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4206 Westchester Lane, Atlanta, GA 30345, USA |

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4 reviews

Apr 18,2017

Walter Smith is a petty thief. Just a horrible person preying on consumers. This is not an opinion, it is fact. No trucks. No license. No insurance. No office. No movers just day laborers off the street.

James H
Feb 07,2016

I used Smith moving when we moved to Georgia. I needed labor to unload our truck into storage and then from storage to the house we purchased. Being that I had never hired labor to move I was worried that they would move slow to eat the clock up and make more money. But the opposite happened, in both instances that we used them they were quick and efficient completing each job before the minimum time that was allocated. The guy loading the storage unit looked like he would be good at that Tetras game, he utilized ever inch of the unit and when all of our belongings were stored there wasn't any space left. They were on time and handled our belongings with care. I highly recommend Smith moving to anyone.

Oct 04,2013

The persons comment below has got to the farthest from the truth. I called these guys out of the blue and he offered me the cheapest rate out of everyone. Walt and his guys did a fantastic and professional job! Not only were they professional, they were extremely courteous and just all around hard workers. We had a 26' truck and they made sure it was packed neatly and made sure every inch was utilized. I am very weary with people all over the house wandering with personal belongings out in the open but not once did I get that feeling from these guys. It was all because they were focused on getting the job done!!!! I admire hard workers and that's why I gave them more money then what he was charging me. I will definitely use these guys again and will spread the word!!! I highly recommend these guys!!!!

Mar 31,2013

Walt is unprofessional and will target you and purposefully move slow to run the hours up to take more money from you. Don't make the mistake i did to use him along with rent the blankets from him as you have to pay him an additional $40 on top of the $90 rental fee.  As I am not a professional mover I requested from him I advance all recommendations on what I needed to be prepared and Walt failed to give me an accurate list of items that should be purchase before the move. He then had the nerve to blame me for his inability to inform his customers of what is needed for a move.    He is understaffed with only one other guy so it is horrible if you are trying to move quickly. It took them 3.5 hours to move an 800 square foot apartment up to my stage pod. When I asked for a refund for his laziness and purposely slow movement of my things he sent an unprofessional response saying I was no longer a welcome customer. What a laugh as I would ever trust him around my things ever again. And can't afford to loose any more money or been taken advantage of again   A direct quote from Walts unprofessional repose to me: " YOU and only YOU are responsible for the success or failure of your move (we simply do the heavy lifting & packing). "    If this is the kind of guy you will trust with your belonging then good luck.  I warned you!!!

Licenses & Certificates for Smith Moving & Storage Services

Companies that are offering nationwide services must first register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA). For more information on the Accurate Express Movers license numbers for the government record information

US D.O.T: Not Updated
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ICC MC number: Not Updated
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

Local State License: not provided

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Smith Moving & Storage Services located in 4206 Westchester Lane, Atlanta, GA 30345, USA View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

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