Privacy Policy

TopMovingReviews will ensure everyone that their information and data are secured. We are not authorized to share any of your personal information without the consent from the authorized person. The information that you submitted using our online forms will be provided only to the certified moving companies who will then offer you with moving cost and moving estimate.

On the off chance that you have additional concern about this statement, we encourage you to contact us via e-mail. Should you have an unresolved concern about data protection or privacy that you think we should address appropriately, we advise you to submit a report on our feedback and resolution provider.

As a company that has been in the moving industry for a long time, our goal is to satisfy our clients and earn their trust. We have been constantly improving our system to uphold the integrity of our site and safeguard the privacy of our members and audience. We believe that by doing so, you will be able to browse our website without any worries.

Information Collection and Usage Policy


Everyone will have the capacity to access our site free from any fees and charges. We highly welcome you to browse our huge database and read the available reviews and rating list. This can be executed without the need to provide us with your personal information. Nonetheless, we are still required to gather necessary information of those users who are sending testimonial, feedbacks, reviews, and ratings to our site. Take note that third-party application and services such as Google Adsense will also gather information via cookies to show targeted ads.

Initially, when you want to provide review for a particular company, you will be required to submit basic information including but not limited to the e-mail address, password, and your name. All information will be collected in an automatic manner and will be stored instantly on the log files. Information such as clickstream data, date stamp, operating system, referring pages, ISP, browser type, and IP address are some types of log files. This will then be combined instantly to the other information that we’ve collected. Data and information collected are being used to personalize your experience and intended to improve our analytics, functionality and marketing tactics.

Your basic information will only be shared on third-party services in a manner that were highlighted in this policy. We are not in any way authorized to sell our members or audience information. In case you have concerns on the information that you’ve provided to us, you may reach us through our hotline or e-mail address.

There are instances that we will provide the companies with aggregated information. Understand that we will never give the companies your user information especially without your personal consent with the exception of the information that you use in our online moving calculator and moving form. Basic information may also be shared with services that are helping us deliver quality service such as the information needed by our customer support representatives. The use of your information is under limitation and discretion.

Once you input the required information on any of our online form which may include but not limited to online calculator, moving form, and the cost estimation, all the necessary information will be forwarded to the moving brokers and moving companies. All details are essential to provide you the information that you need. The information you provided on the moving reviews and the data required on the online moving form are not in any way linked. These two entities existed differently and they are gathered and saved in a separate location.

Our Blog Site


Our moving blog is dedicated to provide our customers with important tips and guide on the moving process. The moving quotes that may be listed in our blog are collected using our online estimation platform. Our blog site has no direct access to the data and information that are sent through our cost estimation platform.

Our website is utilizing various applications and technologies which include cookies in order to monitor the user’s behavior, manage the website, collect vital demographic information, and analyze the current trend. Our users have the complete control on the cookies by adjusting the settings on their preferred browser.

There are particular instances that our company will be obliged to disclose essential information in accordance with the law. These situations may include meeting the requirements of the law enforcement and/or upholding our national security. Disclosing the basic information should also be allowed in compliance with various legal processes which includes but not limited to bankruptcy proceedings and subpoena. We believe that disclosing the information should only be done in good faith and to preserve safety, uphold our rights, answer the request of the government, and investigate fraud.

On the off chance that our company has been involved in the merger or acquisition, and the sale of a portion or entire asset, all members will be notified through e-mail. We will also be required to display a prominent notice on our official site informing everyone regarding the latest changes in the company as well as the changes in the utilization of your basic information.

Privacy Protection Policy


Our website contains diverse features that allow the users to leave testimonials, reviews, feedbacks, and ratings that enable them to express their opinion about the company profoundly. Note that the review that you shared will be available for public consumption. When adding personal information on the review, we advise you to practice it with extreme caution. This may include your personal e-mail address. Most of our users prefer to leave their e-mail address. This allows the companies to send them messages and discuss anything related to their moving plan. Remember that our members are not obliged to leave their e-mail address. In case you have any requests or concern on your specific move, we encourage you to send us a personal e-mail message. Consequently, if you want your information to be removed, contact us immediately. Should there be an instance that we cannot remove your information, we will be informing you regarding the matters. Furthermore, those who are utilizing third-party apps when sharing their information will be able to remove the information by logging their credentials on their apps.

Once you post a reply to a particular review, the information entered will be shared with the reviewer. We cannot in anyway guarantee how this person will utilize the information provided to them. For the moving company who signed-up on our moving directory, or those who requested to update their information, the information shared will be stored in a secured manner and can only be access by using the company’s distinct password. This information can only be access by those who possess the password and the administrator of the website. Once you logged in to our website, you will be in total control of the information that will be shared to the public.

Our privacy protection policy is also required to stay in compliance with the law. For instance, California has an existing law that requires specific information to be shared with the local residents of California who has an access to internet. Based on the legislation, the company who shares information of their customer to others thorough marketing purposes should provide their customers with a method to obtain the important information of entities that have an access to their personal details. In case you are a legal resident of California, send us an e-mail message if you want to request for this information. We are never required to respond to greater than a single request from a single person within the calendar year.

Changes in Privacy Policy


Privacy policy can be changed or revised as new technologies and features are introduced on our website. Any changes that may happen will be posted on the prominent location of our website to notify our members about the information that we collected. We will also inform you the changes on how we utilize the information you shared and how your information is shared. We will also send a message to notify you when these changes will take in effect. We will give everyone a choice whether you will or will not allow us to utilize your information in unusual manner. Furthermore, if there are any material changes even if they do not affect the information stored in the database, we will still notify our users about these changes. During some instances, we will also be required to email the users to alert them about these changes.

Security Measures


Any kind of information collected apart from the information that you provide and shared to the public is accessible and maintained strictly by us. Limited access will be provided to our employees that will enable them to fulfill their task. Our website has installed the latest and cutting-edge technology designed to protect your information against misuse, loss, and unauthorized alteration. Sadly, we cannot guarantee the security of the data transmission executed online. Furthermore, our website may also display advertisement from third-party websites. Ads such as Google Ads may use cookies to customize the ads that they are showing. While we are also using cookies on some sections of our website, the cookies that are received by the ads are gathered by the advertising company. Our company has no access to the information they collected. Although we are committed to provide our users with the highest level of security measure, we cannot in anyway guarantee the information that you provide. You hereby agree that you are providing your information at your own risk. In case you have more concerns about our security measures, we do encourage you to contact us.

Privacy Policy Limitations


Our website comes with advertisements and hyperlinks that once activated in a way specified by your browser may result to the display of the content of other websites. We are not in control and we do not possess the knowledge that concerns the provisions of their site’s privacy policy. In addition, we will never be responsible on the content and the privacy practice of the other sites. Our existing privacy policy does not concern the policy of other website. Once you decided to click a hyperlink, it may direct you to the other website that is outside of our jurisdiction. If you decide to share information with them, understand that you are doing this at your personal discretion and risk. We encourage you to read their privacy policy first before sharing your information with them.

Deleting Your Information


Once you request the elimination of your personal information on our site, we will first confirm if we are in possession of your basic information. In case you want to terminate our service or your personal information has been altered, you will have the capacity to amend, correct, update, or remove the particular information. You may also send a request to our write administrator to remove the information from the review, directory, or the public forum. We will respond to any of your request at an opportune time. Nonetheless, the information that you entered on our online calculator and moving forum cannot be altered since they have been sent to the moving companies that provide you with the non-binding estimate. In case you want the information to be removed, we advise you to seek the assistance of that moving company. All information will be retained as long as you require our service and you have an active account. Information will be retained and utilized in a manner that will help us fulfill our task, comply with the legalities, enforce our terms and agreements and resolve the disputes. In case you want to subscribe to our newsletter, your email address and your name will be used to personalize our email message. In the event that you wish to stop receiving our newsletter, please follow our unsubscribe instructions or you may contact us through our hotline.

Behavioral Advertising


We are in partnership with a third-party advertising company that manages the advertisement that are displaying on our website. They may use cookies and similar technologies when gathering information related with your online activity. This will allow them to show advertisements that are related with your interest and browsing activities. In case you wish to exclude yourself from this type of activity, you will have the opportunity to opt-out through the third-party advertisement platform. Take note that you will still receive the generic ads once you choose to opt out.



Our official site is utilizing a range of features provided by social media. This may include social media widgets and like buttons. Features such as share button can collect your IP address. They may also capture the sites that you are visiting that allow them to display targeted ads and posts. They may also set cookies that enable them to function appropriately. Widgets and features can be hosted directly through our website or by a third-party websites. The privacy policy of these features will be governed by the company that provides them. We cannot guarantee the security and the way they collect information.

Do You Have More Questions?


For those who have additional questions related with our privacy policy, the dealings, and the various practices of our site, you may send us a message through our email account. You may also reach us at our company hotline or send us a direct mail at our company address. We have a well-trained customer support agent who will be willing to provide you with the answers that you need. They can provide you with clarification on the things that you don’t understand about our Privacy Policy.

On the off chance that you think or believe that our company failed to adhere to our practices and principles highlighted on our privacy policy, immediately notify us through our email account. We are dedicated in serving you to the best we can and we will immediately address your concerns. We will also notify you that the problems have been corrected.

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy


 By using the features and accessing our various pages, you hereby acknowledge and certify that you agree on the terms stated in our Privacy Policy. In case you do not agree to our policy, you should not in any way use or access our website. To those who disagree with our conditions, we advise you to immediately exit our website and avoid using our online form.