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15 reviews

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Dec 03,2018

Never use these movers. I scheduled a move with them on 11/20 for 12/1. I had to call them the day before and get the ETA for the crew and was told 8:30-10:00AM. Not only did they NOT show up they never even called to say they were not coming, they did not answer the phone on move day and never returned my repeated calls and numerous voice mail messages. I am a single woman and this was extremely frustrating and I was left with having to be out of my apartment on the 1st and desperate. I found a new mover and they were fabulous. I repeat please do not waste your time or money with these unprofessional people. I have ask for them to return my deposit, but they most likely will not. I will call my bank for sure to get it back.

Dec 04,2017

Do yourself a favor and go with any other company!!! From the beginning I had a bad feeling but needed something quick, so perhaps this is my fault. They were not professional, I was hung up on once. The day of the move the two guys came and one was super thin...before they even took one step with my dresser it was dropped on it's side. They did not want to use blankets to cover my dresser. ALL I was having moved was two dressers by the way. They did not use any tape to keep the dressers shut and they wanted to stand the dressers up during the move. We get to my house and my walls were bumped into several times, luckily no holes but tons of scuff marks. My dresser was already scratched and then dropped again at the house. I was pissed they left and hours later the guy came back with another mover. To top off this bad experience the lost a handle from my dresser and broke my a drawer. They put a broken piece in another drawer and hid the broken one, acting as though they had no idea what happened to it. When I called the apartment movers I was extremely upset. they did not call me not once throughout the day. They were only going to offer me $50, the manager told me that she was busy doing payroll, and tried to rush me off the phone. She told me that I could just go to estate sales to try and fins another.I HAVE NO IDEA HOW EITHER OF THESE COMPANIES ARE IN BUSINESS! I tried to leave no star

James Lower
Jul 28,2017

They requested deposit immediately and said including everything but later tried to find every method to charge another $300-400. First wanted to charge for my piano but later said some other materials they need to charge more than $300. Their price is cash price. If you pay by credit card, they will charge 4% more. They don't tell you until you pay later. After arguing they agreed to waive the 4% and promised to confirm the agreement. Called many times to request the agreement but didn't get it because of many excuses. Later had to pay the extra 4%. Very bad customer services and email communications. The movers were not careful. And broke my two doors and a bed. Please avoid this company when you consider moving. The manager is horrible.

Jun 08,2017

I went online and filled out some information on a website to find a mover then I was flooded with calls from different moving companies. I talked to several people and decided to book with the apartment movers. I was told that everything was included in the price of my quote with the exception of my move going over the minimum hours and the fee for using a credit card. No other company could promise me this! My movers showed up this past weekend and I was surprised to find that my entire 2 bedroom apartment was moved in 3 hours as quoted. The last time I used movers I ended up paying for 5 hours. I noticed how fast but careful the movers were, and they were extremely kind! I tipped them both and thanked them for making my moving experience better than the last! I will definitely use the apartment movers again.

Patricia Brown
May 06,2017

I called Apartment Movers from a link online which started my awesome experience. The representative, Elizabeth, was friendly and polite and provided me with a quick quote and explained the terms to me and after the deposit I gave, the movers picked up the remainder of the money after they completed all the work. I was so excited that they handled each of my belongings with care and concern. The movers were friendly and placed things where I wanted, assembled furniture, and were careful not to damage anything in my new apartment. I was so excited that they finished in a timely manner and I did not have to pay for extra time. The movers worked well together. I am for sure calling Apartment Movers again once I move. I recommend this company to all that need assistance with safe, low cost, friendly, and considerate moving. Thank you Apartment Movers!!!!

Eddye Harris
Jun 03,2016

My things have not been moved yet but excellent customer service sets the tone. Devonte at the Irving Texas location offer customer service that should be used in business training. He has a knowledge base and professionalism that let me know if made the right call. To add to it he went above and beyond to find the answer to my questions and not assume or give me inadequate information. When the next time I need apartment movers in will ask for him.

Nina Packnett
May 11,2013

The movers did not want to move my things when they had to move a 4 piece entertainment center and they were told about everything I wanted moved. The movers became upset when I refused to pay them before the job was completed. They poked around for 3 hour only placing 1 item on the truck. And called and lied to their supervisor stating they did not have room in the truck that they would have to make 2 trips. Then their supervisor attempted to get me to pay $450 for the 3 hours they poked around are pay $85 an hour and I refused because  they acted like they did not know what to do. So I told them to leave they sent 2 worker that really did not want to work. I am nobodys fool I felt like they were trying to scam me out of my money if you have to move please do not call Apt Movers. It was a very bad experience for me.

Derek Kistler
Feb 06,2013

Perhaps the WORST move experience and MOST disreputable company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with regarding household good moves.  Having spent a career in the Air Force moving all over the world, this particular move was more painful and costly in damages than all of my previous moves combined despite they only had to move a 1 bedroom apartment worth of goods 1000 feet. The moving people got lost on the way and called for directions at least 7 times (mind you the complex is on Main Street). Two of the helpers had zero experience in moving.  At no time was insurance offered or any discussion had regarding damages paid per pound.  At no time was I informed that it was my responsibility to wrap my flat panel TVs prior to the movers shattering the screen on one 55" LCD TV (valued at $1500). I got nothing but runaround and aggravation from the staff with claims of absence due to sickness, employee terminations, and general POOR attitudes from the manager (Nils Mera) on down.  More than 90 days after the move and filing for damage reimbursement, they gave me a measly $200 for $1700 in damages and claimed they did me a favor siting the fact that the moving cost was only $249. I filed a mediation request and didn't hear anything for 7 months.  When the mediation call was finally had, Apt Movers (Nils Mera) couldn't possibly have been more disrespectful or condescending in her attitude and conversation toward the whole ordeal and had the unmitigated gall to claim they went out of their way to be compassionate!  They hid behind the small print on the contract and settlement check as a defense for their reprehensible behavior. Please AVOID these people like the Bubonic Plague!  Choose ANY mover BUT them if you know what's good for you!!!Likewise, please share this horror story with any friends or family members searching for a reputable moving company.

Mary Q
Jan 06,2013

I used this company and have regretted it since.  The truck arrived unmarked with paper tags, with three men, two of whom spoke no English and the other, was condensending and unprofessional.  He was rude and aggressive. When I questioned him about wrapping myfurniture he cliamed he was a professional and when I offered him the plastic wrap for the leather and mirrors, he claimed he did not use that.  The company does not accept anything except cash or money order, which shouldhave been a clue to me not to use them.  Anyway I left to go to the bank to get a money order and when I returned they were ready to leave, but I noticed that most of my furniture had not been loaded and the fellow said he did not have room.  And when I called the office they were not the least concerned but said if I would pay him for gas he would come back and get it.  That is not what I had agreed upon, they had been given a complete list of my furnishings.  The supervisior that I spoke with was rude also and not the least customer service oriented.  I will say it loud and clear, do not use this company.  My expensive furniture has chips in the wood and many extensive and deep scratches.  I am also missing a some expensive leather goods.

Imran Kissoon
Jul 05,2012

During the move a nightstand was damaged and also my dining room table was damaged. Since everything was moved into storage there is no telling what else was damaged because of how my items were mishandled. I was also charged fifty extra dollars and not given a receipt at the end of the move. The charged the extra fifty  to move some extra boxes which I didn’t mind paying for, but I also traded them moving the flat screen tv and a big chair with an ottoman if they would move one small bookshelf. One of the men also said that he wanted to take the chair and ottoman since I was going to put it by the dumpster and I agreed.  All my boxes marker fragile seemed to get knocked around harder and one of the workers was especially rude and made me feel like he was doing me a giant favor by providing the service I had already paid your company in CASH to provide since no banks were open on Sunday for me to get a money order. Your company also provided this service a day late with no regret or apologies. The table and nightstand were broken in front of my eyes. There is no argument that it was their fault. They did not wrap any  items as your company promised and I feed terribly abused as a customer and also take advantage of. I would also like to speak to your general manager regarding the services provided.   My complaint is that I was promised a moving crew on Sat June 30th between 1-6. They called several times to announce that they were running late, and that they would for sure be there to complete my move that night since my lease ended at midnight on June 30th. After calling your company more than 12 times and being on hold for over an hour, I had to deal with an agent who thought the entire situation was humorous and was very unprofessional during the times he thought I was not listening to the conversation he was having with his coworkers when I placed him on hold since I was trying to find another company to move my items. No one was in contact with me until 9pm on Friday night, only to inform me that they were not coming and would be there first thing In the morning and that I would be given a priority pass.  Keep in mind that at this point it was 9pm and no one was available. He placed me on hold again for another thirty mins and then said a manager would call me back in five to ten mins. I was forced to call in sick at my job, and missed an entire day of work because when the movers did show up at 8:30am they forgot to move the dresser and box-spring in the master bedroom. In addition to having to calling in sick, because I was still in the apartment unit past midnight on Saturday June 30this when my lease had expired, I was charged a full month’s rent. I called your company multiple times for hours and was promised that the movers would return to move the forgotten items to the storage unit which was less than a mile from the apartments location. No one showed up and when it was 6pm, I called your company again and spoke with a manager who seemed very unconcerned with my current dilemma. I feel like I have been treated like complete crap even after I have paid your company for a service that you only provided in part. I believe that I have a legitimate claim and if the issues are not addressed in a timely manner I will have no problem taking this matter to a small claims court.  Please call me at your earliest convenience. In regards to this case my move code is ****. I would also like the e-mail of your manager.

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