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Victory Moving and Storage
Victory Moving and Storage - FL -Fort Lauderdale - Reviews
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Victory Moving and Storage

2.6 (7 Reviews)
4963 Leeward Ln, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, USA
Toll Free: (855) 734-6683
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Review Summary

7 reviews

Thea Spriggs
Oct 02,2018

Victory Moving and Storage aka Sammy services moving was contracted by Complete Moving Group aka 4 Directions to pack and deliver ~13k lbs of household goods/$9772. When they arrived almost 13 hours later than the agreed time, they said we were under weighed by over $3k more. I had to return to my government job and we were renting our house out so we paid. They didn't have the proper packing materials, the moving crew was inexperienced. The lead DJ was very disrespectful and dishonest. There was a different crew each day. They didn't have inventory sheets. They were wrapping our goods incorrectly. They showed up after 11 am everyday. It was supposed to be a 1 day move. It took them 4 days. My delivery was over 30 days late and they only assembled 1 item out of 6 items. They have not returned our phone calls or texts. The delivery person who is Sammy and DJ daddy said he only deliver the goods he doesn't assemble. If we paid for reassembling and the driver/delivery person don't assemble household goods, who is supposed to reassemble. we are going to hire a lawyer for breach of contract and false pretense.

Linda Masonsilva
Feb 21,2017

we contact National who than sent out VICTORY MOVING AN STORAGE, Victory showed up two days late, no word, should been a red flag, but Zach was apologia. Downhill begin after all our things were packed, and we had an empty home. The quote increased a third more, Per Zach, he suggestion was to pay per cubic feet to save money, what a mistake that was. Moving across the state was hard enough, it costs us additional car rental and hotel fees due to all the delays. Our delivery date was July 8th but didn't get it until the 14th. Unaware that the delivery was not a full load, we were expect to paid in full, before the driver Issac would even begin to unload, and in disbelief we realize we did not have all our things, most important items that are easy missed, like our dining room table, patio table, lawn mower, dollies etc. He also inform us that he didn't have a crew to help, so we had to wait, while he posted on crags list for help. with a lot of damage, broken one of a kind pieces, missing household items. The Driver calls the company to learn after receiving payment in full, that we have another delivery coming. We refuse to sign off on the delivery because we didn't have all our things, approximately 3000 cubic feet of household is missing. When we refused to sign, been dark, & it would of took to long to count, the driver was frustrated and didn't want to wait & didn't have to time to wait all night, so he walk off leaving the inventory sheet with us. We finally receive another delivery until 8/10/16 after lots of back on forth texting and calls, again not all our things, we only receive approximately additional 500 cubic feet, I asked, per the driver Johnny. Johnny also called the owner DJ to confirm that our table base and other items were in the warehouse, and we will have another delivery, To this date we still have not received our things, we have text message 8/30/16 from Alyssa, stating the driver is on the way and should be here in 3-5 days, NOTHING. we had hope this would of been our last delivery. I contacted the owner sometime in September, my feelings is he had no regard to how precious your things are, and how much money you paid to get them. His only response when I ask when will we get the rest of our things was" why should I have driver deliver just to you" we have one else out there. We also have someone else belongs, and Victory is aware of this. Please check US Dot # and ICC/MC # I believe these numbers follows the company even if they change their name regardless how many times they change it. Victory moving and Storage is base in Florida however, their warehouse is in Vegas. Dot number 1462202 ICC/MC 552407 Please do your research, we found Victory Moving & Storage Company through National on consumer reports, and felt safe. Big Mistake. Do your research than do it again. Check US Dot # & ICC/MC #'s. Get recommends about movers from your realtor. Do not be left heart broken, and with lots sleepless nights. Check and double check. Please add your address inside your pack boxes so if someone does receive it, they can call you. Mark every box with a number, do not sign the Bill of Lading, until all boxes are checked off. Please do not let the driver pressure you into signing the bill of lading until you know you have everything. You are paying big money to get your precious things moved.

Sep 17,2017

Almost a year has passed since my move with Victory Moving and Storage in August/September 2016. I almost decided not to spend my time writing this review, but I'd feel irresponsible not doing so. If at least one person can avoid using them, then I figured I've saved someone thousands of dollars. In short, Victory Moving (which has gone by Sammy's Moving in the past and may be using another name now because they had to shut down after this incident) is a fraud, particularly if they are working in conjunction with a so-called broker company called National Moving Group. DO NOT be fooled by Victory Moving or National Moving Group; they are professional scammers and work well together. Victory Company's main guy is named DJ and his father is the owner. He might be named Sammy. The National Moving Group guys are Joe, Eric #1, Justin, Eric #2, and Frank. There might have been another Joe. The biggest outcome of my experience is that I filed a report with the Department of Transportation in August 2016 because Victory Moving held my items hostage at some unknown location in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Although they eventually got my things on the road, I was able to prove that they falsified a weight ticket to try to get paid for moving 11,490 lbs. when my items only weighed about 5,900 lbs. I was told by the DOT investigator that they were fined at the end of the investigation. They didn't pay the fine and had to shut down for non-payment, but they are probably are operating under another name. So here's what happened, and this is only the worst of it: National Moving Group did a phone inventory of my goods and estimated my items to be around 5,000 lbs. (Note: phone inventories are a red flag.) Days before my move, they called me to go over the inventory. Lo and behold, they had forgotten to include 50 or so boxes and had to add several hundred more pounds (= more money). Because they rush you through the process at the initial stage, they bank on you not noticing that they "forgot" to list the boxes; you're just looking at all the furniture. By this time, I had already paid a deposit of $1200 and was in a sense committed (Note: having to pay a deposit up front is a red flag.) National Moving required additional money for a higher deposit, which I paid. Although National Moving claims that they "will be your advocate" throughout the entire process, they are anything but. I called continuously, left several messages, sent numerous emails. They were totally unresponsive and simply ignored my emails. I always got someone different each time I called. My initial broker was conveniently "gone" after I signed the contract and I never spoke with him again. At the end of the process when DOT had fined Victory Moving, some manager at National Moving Group named Frank finally sat up and paid attention. But I still had to fight with him to refund me the amount I had overpaid (Note: they make refunds sound like an easy process when you sign up; it's not.) I ended up having to negotiate the amount I'd accept as a refund just to avoid having to hire a lawyer (Note: he never showed me how he was calculating my refund). When finally I threatened to file a report on them like I did with Victory Moving, they relented and paid the refund. Frank literally said, "Don't file a report on us, okay?" So, these scammers are just as culpable, in my view. But enough of National Moving Group. On to Victory Moving. DJ is the main guy with Victory Moving. When he came to pick up my things on a Sunday night about 8:00 p.m., over a day after our scheduled appt., he looks around the house and goes, "Wow, you really have a lot of things, more than what it looks like in the contract." I couldn't understand. I told him National Moving Group did a phone inventory not once, but twice. DJ kind of shook his head and suggested National Moving Group didn't know what they were doing. This is part of their psychology game. He even looked at my BBQ grill and said that was definitely a medium grill, not a small grill. So now they've got me freaking out, thinking my things weigh more. All part of the game. So DJ asked me to sign a new contract that evening with a new estimate of something like 24,000 lbs. 24,000 lbs?!?! I asked. "Oh, don't worry," he said, "we just put the highest amount that the truck can hold, so that in case it's even a pound over your National Moving Group estimate o 8,000 lbs., we don't get fined. We'll get fined if it's a pound over." This is how they get you. I stupidly signed the new contract with them. He said there's no way my things would weigh that much. At my house, DJ provided me with a CAT Scale ticket showing what my things weighed prior to loading my things. The ticket looked legit (yellow, certified CAT Scale name). It showed that the truck weighed 17,000 lbs. empty. Upon leaving, DJ said he would weigh the truck again in Orlando on the way to Ft. Lauderdale. Although he offered for me to go an inspect the weigh, it was about 10:00 at night and we were leaving the next day. Orlando was about an hour away. I had a two-year old and my parents with me. They know you probably won't go. I didn't. A few days later, DJ said he had taken off the day before and had *just* finished weighing the truck. He told me that my items weighed 14,000 lbs. "Yes ma'am, I swear on my mother's name." I was shocked. I had moved two years prior and my things had only weighed 4,500 lbs. He asked for more money and sent me a credit card authorization form immediately, saying he couldn't ship my things until I paid more. I said I had to think about this. I asked him for a weight ticket. He never sent it. That night, I started looking online and learning about moving scams. Instead of paying DJ more money, I filed a report online with the DOT, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. DOT put an investigator on it fairly quickly and sent a letter to Victory saying the case was going to be investigated. A few days later, DJ texted me and said that there had been "an issue" with my weigh so he graciously agreed to weigh my things again. This time, my things only weighed 11,490 lbs! Again, he demanded more money, and again I demanded to see the weight ticket showing that my things actually weighed this amount. DJ emailed a weight ticket from an unnamed weigh station in Davie, FL. The ticket looked unofficial and suspicious. I looked online and found only one weigh station in Davie, FL called 595 Truck Stop. I called and spoke with Bradley, the manager of 595 Truck Stop. Bradley confirmed that they were the only weigh station in Davie, FL. I told him what was happening and texted him a picture of the weight ticket that DJ emailed me. Bradley responded that it was not one of their tickets. He sent me one of their weight tickets that looked totally different and more legit. I sent all of this info to the DOT investigator. When the DOT investigator arrived at Victory Moving in Ft. Lauderdale to meet with DJ and his father, they had already put my items on the road before she could see that they were being held hostage. This is their practice. She called me and had me on speaker with DJ and his father, letting me know that my things were on the road and told me when I could expect to receive them. I let them all know that I wanted to be present for a weigh of the truck as it entered El Paso, and that I wanted to follow the driver back to the same weigh station after my things had been unloaded to see what the truck weighed after unloading. I told them I'd provide the driver with an address of a weigh station near my home, which I did. The driver arrived, reluctantly weighed the truck before unloading, unloaded my things and demanded money in the most unprofessional way, and then drove back to the weigh station with me and my father in tow. My items weighed 5,900 pounds. In short, Victory, tried to double my weight and scam me out of about $5,000. The worst part is the fake ticket he made up when I wanted to see proof. It looks like something off one of those old printers we used to own back in the 80's. As I said before, this was the worst of it. My items came badly damaged, they were all cramped in the truck with other people's things, and I was missing a few lamps. After everything I'd gone through, my damaged items paled in comparison to the fight I had to go through with both Victory Moving and National Moving Group, and I never sought reimbursement for my damaged items. Their just things after all. It was more important to me that I expose Victory for who they are and hopefully help others avoid what I had to go through.

Michael Thoms
Apr 13,2018

I used this company for my move to Chicago and have to say they were friendly and helpful. Sales person answered all my questions. The guys who came to my move were very professional and took care with my furniture. Thank you. If you need a good mover call them.

Jessica Willamson
Apr 19,2018

My name is Jessica and I moved from Santa Clarita, CA to Olympia, WA. Iíve never moved before, and I chose Victory mainly because of the person I talked on the phone with. His name was Mike and he was very helpful. He told me about using companies that used space to measure pricing rather than companies that use weight. Warned me about brokers. He also gave me other companies to choose from to get other estimates. Victory was still the least expensive but because of Mike, I would of still went with them if it was a bit more. I didnít have many items, but Mike still offered to secure all my late motherís fragile items free of charge. When they arrived, sure enough, they wrapped all my fragile items for free (TV too!). So, I highly recommend Victory and the wonderful customer service they provide!

Mark Smith
May 04,2018

I recently moved to Seattle using Victory and it was almost perfect. The only down side I found was they took a bit to long to deliver my items to my address here in Washington. Other than that, the phone agents, the movers, all great. I'd use them again.

Byron Fiman
Jul 05,2018

Victory Moving and Storage was contracted for $11,600 to move our house furniture from Atlanta to Pennsylvania.. When they arrived at our house , they refused to do the move unless they were paid $22,500. I had to leave our house in 2 days so had to move. In addition to more than twice the contracted amount, they were late and broke several items, including valuable artwork. They have refused to honor my claims or return any phone calls or emails. DO NOT USE VICTORY MOVING AND STORAGE

Company Info

Victory Moving and Storage located in 4963 Leeward Ln, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, USA,Fort Lauderdale,,FL , U.S.A View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

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Licenses & Certificates for Victory Moving and Storage

Moving companies are required to register with the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) before they can perform interstate moves. You may click on Victory Moving and Storage license numbers if you would like to view their record information.

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