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Verizon Van Lines
Verizon Van Lines - FL -Boca Raton - Reviews
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Verizon Van Lines

2.6 (15 Reviews)
9045 La Fontana Blvd. 215, Boca Raton, FL 33434, USA
Toll Free: (888) 929-6688
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Review Summary

15 reviews
( Reviews) for Verizon Van Lines

Apr 23,2016

The absolute worst moving company we've ever worked with. Unprofessional and rob you of money with hidden fees. They contract their work out (for those of you on the east coast) to express moving and storage (go read the reviews on that company, they're based out of New Jersey). My husband is military, and unfortunately we were unable to have the military move us due to some missing paperwork and time errors. So we ended up doing a PPM or DITY move. We were originally quoted $3600. They then informed us that the contracted company was going to charge us an extra $1000 in 'other fees'. We were told our shipment would arrive in 7-10 days and we sat in an empty house for more like 14-18 days, no explanation as to why. On the day it was to be dropped off we were told that we owe $5700. We were never told, never got documentation, and they continued to lie and say that we were in fact told. They held our stuff ransom until the $5700 was paid. We now plan to seek legal action against both nurizon and the contracted company. If a company is willing to screw over service members, they are willing to screw over anyone. My goal is to make sure no one ends up in the same situation we were. Do not use this company.

Jessie Cambridge
Jun 25,2012

We thought the service we received was good and over all the price was fair, the men worked very hard and took good care of our items making sure to warp them in blankets. The only negative is they don't offer free storage. † I like the idea that they were one of the only companies that had requested we research them on the internet along with any companies we were considering. We would use them again for sure.

May 13,2012

When speaking with Nichole at Verizon Van Lines, I felt comfortable that my experience was going to just fine. I've read many reviews online before going with Verizon. Makes me wonder if they've created their own reviews because that was the first thing Nichole mentioned on the phone.† I received quotes from larger moving companies that were many hundreds more. I thought, I can save money and go with what appears to be a solid family moving company.† They were suppose to arrive between 2-4pm instead arrived at 8pm. I was told they had issues with the truck, which is fine I understand things do happen. The movers arrived in a Penske truck and without an inventory list that I gave Nichole over the phone and had to verify. So I had to go over the inventory to verify my stuff would fit in the truck. I paid $150 extra for my glass to have special packaging. They wrapped the glass in moving blankets, nothing different than the rest of the furniture. When I asked the movers about special packaging they informed me they wrap all glass in moving blankets and this isn't anything special. I didn't get this amount refunded to me either after requesting it. When the stuff arrived I noticed some scratches on the furniture and my mattress and box spring were not wrapped. It went into a storage building where it will be until June. I'll inspect to see if there are more damages then. The movers unloaded some furniture that was for another person and I had to inform them it wasn't mine and to put it on the truck.† When I attempted to reach out to Verizon Van Lines I listed my complaints and let them know I would file a formal complaint. They saw this as a threat and instead of making a customer feel better, I get this. I have been in the moving service industry for 30 years and have always treated clients with respect , however we will not work under the threat of slander and or liable and will use all means to protect our name and branding from false and inaccurate statements including legal means if necessary. So my advice if you are looking for a moving company, spend the extra money and go with a well known one.

Nora Qudus
Apr 06,2012

I was scheduled to be picked up on 30 March 2012, I was called on 22 March by the driver that they were in town to move me. I have a record of 5 calls insisting they come early, I felt under duress since they could have left with out loading me and I had no where to turn. The truck was not a Verizon/Orion lines but when I called the my contact number Nichol said they were their people. We were able to get them to load us the next monday 26 March but the pressure to tie up the loose ends for our trip was heavy. We were traveling with our cats to Maine and needed a few extra days to drive the 2330 miles and I said that when I contracted in December that I would need a 6 day window to drive that distance safely. I was told it would be no problem & We were assured by the driver that the next monday(2 April 2012) would be a good time for them. It was not until after my stuff was loaded that I was informed that the final payment would have to be cash- my last move in 2004 was credit card. I did not know how much over weight we would go and was assured that we would be contacted as soon as weighed since we need to draw money in Texas on Monday 26 March 2012 since we need to leave† 217 March 2012 at dawn. The truck was weighed on Monday(26 March 2012) by 2 pm. However we were never called for the final price since Kevin Scott chose to call the HOUSE we just vacated, the phone just hours before it was turned off on Tuesday(27, Mar. 2012) instead of our cell phones of which they had those numbers as the ones to call. Scott told me he could not be bothered to try another number since that one answered; and he used very intimidating language & tone of voice to me after the driver had call my husbands cell 5 times( we have the record) and left messages that if we were not in Maine by Firday he would dump our goods! We were in a panic and driving a convoy of 2 vehicles† from Texas to Maine with 22 cats. We were able to compromise to arrive on Sunday late. We were exhausted and upset to say the least. The driver/Van was not prepared for unleading no fasher lights or safetly equipment for the conditions and forced us to use our car's flashers behind their truck. Or no unloading! Everyone lied to us, everyone was rude beyond belief and we still have broken boxes, It is a good thing I know how to pack! This was my 6th cross country move and I have an international move to Canada just recently, which waas paid by credit card. I knew we would go over weight but we were never called with the final numbe until I had to beg by email!( of which I have records). I have records of all I have said. Stay away from this company. I researched them and they came out on top so it is just a pig in a poke now a days for movers. I have had wonderful moves in the past But this† Verizon/Orion is still a nightmare move.

Mar 10,2012

My contents are in storage. I requested a delivery date to my new home within the time frame they requested to arrange for this service. Verizon supplied me with a date. When I called Jacinda to confirm they told me it would not happen. And when I got upset they responded vindictively†and also exaggerated my initial response. See below from a Regional Manager: † †"... Had you not been looking to attacked us and use foul language I would have been Abel to tell you that the carrier had tried to set a route that would have had you delivered by March 12, 2012 to try and accommodate you. I have denied this request as we will not be bullied by threats and have told the agent to deliver as per contract... Kevin Scott Regional Manager" † l guess being told my property would not be delivered to me and being upset means I'm attacking them. They deliberately delayed delivery. I have no furniture to sleep on, etc.

Dec 06,2011

When I first called Nicole was very helpful and sold me on their wonderful reviews and customer service. I was moving from VA to CA so it was important to me to have a reputable company. I went with them even though they were more expensive than some of the others. As another review stated they contract out their movers so two really sketchy European guys who barely spoke english came to move me. One was so stinky he left our whole house smelling like BO when he left. They then left with our stuff and said they would contact me when it got close to CA. Well they did contact me a few days later... in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. They called literally at mid-night to say they were about two days away. I appreciate the call but would have appreciated it more if it were at a normal time. They then did the same thing the day before they got there and called around 9 pm. When they arrived they refused to give us a receipt and would only accept cash. Also very sketchy. Finally I called Verizon and they got a receipt for me. When they were disassembling all of my furniture I specifically asked if they would reassemble it upon arrival which they said yes they would. Well they did not and when I called Verizon they were not helpful at all. I then couldn't find all of the parts to my table or my couch cushions so I called Verizon and no one would call me back. I left messages for Nicole who was oncce so nice and now was no where to be found. I left messages for other people in the office and even their bosses and still not one returned phone call. Once they had my money they were not willing to help at all. I would NEVER use them again. The only reason I gave them two stars instead of one is because nothing was broken and the things that were missing were small parts. I just wanted the customer service I was promised for the higher price.

Mohan Ramankutty
Sep 28,2011

Verizon Van lines does not use their own trucks or moving crew. They sub-contracted an outfit called "Best price moving and storage" that did a really poor job of packing and handling our stuff. The delivery company (a different one - Lightning van lines) did a good job of delivering on time and professional service. However, there was a lot a broken stuff (filed claims, haven't heard back yet!) and evidence of mishandling of our furniture (nicks and bumps) that we did not file claims for. Overall the experience was POOR.

Jul 13,2011

In the beginning, the representative (Nicole) who provided us with a quote appeared to be informative, but things drastically turned for the worse thereafter. For one, after the inventory checklist was completed, my quote was $1,800 for 4,500lbs. After receiving several quotes from other companies, the weight was higher at 5,100lbs. I re-contacted Nicole to increase the weight of my quote and was re-estimated $2,048 with 5,500lbs. We THOUGHT that this was giving us a cushion on the weight, however, the weight turned out to be 960lbs OVER and costed us $440 MORE than what we financially saved for. The WHOLE reason behind doing an inventory checklist is to ensure that the quote is accurate, or close thereto. Then, upon arrival day, the movers called to inform us that they could not come down our street and would need to order a shuttle truck - which would cost us ANOTHER $400!!!!! Had we been informed, we would have financially planned for these miscellaneous charges. I add that we were NEVER informed of these costs!! We ended up renting a uHaul and hiring uHaul movers for MUCH less than their $400 shuttle fee. We did our research as to the location and capability of access for our home, but they did not. They failed to advise us about complications that can be incurred and therefore cost us WAY more money!! Do NOT use this company!!!!!

J. Ferber
Jun 10,2011

We thought the customer service was good and could not be happier with the men that did our move. Gerald and Dean did a very good job with our things and were extremely polite and friendly

May 10,2011

The service provided was excellent and the only complaint would be that they needed a smaller truck to deliver because the big rig did not fit at our new home but I cant fault them for that.

Company Info

Verizon Van Lines located in 9045 La Fontana Blvd. 215, Boca Raton, FL 33434, USA,Boca Raton,,FL , U.S.A View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

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Licenses & Certificates for Verizon Van Lines

Moving companies are required to register with the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) before they can perform interstate moves. You may click on Verizon Van Lines license numbers if you would like to view their record information.

ICC MC number: Not Updated
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: Not Updated
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

What is Verizon Van Lines cost for Out of State moves?

Based on reviews from our reviews database and information provided by our partners and reliable sources of people moving interstate, the estimated average costs, moving from International Van line Hub state or states nearby, are as follows.

Average Service Price

Moving to the West would be around $5,070.00. Moving to the North West would be around $5,703.75. Moving to the North Med West would be around $3,802.50. Moving to the South Med West would be around $4,901.00. Moving to the Far Med West would be around 4,689.75 Moving to the Far North Med West would be around 6,422.00 Moving to the Middle North West would be around 5,492.50 Moving to the Far North East would be around 4,732.00

Take into consideration that this pricing based on average size move.
It only means that Verizon Van Lines is Lower by an approximate of 10.34 % when it comes to long-distance moving average costs.

Take note that the prices provided based on data such as reviews and other sources. The estimated amount that you receive from the company is lower. Several factors, like shipment size, the distance between locations, and other services like Packing and assembly, will contribute to the price of the move.

Average service costs information

The average prices generated are based on our reviews of Verizon Van Lines. The rates will vary or change once you contact the company; usually, you will get a lower price in the estimate and go higher on the move itself.

There are factors like home size, the distance between locations, and other services like Packing and assembly.

The approximate moving costs are generated based on reviews on our database and data collected from other reliable sources and partners.
We based the calculations on five different prices based on five destinations or regions with five different prices. Also, the rates are determined by the moving company based on distance and season demand.

Our information based on the company's moves for a medium-sized house or a family apartment.
If you have a bigger house, move the price is going to be higher. And if you have a smaller house move, the price is going to be lower unless you have a higher amount of Packing.

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