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Shilpa Patel

Mar 18,2014

I give these ppl less then even poor if there is any word.  They came 2 days late, I told them to give me fix time since I had a new born baby and they told me they will be there in 3 days and whenver I call they said either in few hours or next day morning, afternoon etc.  Three guys were there for delivery and asked me to give him extra money since they said weight is lot more but I knew it can't be so I said I'll pay if weight is more.  They came and asked me for all extra money else they droved back, since I had infont and was alone, I paid and requirement was CASH.  I said I want to come to check the weight but they didn't agree and even did not install all the furniture and ran away because of fear of police since they were wrong.  ever never hire them even they say if they'll do your moving in free but still you'll end up paying lot more.


Doris Cochran

Sep 17,2013

Three reasons not to use Worldwide: 1.  They underquoted us by over 2500 lbs., even though we told them we thought they were low.  However, they assured us that "they've been in this business a long time and knew what they were doing".  Right.  The move ended up costing us more money because the $/lb. is higher on the backend rather than if it was quoted as such up front.  2.  They ended up having to put our goods on two trucks, with the second truck taking 21 days to arrive.  We originally told that we would have our goods in 7-10 days.  Not so.  3.  On the second truck that took 21 days to arrive, our goods were taken somewhere, offloaded, stored in a non-climate controlled facility, reloaded and then finally delivered.  The high temps caused damage to some wood furniture pieces, and other had some damage due to multiple handlings (loading, unloading, reloading, and unloading again at our home). 4.  Cannot get them to send us a claim form for damages -- we have asked numerous times over the past two weeks for a claim form, but apparently they are not willing to send us one.  Therefore, we are having to resort to filing a small claims suit against Worldwide.  It isn't so much that the damages were huge, it's the principle of their just not responding at all to a customer request. STAY AWAY FROM WORLDWIDE.  THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS, HAVE ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE IN BUSINESS.  PERIOD.



Sep 08,2013

Yes, they have wonderful quotes, and yes, the person you initially talk to sounds wonderful. Everyone sounds wonderful! Anita, in my case, sounded wonderful. After I paid the $500 deposit everything was terrible.Truthfully, this was my first big move. I'm not an expert and I should have been more thorough in my research. I guess it just seemed to me that NO moving company was loved by everyone or even anyone, so I figured it was sort of a coin toss. I was wrong, big mistake, don't make the same one. So there you have the acknowledgement of my own naiveté.I was moving from Madison, WI to Baltimore, MD. Everything was packed and ready to go, and despite the fact that there was not much that Worldwide Van Lines WOULD guarantee, Anita assured me that they would definitely pick up my items within a 48 hour window. That was a solid guarantee. Saturday June 29 or Sunday June 30. I was told by Anita that I would be given at least 24 hours notice before that weekend, so that I would know which day the movers would arrive. Specifically, she said: "If you don't hear from someone by Thursday, call me and I will help you."  This was the beginning of no one picking up the phone. Up to this point, everyone had called me back and kept me updated. Friday rolled updates, so I called three or four times before their office closed at 4pm eastern, and finally someone picked up the phone.  "Saturday at noon," they said. "Okay," I said. And I also said "Thank you," because you should be nice to people driving your life across the country.My mom drove up from Milwaukee with all my leftovers from my hometown. We waited. I called at 2 pm. We waited. I kept calling. All of the phone numbers, which is only like two. Around 4 or 5, someone answered and said "That's weird, we have you down for Sunday at noon." Okay. To be clear, I did not mishear the pick-up date the first time. 0% chance of a mistake on my part. On Sunday, no one came. And no one picked up the phone. All day, no one picked up the phone. On Monday someone told me that there had been storm damage to the phone lines. There was no storm damage to the phone lines; I have internet access. At this point I was only threatening to cancel, because who am I going to hire at this juncture? They got me on the phone with a manager, who I don't remember, because this was June and we just got the deposit back today, in September. I said I will keep you if you guarantee to pick up my stuff tonight (she said sorry, Tuesday it is), and if you give me a discount. Because I was already violating the terms of my lease, which ended June 30. And then I cancelled, because stuff just wasn't sitting right with me? Duh, you say. Well, I'm 27 and a half now, not just 27. Lesson learned.Anyway, long story short, U-Haul is, in fact, totally wonderful if you can make the drive yourself. And their contracted moving helpers are wonderful. Smooth sailing once I kicked the clowns to the curb. Don't hire World Wide Van Lines. Shouldn't even be an option.


Rod Nyland

Aug 13,2013

I contracted for a move in May of 2011. I deal with Charles ( over the phone and by email. I was told to pay $270 online and then $400 when my belongings arrived at my new location. The move was to take two days. When the movers got to the pickup (11 hours late, at night) I had to pay $350 because the $270 was the fee for the broker, not the movers. They loaded everything and I didn't hear from them again. I called them many times and was in contact with Charles, a dispatcher (New York), and eventually a driver. The driver arrived on June 6th (9 days late) and without warning. I was told that I had 30 minutes to get to my apartment or they would leave, put the items in storage, and I would have to pay for them to come back out. I had to pay an additional $350 to finally get my items. 7 days late and $300 more (45%) than quoted.



Jul 18,2013

I had done a search for movers to get quotes and Worldwide was a couple thousand cheaper than 2 other companies. Blake the salesman said the reason for this is that they had 2 empty trucks coming back to Florida and this is how he could do it. I had included 1 months free storage that was suppose to be in Delaray beach Florida that Blake said I would be able to come and get things as I needed from this storage. The day of the move who shows up a company that has a rented Ryder Truck no business cards and a bunch of scram artists. They new my closing was 2 days away and they only had the one truck that they would fill up and I find out way after the fact that it went to their storage in Union NJ  on the second day they started extorting me for $5000.00 more than my not to exceed quote of $12,180.00 I was forced to sign and give a additional 3800.00 or they would leave the rest of my stuff and cause a problem with my closing. The day of the delivery came and they only shipped 1/2 my belongings and wanted another $5000. to get the rest. All along Worldwide would not take any resonsibilities and would never return a call. This Best Deal movers that I found out that was a subcontractor since went out of business and stole $60,000.00 worth of my belongings  I have law inforcement and my Homeowners involved at this point. THEY SHOULD ALL BE PUT IN JAIL!!!!



May 29,2013

Jack claimed that the move would be direct and the same guys that picked up my furniture would deliver it to St Louis. It was picked up by another company, driven to Los Angeles, stored in a warehouse there and then put on another truck  Jack or whatever name he uses with you is a very dishonest broker!!! Furniture was damaged!!



May 22,2013

My review is in line with all of the other reviews I wish to god I had checked before I signed on with them.  I got a bunch of quotes from several companies for my move from New Orleans to DC.  Worldwide had the best quote and the salesman was very nice and accommodating.  That is where my good experience ended.    Once they sent me the contact forms I reached out to my customer person and said I was concerned about the window since I needed to be out of my apt by Aug 15th.  He agreed and said he changed my scheduled move date in the system from the 14th to the 12th to make sure I was out on time and I could just sign the contract.  I did.  As my move approached no one contacted me about an arrival date.  On the 11th and 12th I called the offices to get an estimate but no one was in on the weekend.  I did get someone on the 13th who said my mover was coming the following day.  On the 14th when I didn’t hear from the actual mover I called again and was told he was now coming on the 16th.  I called them a bunch of times and said that was unacceptable since someone had to move into my place on the 16th – I planned this all around having my things out.  They said my original contact gave them a 48 hour window from the 15th and that was the agreement.  I sent them the email where their salesman confirmed my new window started on the 12th.  Finally they agreed to come on the 15 – showed up that afternoon a couple of hours before I had to go to the airport.  I had to leave as they were loading and told them to lock up/leave the key when they were done (I did have a neighbor looking in to make sure they did this on time).  They left a ton of trash and my deposit was reduced for cleaning fees based on that.   I told the movers at the time that I was not moving into my new place until 10/1 and that they would move my stuff to a storage unit I bought in VA instead of a new apt.  I guess that meant to them that I didn’t need my stuff.  I contacted them after I didn’t hear any update on my delivery at the 30day promised window.  I had multiple contacts with them saying I had someone to oversee the move to the storage unit as soon as they could deliver.  They didn’t deliver until 10/6 – way past the DL.  All through the end of September I was on vacation and trying to get in contact with ppl (frantically) from Europe and Africa.  They were very hard to reach.  When my stuff arrived it was with a different mover than had picked up.  He said my things were all wet (including my mattress) because he and another mover had switched my stuff to his van at 2am at a truck stop the night before and it was raining.  Some of my stuff was soaking and he had shattered a dining room chair in the move.  There was extensive water damage.  I was missing several things.  None of my furniture was wrapped (wrapping and disassembly was included in the contract) – including a couple of things I had personally bought protective cloths for to make sure they were protected.   I had put my clothes in vacuum bags and those in furniture (wrapped and taped), suitcases and boxes.  Those were all taken out and opened.  I was missing several items of clothing that someone had gone into a suitcase and opened a bag to get.  They were clearly going through my stuff.  All of my furniture was scuffed up and damaged from being moved around so many vans without being wrapped.  After delivery I contacted them about some missing items and got a few of them back (an empty suitcase with everything that had been packed in it missing and a broken picture).  Several of my things and a valuable mirror were completely missing.   I filled a claim form on 10/15 with “Luke”.  He said he they were required to get back to me in 120 days.  A few days after that window I emailed to get an update.  I emailed again the following week.  Then I called.  Finally I got through to someone who said my claim would have been passed along to their third party insurer and I needed to follow up with them.  She gave me a name and number.  I called them and it was a moving insurer and they were incredibly nice.  They could not find my claim.  They looked under reference number, my name, my move date.  Finally the person checked the system for the moving company and said his company didn’t have any record of doing business with a company called worldwide van lines.  He tried to conference them in to clear this up but no one picked up.  In the 2 months since then I have called over a dozen times and left messages.  They never call back.  I sometimes can get a woman on the phone (ext 421 – the only person who occasionally seems to answer phones there)  she said I need to clear it up with her super Kevin at ext 450.  I have left him many messages.  I have had her pass notes to have him call me back.  Nothing.  I don’t think he exists.  His ext goes straight to VM, he’s never in the office and he hasn’t returned any of my messages.   I know I wouldn’t get much money for the damage – nothing to approximate what they damaged and outright stole from my move – but I think I’m going to sue them anyway.  Small claims court is probably not worth the time but I’m incredibly angry at this point.  PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE I MADE.  DO NOT USE THES MOVERS.  THEY ARE THIEVES AND SCAM ARTISTS.



May 08,2013

While looking for a moving company, World Wide made an email solicitation.  They gave me a "Not to Exceed" quote of $964.95 with a deposit due of $264.95 to get things rolling.  This was done on March 6, 2013 with a scheduled pickup of March 26, 2013 between 10:00 am and noon.  The day for loading arrived and by the noon that day I called to find out where truck was.  After some investigation I was told that the truck broke down and they didn't know when a truck would be available.  Oh, I didn't mention that I needed to be in Colorado to start a new job on April 1.  Things went down hill from this point.  Most calls to World Wide roll to their voicemail system and good luck if you can get someone to return the call.  Finally got to talk with someone and was told that the truck would be repaired by April 1 and that since I was moving out of an apartment that managment could let the movers into apartment so that I could get on the road.  I didn't like this but at this point I had no choice.  April 1 arrives and I get a call from the driver demanding $575.00 so I gave a credit card number.  I specifically asked if he got the items in the garage which he replied yes.  At this time I was lead to believe he was a World Wide employee in a World Wide truck.  Contract states that delivery will be made within 30 days of pickup.  My things finally arrived last night, May 7, 2013 with a crew of one in a rented Penske truck.  This one person had to negotiate a flight of stairs to get to my new apartment.  This is one heck of a horror story.  Furniture was damaged, boxes  werecrushed with contents damaged, mattresses pad was ripped, bed frame was missing the bolts for re-assembly.  I pointed this out to the guy, who needed to be drug tested, and assumed that he was going back to the truck to look for the and/or bring the rest of my things up.  So at this time I did not get my $500.00 bicycle or the $6000.00 worth of tools that had been in my garage.  Since I had the drivers cell phone number I called and was told that the items were not on the truck and that I needed to file a claim.  Trying to call World Wide is no help as they never answer the phone and messages are not returned.  At this time I am taking the action of filing criminal charges of theft and deceptive business practices.  STAY AWAY FROM WORLD WIDE VAN LINES....


M. Norelli

Mar 01,2013

When I was looking for a mover to move me from Amherst NY to NJ, WWVL contacted me with a quote of $925.  We reviewed my belongings and the prices quote stayed the same.  I requested a box for my mattress and tv and was told I had to pay extra which I was more than happy to pay.  The movers showed up @ @2:10 in the afternoon, and didn't have said boxes.  I questioned this and they said there are no boxes for these items.  When I asked them about what time they would arrive they said sometime next day. I asked you're not going to NJ from here. They claimed no, that they had to stop in Syracuse over night to do something in the morning and would not be there until the evening.  I called the # they guy called me from, he answered the phone and when he heard who it was on the other end he wouldn't speak.  Other calls to his number sent to voice mail.  I contacted WWVL and all I get are emails stating they are looking into it.  They broker out their moves and do not tell you this up front.  It is now 2 days since they have my stuff and I believe that not only has WWVL never used these guys before, but my stuff is gone for good.  I sent them an email telling them I hold them complete responsible for my property, which I know I will get no satisfactions from.  PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW THESE PEOPLE TO TOUCH YOUR STUFF, YOU WILL EITHER GET IT DAMAGED OR NOT AT ALL. This place kicks you when you're down and when you have nothing left. This is the worst company ever and they need to be put out of business.



Feb 27,2013

Read all the reviews BEFORE selecting this company.  I can't believe how true they all are considering I went through everything written in these reviews.  I was assured multiple times that WWVL would show up with THEIR truck to load & move my belongings.  The first issue was when the movers showed up in a Budget Rental Truck.  When I called Beth from WWVL, she told me they didn't have a truck in the area so they used a Budget truck so as not to hold me up with my move...what a crock!  The movers were nice but they did not have any respect for the home I was moving from.  They wheeled their dirty carts across my white carpet.  I finally had to ask them to stop.  My house was TRASHED when they left.  My quote was for $1600...what a joke...I ended up having to pay nearly $2700.  They never showed up with my belongings until 19 days later (15 days according to them!).  When they delivered my belongings, nearly every piece of furniture THAT THEY WRAPPED THEMSELVES was damaged.  A 100 year old antique rocker that was given to me by my great-grandmother broken; and entertainment center with glass doors was shattered; amish end tables & coffee tables were gauged & scratched; all my bedroom furniture was scratched and pieces of wood broken off.  These are just a few of a total of 45 damaged items that I am mentioning!  They delivered two items that DID NOT belong to me.  Fortunately, I was watching everything they were bringing in and caught these two or more people are missing pictures and a comforter that was almost given to me.  I am missing 6 items:  box of clothing, floor lamp, two outdoor chairs, rubbermaid bin with heirloom Christmas Santas and another bin with ornaments my son has made me or we have bought for him for the past 21 years.  Although because WWVL contracted the move to Green Moving out of California, they are not taking responsibility.  Green Moving is giving me the run around.  They claim they have turned over my 45 pictures and list of damaged/missing items to a THIRD PARTY NEUTRAL claims adjuster...but refuse to give me the number of said NEUTRAL claims adjuster!  WTH....I am so distraught over all the damaged and missing can you replace the missing items, damaged furniture (antiques). The driver who delivered my belongings showed up in another moving company semi...not WWVL!  He indicated that he just picked up my stuff from a warehouse in Chicago and didn't have an inventory sheet...he just "took what was left" and assumed it was mine.  He received the inventory sheet while he was enroute.  He was also to call me 12-24 hours PRIOR to delivery.  Not the case - called me at 11:15 and indicated he would be here at 2:00.  Fortunately I was home...and he then showed up at 3:45!  My question:  how many times were my belongings loaded/unloaded before they reached their destination in Colorado?  Why were they sitting in a warehouse in Chicago?  Some of my items were delivered looking like they had been sitting outside for the past 19 days!   DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY NO MATTER WHAT PRICE THEY QUOTE!  YOU WILL GET SCREWED.  I read a few negative reviews and was very nervous and reluctant; I was assured by Beth that these things would not happen.  And if you do hire them and GREEN MOVING  shows up....lock your doors and call another company.  What a joke...this has been the most heartbreaking & devastating experience I have ever encountered.  Only time will tell when my claim is processed....hopefully if you hire this company, you have a good lawyer...thankfully I do!



Feb 23,2013

I'm so angry don't even know where to begin these 3 African guys come to my apartment a day late my contract stated the day before never got a call from there office before then I was getting calls every week to see if I still wanted to follow thru, I should have none it was too good to be true all the other company's told me the price was a little higher I felt $1400 would be just great boy was I scammed the drivers pulled up in a Uhaul truck I ask them WTH is going on they claim the company truck broke down that is the reason they were late mind you know one never called me to tell me any such story it was a bunch of crap.  the African guys open the truck and they had have the truck loaded with someone else things I looked in and said will my furniture fit  one of the guys stated sure it will don't worry, when we got to my patio furniture it wouldn't fit therefore they had to take my things to storage I was pressed for time I was a day late due to them coming late I had to be in GA the next day to sign my lease the guys reassured me they were coming back to get my belongings no such thing, they held my things hostage told me to give him $500 and he would get it. I said Hell I paid for the service not for you to leave my things and charge me more, I had to go back to Mich get my things and pay the guy $250 to get the password to the gate to get my belongings, people please pay attention. Customers be aware. Total scam this company needs to be shut down, we need to start a class action law suit also file with the bbb you have to file a complaint in Florida.



Jan 02,2013

Okay, my review is about 5 months late, but this experience was so profoundly flagrant that I have to write a review. My family (wife & baby) was moving from NJ to Indiana and after a long search, WWVL seemed to offer the best rate and the salesperson dave was very professional, cordial, and helpful. This was April 2012. I had given dave my cc# as he said they would charge $600 initial deposit within 3 weeks.  I had about 6000 lbs of stuff, not too much furniture other than a rather major king bed, big sectional, credenza and dining table. Everything else was like ikea office desk, ikea bookshelves, futon, etc plus our 200 boxes that we packed, inventoried, and numbered, and put down in the 1st-floor garage a day or so before the scheduled pick up date at the end of July 2012.  My concern first started when WWVL did not take the $600 initial deposit even after a month, and dave was nowhere to be reached. Came June when he finally wrote back stating he had some family situation and that I need not worry about the deposit as they will take it prior to moving. A little puzzled at the disorganization, but what the heck... I'm sure they'll take their fees so I let it go. Then real concern started closer to the moving date at the end of July when I got a call from some manager guy, I'll call him Keith, and we discuss the actual date. Things seem to go alright but soon sours when I do not get a response back from him. He was saying how original date looks a bit difficult and all, and knowing that they subcontract movers (I was informed by dave and at this time didn't think much of it... Big mistake!) a little flexibility in moving date was understandable.  But a day turned into three days without a callback. Their service number always states they're busy, but when you call them on Sunday night it says the same thing which obviously tells me that they just bring the message. I was getting a bit desperate as 7/31 was the first day of my rent in. I must've left some 30 voicemails to service, mainline, and even Keith himself. When I finally got a hold of a human being, a woman, I expressed my frustration and she seemed genuinely concerned and said she'd take care of the issue. I did get a call back from Keith later, and he heard my frustration and assured me he's working on securing movers and that he'll call me back. Again, no call for a whole day or two!  Finally, the scheduled day came and went, we were delayed by a day and a half when Keith calls me well late in the evening and tells me some dude is near the area and could come pick us up. It was like 6 pm and when I spoke to the dude, it was a one person with some van. Not convinced, I refused and asked Keith for a team, as I lived on the 3rd floor up 2 flights of stairs and there was no way even a he-man was gonna move my king bed down the stairs by himself. So another day goes by, we're just living out of our few boxes (the rest of 200 boxes were already locked in the 1st-floor garage as result of wife & my back-breaking work) and finally, we get a call, again well in the evening, from some Ramon? Character. So these 3 Hispanic men show up, looks around the apt and then I take them down to the garage to show them garage full of 200 boxes. Then never to be taken advantage of, I lay out the conditions - and ask them about the weighing after loading, and weighing after unloading and the $1800 for the 6100lbs deal. Then this guy starts talking nonsense - he goes how he deals with cubic feet, something dave himself advised me that other movers do and is a scam, and I slam it down, "No cubic feet, pounds" and they seemed a bit uncomfortable, and he just kind of murmurs over things with the guys in Spanish, and says there's a lot of stuff and that this is a really big move. And since it's late, how about they start loading up their van with these boxes? Their bigger truck would come the next day, he said. At that moment, I instinctively refused. I said let's discuss upstairs and I shut and locked the garage.  Once upstairs, we sat in the kitchen to discuss price as there were discrepancies. He basically flat out ignored whatever contract I had with them (didn't even ask to see it when I tried to show it) and said "Ah. This is really a big move. It's going to cost $7500"  $7500? Wtf? What is this guy smoking? And seriously, a big move? Just one king bed, sectional, credenza, dining table? It's pretty much just me & my wife and we didn't have much furniture in this 2 bedroom apartment. I said that is ridiculous and that I am going by the contract, nothing else.  The main henchman talks to his minions in Spanish again then goes, "We'll give you best price - I can do it for $5500", as if he's giving me the best deal ever...! Abhorred, I just told him, "No deal, sorry for your time but I won't be using you guys. Please leave."  At that, they seemed confused. Confused that they couldn't scam us into submission. Bastards. They were nothing short of thieves. They reluctantly went downstairs, and they stayed talking outside for a long time. I was nervous they might damage my car parked in front of the garage or something. Later, a big truck did come, and some driver dude got off and they stayed talking for at least 30 minutes, making my wife very nervous and I almost wanted to call the cops. I am normally good with reading reviews and such, and I have no idea why I did not look them up first because as it turns out, there are million negative posts and warnings about WWVL. Seriously, I don't know how they still exist. The office people act like the nicest people in the world and connect us to subpar thugs... And I can't comprehend that these office people are oblivious to what's really going on, but rather, they're just the same thugs as the contractors that show up. I am so glad that I didn't allow them to load my boxes because if I had and they left for the night, it's obvious that they would hold my boxes hostage the next morning asking me to pay up $7500! $7500! When agreed price was $1800.  Thieves. Scumbags. WWVL needs to be shut down immediately.



Dec 31,2012

After several quotes, I decided on Worldwide,BIG MISTAKE.I was quoted $965. I wanted the pick up on 12/29. Tried contacting customer service numerous times but never actually talked to anyone. Finally contacted dispatch on 12/28, asking if they knew approximately when the pick up would be made. The agent said she would contact the supervisor to check and call me back, no return call. Couldn't get hold of anyone on the day of pickup, never got a call from the driver when they were coming. Finally got a call on the 30th, Daniel from United Van Lines saying they would pick up either the 31st or the 1st. Concerned, I asked if the delivery would be made by the 4th as requested when booked.Said he would call his supervisor and call back, never called me back. When United Van Lines finally showed up at 3pm on the 30th, they looked at the load and advised this move would cost at least $2500, 2 1/2 times what we were quoted.  WHAT!!! I gave WWVL a complete inventory list, the quoted included all fuel, loading,unloading, padding, blanket wrapping was included.  Daniel advised they have to charge an additional fuel surcharge, wrapping and the quote we received was not correctly calculated and the move would cost $2500.We sent them away and never used them.NEVER USE WORLDWIDE VAN LINES. Our son is going back to school and this company really screwed things up, let alone is now going to cause us to spend alot more.  But there was no way we were going to spend that much more than quoted.  I feel sorry for anyone that entrusts this company to move anything!


Sasha Raines

Dec 23,2012

Not only were my movers completely unprofessional but they damaged almost all of my furniture. I filed a claim for it in May 2012 and they have yet to pay me anything. Whenever I call, which I had to pretend to be a new costumer planning a move just to get someone to talk to me, they give this happy pleasing run around. They never return my calls. I'm sure I'll never see a dime for my damaged furniture and I'd rather haul all of my own belongings on my back then ever hire them again.


Van Garmon

Dec 23,2012

Just like all the others, worst moving experience ever.  If State Wide Movers from Encino, CA arrive in a rented Budget truck cancel your move.  Again, cancel if State Wide Movers show up. Misleading salesman.  Final price was 3 times the quote.  Late, no communication and damages.



Dec 23,2012

its been a day and a half since all our belongings left ND (2 days late). Received call from police. ..stating the guy driving the rented moving van...had no cdl license, his passenger has a revolved drivers medical DOT log books...etc. I told the police that after they left....they called and raised the price $8000. All we want is our stuff back. The police gave them fines of 1075$ and they can't leave SD until it is paid...they have the moving van locked up for least 24 hours....they forwarded everything to the attorney general. They said they are doing everything they can to they and help us get our stuff back even though it is a civil matter. They know its a scam. I am waiting for the police to call me back today to tell me what's going on. Everyone who has had issues with this company...please email me at so we call all get together and put a stop to this" company" . Thanks



Dec 22,2012

World Wide Van Lines is THE worst company I have ever dealt with. We made a cross country move from MN to FL and were looking for movers. This company contacted us via email and gave us a price after asking US to estimate the weight of our items . BIG MISTAKE! We knew nothing about weight estimates and estimated very low.  The contract contains very ambiguous language (shame on us there for not reading it carefully enough) WE actually had a lawyer look at it after the fact- and while its not illegal language- it allows them to jack up your bill ALOT!  After all our stuff was packed and on the truck we find out our bill went up over $5000 from the original quote. We spent nearly 2 months trying to negotiate a reasonable price with this company. The crew chief  (who organizes the truck routes) was rude and yelled at us on the phone. Nothing short of verbal abuse. Trying to contact someone at the main office was a lesson in frustration. If you left a message no one would return a call. The first time we called it took 4 days to get a live person. Follow up calls with requests to talk to a supervisor again were ignored. We had a call back from a supervisor one time, who promised to 'look into it' and then didn't call back. The pick up time was a 1 1/2 days late-resulting in the buyers of our home trying to move in at the same time. They had to delay delivery of their pod which was embarrassing! While the guys packing the truck were nice enough- It took 10 hours to load a SMALL truck and our items were  already packed . The weather turned bad and boxes were left out in the rain and got wet, requiring that items be repacked. One word- NIGHTMARE.   From there-Our items went into storage and we were told by 3 different people that it was in 3 different locations- Pennsylvania, Chicago and Youngstown OH. No one knew what was going on! We were beginning to wonder if we would even get OUR stuff back! We called to arrange a delivery on Dec 3 and we were told it takes 2 weeks. Dec 22 (20 days later) our items have finally arrived.-and guess what -WE are being charged for extra storage time. Tried to talk to the crew chief about this to get a reduction in price which resulted in him yelling at me almost immediately-he refused to listen and continued to the point where I hung up on him. He is unreasonable, unprofessional and rude. Our experience resulted from our own naivety and lack of knowledge about movers/moving companies which I fully accept. However, I want to try and avoid the same heartache and frustration for someone else. Do NOT use this company for moving your items.  How they stay in business is beyond me. And if someone from World Wide Van Lines contacts you- do not respond to them! You'll regret it for the rest of your life


Richard Boone

Nov 19,2012

This move was a total disaster. The intial pickup was scheduled for Tuesday between 12:00 and 2:00. The driver never called until the next day. We finally settled on the following day Thursday. We were told by WWVL to have a cashiers check or cash. The driver wanted cash before he even picked up the load. After the delivery to South Carolina he threatened my sister in law, saying he would not unload the truck until the money was paid. He eventually unloaded the truck. Now after reviewing the goods, he forgot the headboard and the china cabinet, which were marked on the contract. Now I have these two items still in Tennessee. I have sent 4 emails and 5 phone calls with no return from Lance. They were dishonest, deceitful, and very unprofessional. Out of the 10 to 15 times I have moved, this is without question the worst experience ever.


Amy Mac

Nov 08,2012

The company charged me the deposit even though they never moved my things and never returned my calls/emails when I tried to follow up on where they were the day of the move.  I just got off the phone with my credit card company to dispute the fraudulent charge.    I booked a van to move my things interstate.  I the mover was supposed to come between 9 and 11am.  I was advised the mover would call me on the day of the move to confirm the time so I had a 30 minute window to get to my storage unit.  At 10:40am I rang the World Wide Van Lines to advise I still had not heard from the mover.  I was very concerned because I had to leave by noon to the airport, which the moving company knew.  Jack, the salesman, transferred me to someone’s voicemail.  For the next hour I left various voicemails (with customer service, Jack, and dispatch) and sent various emails to individuals to find out what was going on.  To this day, no one has returned my calls or responded to my emails.  I will be filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau and FTC.


Tonia J

Sep 17,2012

I contacted WWVL in December 2011. I spoke with Charles. He gave a quote and I faxed in the inventory sheets. I was quoted 567.00 for the deposit and the bal would be due upon delivery. They debited my account and all I had to do was wait til March 9 2012 for pickup. The night before someone calls me to say that they will not be able to pickup until Saturday. Let me not fail to mention my lease is up and I have to be out by Monday. Saturday comes and goes, no call nothing. I keep calling the company and keep getting the run around. The movers show up Monday in a budget truck. A big guy and man from Isreal, The big guy sits on my sectional as if we were old friends. The man from Isreal tells me that I have way more weight and that he can't pack me up before I give him 4500.00 cash! I immediately call the company and they tell me if I'm over I can pay per pound. While I'm on the phone with WWVL the Isreali man is on the phone with hIs boss speaking Hebrew. He hangs up and tells me his boss told him to leave. He can't pack me out at weight cause they won't make money. Meanwhile WWVL gives me the run around. No one callled me back and when I finally got thru sweet Charles cursed me out. The only thing I'm greatful for is that they did refund my deposit within 48 hours. This is the WORST company I have every dealt with. I would tell anyone to beware and stay far away!


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