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Plymouth Relocation Services

3.7 (45 Reviews)
1979 Marcus Avenue , New Hyde Park, NY 11042, USA
Toll Free: (800) 592-1833
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Review Summary

45 reviews

Gary Manaise
Jan 25,2018

Moved from Connecticut to Chicago back in September of 2017. Initial quote ($2900) given was complete BS and ended up paying double ($4900). When I tried to cancel I was told the entire deposit will not be refunded ($800). To make matters worse, the packing was complete failure as my furniture was broken, scratched and not functional. I put in a claim request only to be told that it takes 120 days to process, after 4 months I went to the website to get a status update and saw that I have a document waiting with a refund of $96 dollars. This company like every other company are a bunch of thieves who use the customers in need. I would never recommend them

Nov 14,2017

Please don't make the same mistake I did ... when Jaime called me from "Plymouth," I immediately thought of the nation-wide movers, not a relocation service. Even when she went through the booking estimate with me, it was not made clear that they were a broker, not a carrier. When I gave her my moving dates, she told me "we can do that." It was my understanding the dates were firm, not that I would have to wait two months for my household goods to be delivered. And don't even get me started on the company they brokered for my move (Max Moving and Storage). When my goods did not arrive on the agreed upon date, I called the dispatch and was told that that was the date they would be put into the system for delivery. I made subsequent calls to customer service within two weeks of that call and was told my goods were being loaded as we spoke, and then that they were in transit. In reality, my goods were still in the warehouse and did not get delivered until six weeks after the date I thought I had scheduled for delivery; when they finally arrived, there were several pieces damaged. Once the move was booked through Plymouth Relocation Services, they pretty much washed their hands of any responsibility for their choosing an unreliable carrier, much less assisting me with a claim for damaged goods. I am greatly disappointed in Plymouth Relocation Services - they made themselves sound like such a good deal, but didn't follow through.

Oct 23,2017

My husband and I picked these movers because I had a really good conversation with Kyle, who assured me that their prices are really competitive because they are a family business, and they make the whole experience a very personal and pleasant one. He told me that they would be taking care of us from door to door, made it sound like it was going to be super easy working with them. This couldn't be farther from the truth. On the call I had when I booked the move and gave the downpayment, they made me choose 2 dates and made it sound like it was for them to give ME the option of choosing later on which date I wanted them to come and get our things. It was NEVER explained that these two dates were actually for THEM to have leeway in making that call. I only realized this ONE WEEK before our move from New York to San Francisco, and it was only because I called to finalize the moving schedule. I found out that not only would they be dictating which date they would come for our things, they could also only confirm the exact time they would come THE DAY BEFORE. This meant I had to block off 2 whole days for potential pick up that might or might not happen - a very very annoying thing. Flash back to my sales call with Kyle, who told me they would be able to send the things to SF in 4-7 days - upon finalizing pick up schedule and everything, I again was trying to pin them down for a delivery date and the answers became increasingly vague. They all quoted 7-21 days, a far cry from what had been promised. They picked up our things on September 28 and delivered our things on October 23, 25 days later. Throughout those weeks of waiting, I placed numerous calls to Plymouth (Andrea), who could not give me an answer as to when/where the truck was. She directed me to another moving company (Barry's) to get that information. Upon calling Barry's, they pointed me to yet another moving company, National Carriers. Very important to note that at NO POINT during my sales call with Kyle did they even mention that they were just OUTSOURCING the move to various movers. There was absolutely no door to door service with a smile. We opted to pack our things ourselves and they gave specific instructions to pack the bed - we needed to get a box spring and mattress bag. Upon arrival, those bags were torn, the box spring was bent out of its original shape and our mattress had tears and holes all over it. ALL the boxes we packed and labelled FRAGILE arrived at such a terrible state - bent, ripped, wrinkled, some even had holes in them. One of the big wardrobes they packed had a massive hole in it. The movers that delivered our items arrived in a U-Haul truck and were handling the boxes really carelessly. I pointed out numerous times that they should not be throwing around boxes we CLEARLY marked FRAGILE, and they said "Oh we didn't stack those." Lastly, the entire process of finding out when they would arrive for delivery was like pulling teeth. After I got the driver's number, I had numerous calls with him just to check on where he was. Finally he called on Saturday for a Sunday evening delivery. He then changed that 4 times and arrived at noon on a Monday. They have no respect for when YOU need your things to be there, or if your building has a schedule for move-ins. THEY DICTATE WHEN THEY WANT TO SHOW UP. This has been the most irritating, frustrating, and infuriating move process ever.

Mark C
Aug 02,2017

My wife and I have moved other times and had great experiences with professional movers. So, our surprise and shock was hard to swallow when we recently choose Plymouth. We went with them not because they were the least expensive, as they were not, but rather because we were told we would be taken care of from door to door. After Plymouth got our first payment we could not even get any communication from them. Neither by phone nor email. On delivery day not a single piece of furniture was unscathed. The so called movers did not even bring all the furniture into our unit. They did not assemble anything. They threw boxes all over the garage. Most were upside down, crushed, and many family articles were broken. By far this was the most unprofessional business experience I have ever had. Do not turn and walk away from Plymouth RUN! They do not stand behind what they promise. Terrible company.

Jul 21,2017

I was looking for a company that could move my mother from New York to Virginia. She didn't have a lot of furniture that she was moving but what she did have was very old and some of it was extremely fragile. When I spoke with Justin, he assured me that the movers would handle it with care so long as it was labeled on the boxes and the furniture would be wrapped with blankets at no additional charge. The moving crew was all guys who were very professional and helpful to my mother. She can be a little overbearing but despite this everyone went out of there way to make sure she was satisfied. The delivered on time and everything went without a hitch. The furniture was delivered in the same condition as when it left her previous residence. Everyone at Plymouth did a good job and we would recommend them.

Heather B
May 22,2017

Moved from Illinois to Texas. Justin moore is a liar and adds stuff on. Then when you call and change they give you the run around. They fraud you for more money. Frank from QA is an a-hole. This company is rude. Not even a real moving company they are a broker. Run away!!!!!

Jayson Smith
May 17,2017

After getting the transfer approved for my job I needed to find a moving service. After a few days of shopping around I picked this company because of comfort I felt from their representatives who explained everything, from their services to advice on packing.The movers arrived on time and were very polite. The delivery came within the anticipated time frame and with everything packed properly, I had no damages. I will definitely be doing business with them in the future.

Marie Mclean
May 09,2017

I hired Plymouth Relocation Services to move (1) personal items, including two bicycles, clothing as well as some decorative items, and one twin bed from a 341 sq foot rental condo; and (2) approximately 10 boxes from a storage unit. All other furniture, dishes, cleaning items, and so forth were staying in the condo, which was to be used as a rental. I paid Plymouth Relocation Services, who doesn't actually do the move but hires independent contractors, $810 on February 2, 2017, and $200 on April 25, 2017, when I added the trip to the storage unit. However, that information was not communicated to the movers, who charged me an exorbitant amount to make the trip to the storage unit, indicating to me they were not told of the second trip. As a result, the total bill for using Unique Moving and Storage was $9356.00--eight times the amount estimated by Plymouth. In addition, the movers gave me no credit for the amount I already paid to Plymouth--$1010-- resulting in a total cost of the move of $10,366 for moving clothing and one twin bed from a 341 square foot condo and packed boxes from a storage unit. As previously indicated, Plymouth doesn't do the moving. It hires moving companies. I gather Plymouth has moving companies that perform and are honest. In my opinion, the moving company selected by Plymouth for my move from a 341 sq foot condo (all furniture was staying except twin bed, clothing, and personal items) was anything but. The movers showed up late, in a rented U-Haul truck, and started throwing everything in big boxes, including Kosta Boda vase, jewelry boxes, clothing, etc. I had to ask to wrap the vase and then the fellow only stuck paper inside of it. and threw it in a big box.) I asked to leave my personal items (jewelry boxes, etc) where they were because I was still living in the condo for several more days and wanted to have access to those personal items, which I would put in my suitcase. But, that was not done and all my jewelry was never delivered. In fact, I have received none of the items that were moved. Unique's style of moving ensured that no item could be accounted for or that the actual items moved would ever be seen again. Everything was taken, not wrapped, but thrown in a big box. When I asked about it, I was told that they repack in the warehouse. That is a real problem because items not wrapped are easily broken, stolen, or lost. In addition, no list of individual items moved was prepared as required by DOT regulations. Everything was listed as Box 1, Box 2, Box 3, etc. As a result, it is impossible to make a claim if any item was broken or not delivered because no individual item was listed. As previously indicated, I informed Plymouth that I had packed boxes in a storage unit that needed to be picked up. I asked Plymouth several times to ensure that their quote included that trip and was communicated to the moving company. When I informed the moving company we needed to go to a storage unit, I was told that they did not know that and were going to have to charge me extra for the trip. Plymouth estimated the entire moving cost at around $2800. When all was said and done, the moving company presented me a bill for approximately $9000+. I called Plymouth and communicated the information I am including here. Even the person to whom I talked seemed surprised that moving clothes and personal items from a 341 sq foot condo and packed boxes from a 5 x 7 storage unit (when all the furniture, dishes, linens, etc. stayed except bed) cost that much and that all items were thrown in boxes to be "repacked" later. However, no one from Plymouth offered to investigate or help in any way. Plymouth indicated that there was nothing they could do. I have moved many times and am aware of the procedures of "good" movers and "bad" movers. I am sure Plymouth knows the difference, too. If I had access to Plymouth during the time the move was taking place, I could have perhaps gotten some help. But the company was not open when the move took place. When I called Plymouth the next day when they were open and told them of these actions, the person to whom I spoke told me I should have called the police. Can you imagine a moving company representative telling a customer to call the police on its own company to ensure that the company's employees or contractors perform as they should? (I called the police and was told that they don't investigate or respond to moving disputes. The moving company should have known that.) I have had to replace my clothing and all other items necessary for daily living and spend a considerable amount of time trying to determine the best course of action at this point. I stopped payment on the check, which was the only way I could get the attention of the moving company. I indicated to the company's representative when she called that I did not object to paying for a reasonable service. But I explained to her that I have had no communication from the company; have no idea where my belongings are and when or if they will be delivered (she did not indicate they would be delivered or that she would find out where they were); and more significantly moving a twin bed and personal items from a 341 square foot condo and packed boxes from a storage unit could not possibly cost $9000+ when entire houses can be moved for $2,800, including some packing. She asked why I signed the paperwork.I told her that it was close to midnight; I was told my belongings would be thrown out of the truck on the parking lot or taken into storage, for which I would be charged. (Asking the question as to why I signed the paperwork begs the question as to why Plymouth would hire such an disreputable mover. The situation never should have happened in the first place. But her question indicates the attitude of the company: the customer is always wrong.) I was leaving for California in a few days and never expected to encounter such problems. I was in the Air Force and moved many times and also moved several times from Boston to California and back. Never had I encountered such situations during my previous moves. In my opinion, no reputable mover uses those tactics or hires contractors who uses them. I have not seen my belongings since they were packed nor have any idea where they are or the condition they are in, or if I will ever see them again. I have had to purchase replacement items and spend considerable time trying to determine the status of the items moved. I repeat again that I expected to pay a reasonable charge for moving my items to my new location according to the quote I was given. I would like to know the status and location of my items and how I may get possession of them for a reasonable price. I have had to spend considerable time and money replacing many items that were not delivered but were necessary for day-to-day living. According to the Better Business Bureau, Unique Moving and Storage has a D- rating and is not BBB accredited. Perhaps it would be in Plymouth Relocation Services' interest to encourage them to provide better service or to use moving companies with better ratings.

Gretchen V
Apr 04,2017

100% recommend Trevor, James and Kyle and the rest of the team behind the scenes at Plymouth, great people with great service who made our move from Southington Connecticut to Chandler Arizona a breeze So we found out that we were moving very last minute within a week of thanksgiving After calling a few Movers (who were either more expensive, under qualified our couldn't move is quick enough) we came across James and his crew at Plymouth He was by far the most knowledgeable, and professional person we spoke with about the move and was able to pick us up the Tuesday before thanksgiving and also got us on a shared truck which helped us on the price These guys were fast , efficient , and very detail oriented with our belongings while packing loading and unloading Can't even believe we had done a move ourselves in the past Everything got to us I'm in one piece , in time and at the agreed upon price Needless to say would sure use them again in the future

Mar 30,2017

They moved me from Arkansas to New York. It was a good move. The crew did there thing. They was very professional and respectful to our home and time. The phone rep Kylee was extremely personable. He gave me some tips to lower cost. Very friendly and professional. Asaf from the crew communicated with us throughout the entire move. He was the foreman. Very friendly, and professional to. The whole crew was very positive and pleasant which made our stressful day much better. I am so glad we chose them to help us with the move and we’re very grateful to the whole crew who helped us move our home! Good job guys and keep up the good work!

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Plymouth Relocation Services located in 1979 Marcus Avenue , New Hyde Park, NY 11042, USA,New Hyde Park,,NY , U.S.A View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

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Moving companies are required to register with the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) before they can perform interstate moves. You may click on Plymouth Relocation Services license numbers if you would like to view their record information.

ICC MC number: MC-911334
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US D.O.T: 2628936
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Local State License: not provided

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Plymouth Relocation Services

Moving to the South East would be around $3,439.15. Moving to the West would be around $4,554.55. Moving to the North West would be around $4,753.13. Moving to the North Med West would be around $3,042.00. Moving to the South Med West would be around $3,644.06. Moving to the Far Med West would be around 3,903.90 Moving to the Far North Med West would be around 4,879.88 Moving to the Middle North West would be around 4,594.69 Moving to the Far North East would be around 3,337.75

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