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Jana Esposito
Mar 05,2016

DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY! There are so many stories of devastation (just research them) across this nation and for some reason this company gets away with this!! I am not going to go into details about what has happened to my family but I will say that we lost all our belongings because Chad Moving held our belongings for ransom and will not deliver until we pay over $4000 for our stuff. We are close to 60 years old and both unemployed so there is no way we can come up with that kind of money. When I called and told "John" we wanted our stuff moved he told me they didn't have it, it was in Cleveland Ohio and I asked for the address and he told me "you give me $650 and I'll tell you where your stuff is." I am sitting here with no furniture, bedding, clothes, shoes, our beloved pictures of our family, loved ones, and those that have died and pasted on. Our life is held ransom so Chad Moving can get rich from innocent people like me and my husband and many many more victims! Where are our rights? Who protects us from companies like this?? To my surprise Home Adviser is promoting this company on their site! Shame on them! What other companies are they promoting that steal your money, steal your past, steal your future! We need help with shutting down CHAD MOVING FROM NEW JERSEY!

Feb 05,2016

They quoted me for my move from NJ to KY $1650. When they show up to pick up my stuff they want to charge me for the wrapping my furniture. After they picked up my staff they called and they told me you have to pay $200 extra because it need permit to get in to KY. I accepted all that and when the driver brought my stuff after two weeks i asked him about the permit. He said we already have that permit and they took the balance before they unloaded the stuff from the truck. Then i found out that half of my furniture were missing and few stuff are damaged. I called them several times and no one been calling me back. Its been 1 month when they picked the stuff up and i haven't received them yet. They told me they ship them to Florida by mistake.

Nadeem Zafar
Jan 07,2016

BEWARE of CHEATERs, DONT DEAL THEM EVEN THEY OFFER YOU FREE SERVICES I did not give importance to the reviews of the people who experienced the cheating of the CHAD MOVING company. I trusted them but had a very very bad experience, First the workers were very unprofessional, most of the time they have been busy chatting on the cell phone instead of working. The position of truck was very bad and filled with junk. the customer service representative JASICA was so sweet WHEN convincing me to hire them and on the basis of items I told her she gave estimate of $1600. After agreeing the price I electronically signed the contract with $100 deposit. on the day of moving the so called movers rather truck drivers came in and started wrapping my house hold goods in a very unskilled manners, all the time I was with them to protect my furniture. They started to load the house hold goods in the truck and after loading they brought a new estimate approximately double the estimate, the cheating started right from here, I tried to contact to the customer service regarding the issue but no one picked up the phone, the when I asked the guys who were looking un capable of even to talk, explained that the estimate is approximately doubled due the increased volume of the goods, actually all the items were according to the list already negotiated with the first estimate. the they took a U turn and calculated the new estimate on the basis of cubic foot instead of of items. I was very upset I decided not to go with them and asked them to unload the stuff as i cannot sign the new contract on the basis of volume, they refused to unload the goods and keep insisting me to sign the paper work and new estimate, after arguing them I finally denied to sign the new estimate, afterwards they agreed to stick on the older estimate which was for $ 1600. They demanded 50% advance which I paid amounting $ 750. and mentioned on the cheque balance shall paid on delivery of the goods at Kansas.(750 USD). After en cashing cheque The owner operator called me and demanded more money and told the goods are lying in the storage at NJ. he also told me that he would not ship the goods further to the Kansas until he gets more money, actually he stared blackmailing to get additional money. I told him that I would file complaint to the enforcement agencies but he said " GO AHEAD" Now at this stage my goods are lying at NJ and I am having mental torture and hardships and thinking about to sue the company for my mental stress. I WARN YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE EVEN THINKING TO DEAL WITH THIS CHAD MOVING COMPANY PLEASE DONT DEAL WITH THEM EVEN THEY ARE READY TO MOVE YOUR STUFF FREE.

Sep 28,2015

Whatever you do, don't use this company! I was told my items would be delivered in 7-10 days, a month later and I still do not have my belongings. They will not call you back or respond to emails and I have been told three different delivery dates and still don't have my items! Jessica will say she has been out of the office and to call her manager and the only way to get him on the phone is to call over and over again

Jul 10,2015

I contacted their ddispatch because the company was located 20 minutes from my former home. I was continually assured of 5-7 business days to mid west from new jersey 2 weeks ago and sadly still waiting. When i call them, the language has change . 5-21 days. This is holding my family ransom!!!! It is simply inhuman. I have children that need the items. I could have gladly given my busines to a truthful Company. Buyer be ware!!!!!

Jul 03,2015

Whatever you do, do NOT give this company your business. I was contacted by Jessica (representative) and gave her a detailed account of all my belongings that I needed moved from New York to Tennessee. I was quoted a price and guaranteed a delivery date of June 26-29 in TN. I was told I would receive a phone call within 1 hour for my items to be picked up and 24 hours for my items to be delivered. I arranged for my items to be picked up on Saturday June 20. The movers called me 20 minutes before they arrived at my house. Once they got there, they did a "walkthrough" to show me how much space I paid for in the truck. Long story short, my items that I detailed to Jessica were conveniently not within the amount of space, and I was told I needed to pay $340 more, which I refused. I ended up having to leave some items behind. To top it off, the guy charged me $15 for "tape," and $40 to wrap my television, which were detailed as included in my contract. When I argued that this was supposed to be covered, he started yelling at me and told me I would have to pay them if my items were damaged. Because I was alone and very intimated by the 3 men, I didn't object further. Once they were done, the guy forced me to give them all a tip and refused to leave until I did. It was a horrifying experience for a single woman. Needless to say, I was glad that part was over. Fast forward to June 29, the last day I was guaranteed to receive my items. Because I knew I was due a phone call 24 hours before delivery, I called the number I had for Jessica to find out what was going on. The number was not working. I then had to search all over the Internet to find the alternate 201 number. When I called, Jessica gave me the number for "John" the manager. I called him, and he immediately began to berate me for calling when it was still "within the delivery time." He then told me he legally had 21 days to get me my items. I told him that I was already in TN with basically nothing, as all of my belongings were on the truck. He told me that it was not his problem that I did not bring things I needed with me, and that there was nothing he could do unless I wanted to pay $1600-2000 to have my items placed on a truck to me immediately. I asked him when I could expect my items, and he said "next week." I asked him if he could give me a timeframe and he began to yell at me and tell me that his truck had broken down and they were waiting on a part to fix it. At this point I was furious. I asked him why they did not contact me if there was an issue with the truck and a subsequent 10 DAY DELAY for my items to be delivered to me. He told me he would "look into it." I became very upset and concerned for my items, and I told him I did not think it was fair that I pay the price I was originally quoted for having my items delivered within the date I was guaranteed. He then became extremely rude again and threaded to leave my items in Jersey City for me to pick up myself. Again, I felt extremely bullied by another person from this company and at their mercy, since they now had all of my belongings. I asked him to please contact me as soon as they were out on the road again so I would know my stuff was safe. Today is Friday, July 3, and I have yet to hear back from anyone, no one is returning my calls, and I still do not have any idea where my stuff is. I reviewed my contract from the pickup, and it clearly states I will have my items within 7-14 days of June 20, 2015. I just hope and pray I actually receive my items and they are in the condition they were when they left me. Please, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY ANY BUSINESS!!!!

Jun 24,2015

I canít stress enough, do not make business with this company. They give you one price over the phone and then the driver provides a duplicate price once they pick up the goods (no documentation).† If you try to reach the Manager (Sasha), he never calls back and you can barely understand what he is saying.† The main office doesnít want to hear and refers you back to the same ghost manager.† This is frustrating and borderline illegal. You DO NOT need this especially when you are moving.

Apr 17,2015

Booked with this company three weeks before my move, and paid a deposit. Was contacted two days before my scheduled moved, and asked to change my move date to a week later, I said no. I had paid for the service, and we needed to be moved to begin a job. † Surprise, the scheduled move time comes and goes, I call them. Oh yeah, the truck is on its way. Three hours later, I call, oh yeah, the truck is on its way. It will be there today, we promise! End of business day comes and goes, surprise, we can't pick up your stuff today! But... We can do it tomorrow! No. No, no. Asked for a refund immediately, and had to have a hitch installed on my car, so I could rent a trailer, and get rid of a lot of the stuff Chad Movers were going to move. Here we are, two weeks later, and my refund has not been processed. The company keeps sending me back and forth between the manager, and the sales department. First, the sales department had not control over the refund. The AWFUL manager lied to me multiple times that the refund was processed. It still has not been. Every time they tell ME to be patient. That I should be nice to them, that I made them lose money, even though they did not provide the service I paid them for. This company is atrocious. Do not use them, unless you want to be lied to, and have your money stolen.

Apr 02,2015

This company has should not be operating, DOT website says "Out of Service" Save yourself and your family stress and worry, do not hire this company. Lied to about everything: Price, number of movers, time for delivery, where the truck was in route to delivery. They avoided our phone calls, we had to call from different phones to get them to answer us. Sales guys, Mitch and Alex, quoted to move a 3 bedroom house from NY to SC $2150, ended up costing $3900 plus $160 in tips. Told it would take 7 days to deliver, took 11. Promised by Mitch and by the owner they would pickup on Saturday and deliver the following Saturday, this was imperative as we work from home and need our belongings for Monday morning. Our delivery did not come until Wedneday afternoon, 11 days after pickup for a 12 hour drive. I asked them upon hiring if they used their employees for the movers and was told "yes" they do not hire out or subcontract. This was another lie. The 3 movers they had for unloading were hired off of Craigslist. After the unload the driver tried to stiff the craigslist movers. The only good thing about our move was the three craigslist movers, I tipped them well because they worked their asses off while the driver did nothig. The driver also insisted upon arrival that we pay him upfront before they unloaded our belongings. Many of our belonings were damaged during the shipment. There is not one good thing I can say about this company. Dishonest, untrustworthy company.

Irene Buchalter
Mar 31,2015

They did a terrible job causing damage and not fulfilling the contract they were supposed to handle 23 pieces and up to 30 boxes. They took 14 pieces and 1 box there was no more room on the truck leaving me to think there may have been someone ?lse's items, since there should have been plenty of room in a 24 foot truck. I w?ll be filing a claim for damages. They also removed the front door and put it back wrong so that it doesn't open

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