legal effect.