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Right Start Moving
Right Start Moving - CA -Van Nuys - Reviews
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Right Start Moving

2.3 (6 Reviews)
5725 Woodman Ave, Suite 101, Van Nuys, CA 91401, USA
Toll Free: (855) 805-3383
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Review Summary

6 reviews
( Reviews) for Right Start Moving

Ben K
May 21,2013

We used right start movers to move all our furniture and dishes from our house, in sherman oaks CA our new home in dallas, TX. Everything was handled carefully and professionally. They took very good care of my china, which they wrapped and protected before packing them into boxes. They arrived on time for the delivery. Nothing was broken or damaged. A more than perfect move! On delivery, the guys worked fast to get my things moved but were very careful. ( I had my floors redone). I have a windy staircase and it is tricky to get furniture up, however they worked their magic to make it work. They even soft crated and moved my baby grand piano upstairs. Very great job. Highly recommended.

Debra Roberts
Jun 09,2013

We hired them after researching and not finding anything to show they are unprofessional.  We used them for a move from California to Austin in Feb 2013.  We packed everything as we had all household item sin storage from selling of a home.   We had a good relationship at first until the showed for the initial pick up at the storage unit.  Then all the nwew charges start coming out.  We had tols them we had 3 storage unit and now they want to charge adddiional fees because they had to use an elevator but that was disclosed intitally.  Then the boxes identified as medium and 3x3, were not considered to be crates that aqre the same size.  We now are being charge due to them being plastic not cardboard although same 3x3 size.   The the delivery came which they were a dayh late.  They show up and tell us he is a professional driver and we should not be concerned that he could not get to our home from the street.  Well after he wasted 1.5 hours trying to get the semi through and damaging his truck on trees they finally start to unload.  Well I was marking all all the numbered boxes and after the truck was emptied there were still missig items.  we noted them on the numbered itemized sheet and I followed up with them over the next 2 weeks only to be told there was noti9ng they could do, and file with their insurance people and I was denied reimbursement for broken items because I packed myself and for the missing items, I could not get a copy of the sheet we used.  I even sent request certified return receipt and they would not accept. That night when I was preparing to wrap a family heirloom ring to send to my neice for her birthday, I went to where I had left the boxed item and it was gone.  I immediately contactacted the driver and then the office and no one would respond.  All I was told is that they trust thier employees and I should file with the police dept. which I did.   This was a horrible experience and I do not reccomend them.  Plus there is now an article on the rip-off report showing that they are not even allwed to be doing moving business again as they were fined by the DOT, until 36 months from Dec, 2012.  How can they get away with this by just changing their name?

Jun 27,2013

Don't Do It! I was looking for mover to transport my items from Atlanta to Chicago and selected right start moving and it was a very bad decision. First off, Right Start Moving is a broker and didn't handle my move. Hotlanta Movers showed up the day of the move 3 hours late and picked up my things. I have requested for my items to be delivered 2 weeks before I actually move in and I was told it may take 1-10 business days and cannot be given a specific date and that I will be contacted when its on a truck. Really? 3-4 business days is what I was told by the rep Esther over the phone. Customer Services is 0 quality, they don't respond to your emails, provide updates, only contact you when it is time for a storage payment. When you do call it may be three different companies. Right Start, then Platinum Van lines, and Hotlanta Movers. Selecting this moving service has been the worst part of my move!!!

Naya E
Jul 05,2013

I was a bit worried to choose a company without a rep coming over for a visual estimate. I ended up choosing right start moving trusting Jeff who was my sales rep, to move my belongings to IL from CA I am extremely happy with the way the move was.  4 big guys arrived at 6 am (I requested as early as 6 am to start the job and they were right on time!!!). I actually saw them waiting outside my home since 5:45 am. Very impressive!  While the Forman, John, explained the 5 pages contract (wow...) the guys didn't waste a minute and started working. John walked around the house telling me there are a few items I have not listed and would cost a limitless more than original price. At first I got upset but looking at list I realized that he was right, I totally forgot to inform Jeff about 3 large pieces we had on the side of the house. John was extra nice and gave me a discounted price of $190 for the 3 additional items (pretty big items btw).  The guys worked hard!! Im telling you - HARD!! My house is big and pretty messy, after all we lived in this house for over 20 years with our 5 kids. Allot of stuff to move.  I was surprised by the way they took care of everything. At some point I was lost in the house around all of our stuff but the guys just took care of every single piece.  All of my belongings were on the 2 trucks by 4:00 pm. How? I'm not sure. I have a feeling that if we had this move done the way my husband wanted this to be handled (rent a uhall truck - seriously???) it would of taking us 2 days or longer!!  They took our belongings away... Which was pretty scary, after all I signed a contract with a rep I never met, I heard stories before...  The next day I got a call from A girl name Nocole. She informed me that there is a truck available for all of my stuff. That fast?? Not bad.  We got our stuff after 6 days. I was a bit disappointed that John wasn't the person who delivered our goods but after calling Sarah complaining about that issue, she explained to me how it works and why it is actually not possible to have the Forman also deliver. Well ok... She had a point...  After the move was done the crew sent to deliver my stuff were just as good as the first crew, Fast and carefully.  Almost everything arrived in one piece (except for 1 small box with some dishes and one of the chairs lost its leg :-). But I must admit that I was compensated for that fairly!).  I would defently recommend right start movers for each and every one. My son moved 2 years ago and had so many problems with company he chose (I forgot their name Unfortunatly).  Thank you guys for making this move happen!!

Sep 13,2013

This was a horrible experience!  I was promised a whole truck for my move for $3500, from San Diego to Oregon.  The crew promised an arrival in the morning, then that changed to the afternoon then they arrived at 6PM, only to tell me only half the truck was covered for that rate.  We had medical equipment for a stroke survivor who had already flown up with with a nurse so we needed those items moved immediately, but they could care less.  They demanded an additional $2000 and actually stopped working around 7PM until we agreed to pay more money!  When they finally did get back to work, they ended up finishing the following morning at 4:30AM!  I had to drive for two days with no sleep because of these people.     When they did delver, about 30% of our belongings were missing or damaged.  Our kid's bunk bed was falling apart because they lost half the items.  I contacted their insurance company who said they are canceling they're policy because the discovered that this company is being operated by Karen Sadafi, who has had her license revoked under several other company names, she continues to change the spelling of her name and open new companies.  The next one they'll be operating under is call "My City Movers."  The DOT already has they're information but relies on consumers to pursue matters to close down these criminals.  What they are doing is illegal and can result in harsh fines (up to $25K per occurrence) and jail time.     Stay as far away from this company as you can!  If you have been burned by them contact the DOT office in your state to file a complaint.

Mar 17,2014

Hello, does anyone know who I should contact for a claim on the move? RightStartMoving had told me to send my claim to Anthems who are now telling me that they are not insuring them anymore!!! Of course RightStrtMoving seemed to be either out of biz or similar since I cannot get a hold of them. If you happen to know, let me know where to mail my claim pls let me know!!!

Company Info

Right Start Moving located in 5725 Woodman Ave, Suite 101, Van Nuys, CA 91401, USA,Van Nuys,,CA , U.S.A View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

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Licenses & Certificates for Right Start Moving

Moving companies are required to register with the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) before they can perform interstate moves. You may click on Right Start Moving license numbers if you would like to view their record information.

ICC MC number: Not Updated
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