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Town & Country Moving & Storage
Town & Country Moving & Storage - CA -Irwindale - Reviews
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Town & Country Moving & Storage

2.0 (4 Reviews)
1414 E Arrow Hwy, Irwindale, CA 91706, USA
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Review Summary

4 reviews

May 23,2017

Our realtor recommended Town and Country to us, and I had heard really great things from several friends in San Marino Guild who highly recommended Ed Mace. We had estimates from other reputable companies- Ed's was competitive, honest and he told us what he could do for us instead of bad mouthing competitors. First off, our move was complicated. Two pickup locations and several dropoffs. Our closing date changed and Ed stored our things on the truck inside his warehouse, instead of charging us to unload and reload the truck. We also downsized, divided furniture between our new condo, vacation home and children. We eliminated a storage unit we had rented for my parents estate-which, by the way, had 'baked' some delicate collectables,was less secure and considerably more expensive than what we now pay Ed to store in an organized, modern, climate controlled facility! Love that we have a copy of the inventory sheets so we know what's there. Ed did everything he said he would and more. His men were professional, experienced, patient and very pleasant to work with. We kept on adding things, so the scope of work kept changing. Although we had extra packing because we didn't get to our clearing out projects, my husband was really happy that he worked with us on the price and we felt he was more than fair. When my realtor asked about our experience, she confided that everyone in her office recommends Ed Mace at Town and Country, even to their most difficult customers who have been impossible to please. He is always good, fair, competitively priced and over the years, always has the best results. Moving is complicated and I think choosing a company with an excellent reputation is key. Very highly recommend!

Regina Reynolds
Oct 17,2016

Ed came to our house in Glendora & promised the best service, he told us how bad all other companies were. my husband gave him a shot. Well till this day I am very sad that we chose this company. His workers showed up, loaded the trucks because we were relocating 2 hours away, our belongings were put in their storage facility in Fontana, we did not know that in advance, we were told all one day. I had one picture and pin Disneyland 50th Anniversary framed art, I was going to put in my, car but one guy said, let me wrap that & put in a safe place. I said great, thank you! The next day we were at our new home location, 1 truck showed we were told the other would come the next day. My artwork did not show. the driver asked us to pay the bill. I questioned why we were over charged $500, the driver said for insurance, I was so upset! I told the guy I am an insurance agent & I have insurance, and Ed was aware, he said the boss never got a copy of mine so he charged us. My husband said that he would call Ed & talk to him about it DON'T EVER COUNT ON HIM CALLING BACK, ESPECIALLY WHEN THE RACE TRACK IS OPEN! to make it short we had to call for over 1 month for the rest of our storage, no one responded, we could not get our personal effects & furniture, no calls returned. My husband ended up going back on his phone got a number that was one of the guys who had packed our house, he said there is a lot of problems with Ed & the company, but he would bring our stuff out to us, my husband said if you can't let me know where the stuff is & I will rent a u haul, but the young man promised the stuff would come. Well it turns out he showed up that week &my framed artwork never did, I as so upset with the thieves he hires, then the extra changes, and we never have received a refund for extra charges he placed on our bill. DO NOT HIRE UNLESS YOU HAVE A SHIPPING LOG. they do not log anything &if any item stolen, your screwed. Never got my Artwork Back, ED IS A DISGRACE TO THE INDUSTRY, LIAR &CONMAN, HE SHOULD HAVE HAD HIS LICENSE REVOKED A LONG TIME AGO, HE HIRES PEOPLE WHO ARE THIEVES AND WITH OUT SHIPPING MANIFEST TO VERIFY YOUR STUFF & WHEN THEY COME IN TO TAKE YOUR STUFF THEY WORK FAST &YOU CANNOT KEEP YOUR EYES ON SO MANY MEN. I HOPE SOMEDAY THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY THROWS Him in JAIL, WITH ALL THE ALL THE MEN HE HIRES

Doug Forbes
Sep 25,2014

This company is also named Mace Moves ( Ed, the principal, moved my family. Though he wound up charging extra, against the terms of our contract, he contracted me to do marketing work for him (that was my trade at the time), so I forgave his error. I ordinarily do not pen reviews, let alone scathing ones, but this must be an exception. This company and its principal, Ed Mace, are to be avoided at all costs. Not only are they inept in their trade, but they are downright dubious when it comes to scamming consumers on price and value. Without getting into great detail, I was privy to garner enough insider information to be confident in my appraisal of them and how they essentially rip people off.. fail to honor contractual agreements, fail to pay bills, lie about services, etc. There was not extensive damage to my possessions, but there was damage. However, his estimating/quoting/contracting are a scam. He over-charged us by 30%. Ed Mace has been in business for many years only because he is expert in glad-handing folks while operating as a man and a businessman that evades obligations and proper business practices ad infinitum. If you want reliable, trustworthy, capable movers who fulfill obligations with your family, your most treasured possessions and your money, avoid this company like the plague.

M Rudolph
Mar 02,2013

We put our household goods in storage with this company for three years.  We paid our fees on time every month.  When it came time to to move our goods, we spent a day at the storage facility, paying extra for the time and labor, and sorting goods to be moved, to take with us, and to go to charity.  Roughly $7,500 worth of goods were set aside for delivery to charity, for which we were promised the company would handle then provide us with the tax documents for our use. After six months and many, many phone calls, the owner Ed and the salesman Mitch simply refused to give us the documents.  They kept our goods and never responded with the documentation. Theft? You be the judge. In addition, they broke items, for which the owner Ed stood right beside me and said, "We'll replace that." Then he never did.  Never responded. They broke several major pottery items in transit, then told us, "Too bad. Insurance doesn't cover pottery."  And we had to eat that cost as well. No communication. No follow up.  No return phone calls. No integrity. No professionalism. No honesty. Use these guys at your own risk. You have been warned.

Company Info

Town & Country Moving & Storage located in 1414 E Arrow Hwy, Irwindale, CA 91706, USA,Irwindale,,CA , U.S.A View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

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Local State License: not provided

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