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Statewide Movers - CA -La Jolla - Reviews
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Statewide Movers

1.0 (5 Reviews)
7660 Fay Ave. Suite H170, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA
Toll Free: (877) 232-4732
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Review Summary

5 reviews
( Reviews) for Statewide Movers

Lauren Macgregor
Jan 20,2012

Statewide movers is the ABSOLUTE WORST "company" I have ever used. I literally would rather throw all of my belongings away than let them touch them again. I was given a quote that was complete crap! The salesman/vice president/ whoever he actually is, is John Grimaldi, a con-artist if nothing else. He quoted me an extremely low price, and seemed like the most helpful, accomodating person ever at first in the days leadingup to my move. Then when my mover arrived 8 HOURS LATE, the mover told me my total was more than double the price. When I called John, he made it seem like it was MY FAULT he gave me a low quote, yet still promised he would handle it. After that, John Grimaldi was hard to find and get ahold of. He would avoid phone calls and have you call other people who didn't know anything. He would tell me he was in Florida and couldn't help me whenever I did get ahold of him, yet his "staff" in Texas told me he was there. I talked to him 5 days before my furniture was supposed to arrive on Jan 5th and he confirmed my date and told me my things were in route. January 5th came and went and I had no furniture. When I finally got ahold of someone at the warehouse, they told me they had never even heard a moving date and my stuff was still sitting in their warehouse. My driver called me saying I had a remaining balance of 1800 which John told me was 1400. John assured me he would take care of it and my balance was 1400. After that I never heard from him again. When my mover arrived not one single person at their office answered the phone except for a recptionist who has clearly been trained on his fraud ways, who told me he wasnt available and he was at church, when just the night before he told me he would be available the next morning to confirm the price with my driver. My items were damaged and their "claim" number doesnt work. Shocking. My quote was 1575. I ended up paying 4700 and never got refunded the amounts I was over charged. I literally lost sleep over this dispicable human being, JOHN GRIMALDI. If you ever hear that name. Run the other way. Throw your furniture in the garbage before you let this "company" move it

Jamie Metcalf
Nov 25,2011

I have been dealing with this company for about a week. John the "owner" first asked for a detail list of my items I needed to move. I had an itemized list. He gave me a quote. I did get about 10 other quotes. I talked in length with John and he assured me this was a binding quote. I asked about other hidden charges.(I was a little nervous about moving companies due to horror stories). He said not to worry there wouldn't be extra distance, stair charges etc. He told me the packing was included in the quote. The day the movers got to my storage untit the driver called me and said the quote was way off. I called John and he told me that perhaps I had forgotten some things. By the way the driver was adding about DOUBLE what I said I had. I could believe what I was hearing. I called John and he told me not to worry he would take care of things. 4 days later John says that we do owe the extra money. Long story short they still have our things, are extremely rude and unprofessional, don't back down until they have your money. Do not use this company. They were dropped by the BBB!

Aug 28,2011

When we first spoke to this company, John, the "VP" told us that other companies charge more because they are simply middle men and that statewide movers does not contract out and that's why they're cheaper. Total lie. Not that we would have cared anyway if they contracted out for our cross-country move. During your initial conversation, John will go on and on about how great of reviews they have and will tell you to look for yourself. Don't be fooled. They're phony. All the reviews that are poor are a little more believable. Next, they say they offer 24/7 customer service on their website. Again - total lie, and probably the most frustrating part of the whole experience. You will not hear from them again. Every number listed on their site is redirected back to John's cell phone so don't even bother. The only person you will hear from is the drivers if you're lucky. We did at one point get a lady on the phone who was ridiculously rude and who was so antsy to get off the phone. She kept trying to find any reason to "have to call me back." No one will ever call you back. Lastly, watch what you sign. After you sign the paperwork they will fill information in after. Make sure everything is filled out all the way before signing. This company is dishonest and after talking to the drivers that delivered our things, turns out Statewide Movers lied on paperwork to them as well. They are dishonest, unprofessional, and should be ashamed. If you really want to see how professional this company is, actually read their website. It's full of misspellings, poor grammar. That's a red flag if any. I wish we would have done so. What's even more humorous is that in the same amount of time it took for them to write those phony reviews, they could call their customers back or brush up on customer service skills. Customer service goes along way and word of mouth will fail this company. We eventually paid the same amount we would have if we would have gone with a legitimate company. Save yourself the frustration.

Penelope And Cory
Jul 24,2011

My husband did thorough research in choosing a moving company. We had another company come and do an estimate which was reasonable. Statewide movers claimed that they would beat our initial estimate so we booked with them. Booking them was our first mistake. My husband was in communication with Statewide (John) who sugar coated everything to make it seem like they actually cared about more things then money. The movers arrived on the date promised (although an hour late) and things during the initial loading phase was ok, although I was alarmed when they rolled up in a budget rent a van. After everything was loaded they informed me that the estimate was going to be DOUBLE the quote. I was upset and almost in tears as I felt we were being taken advantage of. My husband had already moved so I called him right away. He called John who assured us that there must be a mistake and he would look into in and call us back "that day" . He would never call us back, we had to call back repeatedly. When we would finally reach him he would once again sugar coat everything and assure us he would take care of it and that we were looking at at least a $500 dollar discount. The driver called and asked to deliver early (which was not possible since we were not yet there). We were then told we may not get our stuff for a few weeks. After we arrived at our new home we got an unexpected call from the driver that our stuff was close. We called John (AGAIN) to see the money status. After 3 messages and 2 emails we finally got through. He told us that he could authorize a $250 dollar discount and he would send us the other $250 in the mail (which of course never came). Just wanting this nightmare to end we agreed. The moving truck arrived and I was shocked to see how our stuff was handled. Almost every box was dented/flattened and damaged. Our brand new wooden furniture had gouges/scratches. Our excersize machines were scratched. They threw boxes into a corner in the house will little regard to size (ie placed a wardrobe onto of small boxes!) and fragile stickers. They lost the screws to put the bed together and were going to leave without installation. Dishes/frames were broken (not surprising) and complaining about the heat and how much stuff we had was muttered by the movers. Overall both my husband and I cannot believe that in this day of age there can be a company such as this in which they charge you a fortune to treat you and stuff like garbage. We wanted this review to be made public as moving is a very stressful time and it is the least we can do to try to save you the grief we went through. This company is the worst I have ever dealt with and have moved almost a dozen times. Please do not use this company and tell your friends!!!

Sara Discepolo
Feb 07,2011

I had this company come out to look at my things and then it took a while to get an estimate. Finally I got one. I booked the move and sent in my deposit. Afterwards, on the day when they delivered boxes so I could pack my things, I get a call from the owner complaining about how there was too much sand on the road and his trucks would be in danger. He was complaining about how the "guaranteed" estimate was wrong because I would have more boxes and complaining about all the boxes that would be involved where a person had come out weeks ago to go over my stuff for the move. This company knew the amount of boxes for the move when they gave me the estimate. Anyway, 4 days before the scheduled move the owner calls me and says he is adding another man to the job (to jack up the rate) and another hour, despite the fact that I already sent in my deposit for the "guaranteed" estimate. He tells me that under the law he can increase the price by 25% anyway on the day of the move regardless of the estimate! I got a sense that I would have problems with this person even beforehand. Owner seemed "whiny" about whether he would be dropping off boxes ahead of time. Now this happens. Very unreliable and who knows if they jack up the price on the day of the move where the guy is saying they can increase the price regardless of the "guaranteed" estimate!

Company Info

Statewide Movers located in 7660 Fay Ave. Suite H170, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA,La Jolla,,CA , U.S.A View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

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Local State License: not provided

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Moving to the South East would be around $4,858.75. Moving to the North West would be around $3,971.50. Moving to the North Med West would be around $5,915.00. Moving to the South Med West would be around $4,520.75. Moving to the Far Med West would be around 4,985.50 Moving to the Far North Med West would be around 3,887.00 Moving to the Middle North West would be around 4,013.75 Moving to the Far North East would be around 6,253.00

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