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20 reviews

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(20 Reviews) for Straight Forward Moving

Shannon S
Aug 20,2017

Summary - * Easy to book through email. Great response from sales person. HORRIBLE AFTER BOOKING * Two day window for pick up and delivery. If want exact date extra $150 which they don’t tell you until after signing * Driver didn’t show up on first day, called at end of 4 hour arrival window to ask if come later or reschedule * Reschedule date for next day - driver still didn’t make 4 hour arrival window. NO CALL * Tried to get ahold of someone NO ONE ANSWERS PHONE. * Finally spoke to someone. Will not compensate me for inconvenience (I took two days off work and stayed home WAITING). * Driver comes 2 hours late, says nothing. No apology NOTHING * Takes an extra hour to go from old to new place when they are ONLY 10 minutes away. WHERE’D they go? * CHARGES ME FOR EXTRA HOUR that they were gone. * Stacks heavy and fragile CLEARLY MARKED boxes on top of light boxes crushing them * Leave trash in my garage. * Called next day to speak to owner. NO ONE ANSWERS PHONE or CALLS ME BACK. * Have not heard from them since. Found these guys on along with other movers. The sales lady was very nice and it was easy to communicate via email. Trying to contact anyone on the phone was a different story. They had the best rate and good reviews from what I saw. I was only doing a small local move. I asked for a move date of August 1, 2017. ONLY AFTER I signed a contract did they tell me I had a 48 hour window of pick up and delivery. That meant that they would move me EITHER on August 1 OR 2. If I wanted a guaranteed date then I would have to pay an additional $150. WHAT!? I stuck to the time frame and took time off work. The evening before, the company called me and told me they would be coming Aug 1 between hours of 4-8pm. On August 1, I hear from no one until almost 8pm. The driver tells me they are running late and ask if it’s ok for them to come at 9pm. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That’s arrive by 9pm and move the minimum 3 hours or more. I have a young son and that would have been too late. So I opt for the next day and take ANOTHER day off of work. The driver says they will show up between 12-4pm August 2. On August 2 by 3pm I have heard from NO ONE. I try to call the driver, no luck. I call the company number, I get transferred to several different departments before I’m placed on hold and then a voicemail. NO ONE ANSWERED THE PHONE. So I leave a message about how I haven’t heard from anyone and it’s almost 4pm. So I wait. 4pm rolls around, NOTHING. Again I call. I leave another message because no one is picking up. 430pm comes around I call again and leave another message. At this point I am furious, I go online to their website and have to find someone I can chat with. This is a person doesn’t work directly with the company but gives me the phone number and EXTENSION to get ahold of someone. FINALLY someone answers. I speak with Johanna. I explain to her my situation and explain how poor service this is. I have a mobile business myself and I know when I am going to be late even over an hour. These guys do this all the time, they should know how to figure out timing. I tell her I have heard from no one, left several messages, and have had to take two days off work. She explains that because I was given a 2 day window of pick up and delivery that they were in that window so she can’t do anything for me. NO, you tell me your driver is going to arrive in a 4 hour window and BOTH times they are LATE by more than an hour. I ask for some compensation and she again says that because I am still within my delivery window there is nothing she can do. Because the driver in on their way and I need to move, I keep the appointment. I ask for the boss’ name and when they would be in. The driver and two college age kids show up at 6:00pm (2 hours after the arrival window). It takes them 2 hours to load my stuff. That makes it 8pm. The contract I signed was for 1 hour travel to my place and 3 hours of moving, so 2 hours have passed for my move. My new place is LITERALLY 10 min away from my old place. I drive to get there first and I wait A WHOLE HOUR!!! for them to show up. WHERE’D they go? The driver comes to me and goes over the bill. THEY CHARGE ME AN ADDITIONAL HOUR - 1 hour to drive to my old place, 2 hours to load, 1 additional hour to drive to my new place that was literally 10 min away, and 1 hour to unload = 5 hours total instead of 4. I was PISSED. Realizing that the driver can’t do anything and will not unload my stuff until I pay him, I do so and plan to speak to owner next day. They unload very quickly even leaving trash that I have to clean up and packing HEAVY boxes or FRAGILE boxes that are CLEARLY marked on top of lighter boxes which crush them. Next day I call every hour or two and leave a message for the owner to call me because NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE always to voicemail. I explain that I would like to speak to the owner about my move and to please call me. By the end of the day I have heard NOTHING and I have NEVER HEARD from anyone since. I pride myself on hiring local people for local jobs and for costumer service. As an owner of my own business this was a horrible experience and a scam. DO NOT USE.

Joseph Herring
Sep 29,2016

I guess the title of my reviews says it all. Really this company is too good for any kind of moves. Their movers are experienced, skilled and willing to perform and the sales guys are simply amazing. They know their job and they know how to deal with the customers. I used Straight Forward Moving just a week ago while moving Vermont from New Jersey and got the best move ever. Price and service wise Straight Forward Moving is simply unbeatable.

Jul 06,2014

Please read the entire review carefully to the end. I am writing this review so that others could refrain from becoming a victim. This company provided awful services, damaged my goods and took no responsibility of claim.   Claim experience: - They sign all contracts and paperwork (bill of lading, agreement etc.) in name of another company called Moving Cross Country Inc. but do their marketing and sales in name of Straight Forward Moving - My claim was handled by CSI (Claims Service International) and CSI told that per Federal law, they had 120 days to process the claim - I did not hear anything back from CSI even after follow-ups until the 114th day when CSI sent an email that their contract with Moving Cross Country Inc. had terminated and they shall not be processing the claim any further - When I called SFM, they told that their company went out of business and now doing business in a new name - When I asked that someone should take the responsibility of claim, they told that no one will do that as the previous company was out of business - When I asked for the new company's name, they did not provide it mentioning that I may write a bad review if they give me the company's name - Now, when I checked SFM's website again, it looked like they were still in business and when I asked for a new quote, I got one from them in an email - They even followed up on my quote which means that SFM never went out of business - I believe that they show contract with Moving Cross Country Inc. and in the end say that this company went out of business - I doubt that Moving Cross Country Inc. even actually exists - I smell BIG FRAUD here   Moving experience: - I moved from Eastern Time to Mountain Time so it was a cross country move for which I got an estimate of $1750 - I scheduled pickup more than 3 weeks prior for 2 PM on a Sunday, the day of my move - They called me at 10 AM on Sunday and said that they will not be able to make it by the next day Monday morning - When I told them that I booked over 3 weeks before and got this schedule fixed and that I had to catch my flight the next day, they agreed to send a truck on the same day - The truck arrived for pickup at 10 PM and after loading, they confirmed that the total amount was $2600 - I had not added any item to the estimation list that I had given initially but at the last moment, I had no other option than to sign the contract for that elevated amount - The delivery was also very late - after 22 days of the first available date I had given them - The driver who delivered, Sergei, was very rude and insulting in his conduct and language - He did not give me any notice before showing up and called me only 10 minutes prior to his arrival - I had to take a last minute time-off from work to receive the shipment - He was arrogant and offensive in his behavior and language; his tone always reflected orders above requests - He was driving a 'United Van Lines' truck whereas I expected an actual truck from SFM - this indicated something fishy as well - Upon delivery, I found that my 55 inch LED Slim TV had been damaged - screen and panel both were damaged - TV was packed in the original TV factory shipment box after discussion with and recommendation from SFM - The box was damaged on both sides by some heavy sharp object which penetrated the box and then damaged screen and panel - I had discussed with SFM before shipping about delivering expensive and fragile items as I was quite concerned about my TV that I had purchased for $1500 - SFM suggested to pack the TV in original factory package in which it was originally shipped and ensured that there shall be no damage in the move as the TV had been shipped fine by the TV company in the same package - Above, I have already mentioned my claim experience and that the claim for damage to my TV was never processed   The overall move was heavily loaded with monetary loss, psychological stress and tension.

Dec 19,2013

I was in for a surprise.... I applied for moving quote, but gained friendship. Absolutely reliable people. From my conversation with Mitch, the moving consultant, he painted the company as righteous fighters for honest living. I had my doubts, but after an extensive and detailed quote that i received from him, they did have the best price for movers from NY to Florida. i thought it would end there, but when the crew had arrived, i decided that i had never met such amazing people in a long time. Honest moving company, really... I highly recommend

Dec 08,2013

I've been busy with unpacking my boxes and turning the new house into a home since I got the delivery from Straight Forward Moving. I told them I wouldn’t be at the new place for about a week around the holidays and really did a great job to find a move date that worked for me. In addition the kept my items in a climate controlled storage facility for free and delivered them within 2 business days. I've been meaning write an email and thank you for all your help with getting my stuff to me. So thank you, to you and your entire team. No damage to my electronics or monitors I had them crate for an affordable and worth while cost. If I ever need to use your services in the future, job well done.

Kim Webster
Dec 03,2013

I have used Straight Forward Moving for my move and couldn't have asked for a better experience. The salesperson was upfront and answered all my questions, Mitch is truly a professional, he was very patient and always willing to help, I probably call him at least 20 times trying to make changes to my list of items or having questions in regards of what documentation will be required, but he took care of explaining it to me. The amount I was quoted is the amount I was charged (no hidden fees) They offered full packing for a little extra but I had everything already boxed up. They also talked about all the possible fee's movers charge and made sure we knew about all of them before we even deposited. The guys were polite and professional. They showed up on time and ready to work, I couldn't ask for better movers, they were strong and very professional. They finished the job as quickly as possible. You guys got a great team of Workers! Great experience overall, their dispatch team is always helpful and always letting me know what is going on. I received my items a few days ago and I am very pleased with the services that definitely I will be recommending their services to all the people that I know. Great job guys

Mandy Young
Nov 28,2013

Beware of using this company or mover. We were up charged, they refused to fulfill the contract in terms of reassembling furniture, multiple items were stolen/missing, items that were not mine were left, and many pieces were scratched and damaged. Nightmare experience!

Dan M.
Nov 19,2013

Moving a few years back was such a pain, where my items were previously broken and a few items stolen. I was hesitant when choosing Straight Forward Moving due to my previous gruesome experiences. To my surprise and relief, the move went very well. On time, professional, and the best part was that none of my items were damaged or stolen. Thank you!

Peter A. Holst
Oct 28,2013

There have been a lot of good reviews about Straight Forward Moving and I can never believe them unless I experience their service first hand. To start they took me through the process step by step which was great because im sortof new to moving. It was a good chance for me to try something new since I was about to move to Florida for long term business. I called them up and reserved a spot on a truck for the move. I was a bit doubtful when they told me my stuff would be put on the same truck as a few other moves. Nothing happened to my stuff, nothing lost or busted which is pretty impressive. Customer service was brilliant and they are really helpful. The moving team was also coordinated and well-organized. All in all, I give this company a my full reccomendation!

Oct 24,2013

Pickup was 4 hours late. Communication to the pickup driver is non existent. Hung up on. Things being packed were thrown together and ultimately were damaged in the end. Packing materials charged was $50 per box. Delivery was 4 days later than explained. 3 items were missing and only one recovered. That one item has taken over a week to be sent out to me. When talking with company representatives, their manner of professionalism was shockingly disrespectful. The supervisor I spoke with about all my issues is a joke. Less professionalism than the last person. Calling dispatch, expect to be on hold 15-25 minutes unless you hang up and call back. Don't expect emails on your delivery when they say to. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!!!!

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