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1900 N Austin Ave, Chicago, IL 60639, USA |

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12 reviews

Sharon Dearmon
Feb 07,2017

North Star lied. Told me my original mover had gone out of business and they were an awful mover anyway. Found the next day they were not out of business and did my move. North Star continued to hassle me through my move. What a deal.

Gerald Wagner
Oct 17,2016

My wife and I moved from Chicago to Texas l and wanted to hire movers. Unfortunately 95% of moving companies charge astronomical prices to move a person out of state. I was renting a Penske truck online and then these jobs gave me a deal I couldn't refuse. I thought they would be expensive like every other company out there, boy was I wrong. I described my move and requested a quote. They came in $1000-$2000 cheaper than most!!! So I said "yes please move my stuff". North star had a crew ready to go in few days and we were all set. The crew arrived promptly at 0800hrs, were very professional and friendly. They did not waste time and other than a few short breaks (five minutes or less because it was extremely hot) did not stop. We ran into some delays leaving and I had the movers in GA arriving between 1500-1600hrs. Well North Star called as we were leaving and I told Cynthia (that is the North Star person I had been speaking with) that I was doubtful (but trying) to make it there between 1500-1600hrs. The TX crew arrived at 1500hrs, we were not even close to arriving at the house (I was also speaking with the moving crew), and told them it would be 1700hrs or later before we arrived. We were going to reschedule for the following day and the crew contacted my wife to get that set up. I said we will be there by that time and that we want to get it done that night. So she set it up. The crew that met us at our new home were just as professional and friendly. They had us unloaded within two hours. Not a single item loaded or unloaded was damaged by the moving crews. When we move again in the future this will be the company that I contact right away. I forgot to mention that we also had a piano involved in the move.

Hanaa Smith
Aug 10,2016

Hello! My name is H.S. and I recently moved from IN To SC. I hired Northstar moving company transportation. I was not happy with the price since my company was paying my moving cost. They got on time. They did the job. They are so clean and organized. They are licensed and insured. They packed everything in a very professional way. Delivery took place in just 5 days. Nothing missing. I had a long carry at the destination. They waived the charges and I had a coupon from them 50$ value. I loved their service and I highly recommend. They deserve more than 5 stars.

Brian Munoz
Jul 31,2016

I gave violet the dimensions of the storage unit and the total weight of all items since i had originally had it in my 8.5x20 ft trailer. I was given a quote and then the moving day arrived and they claimed i would be charged more due to more weight being there. One huge problem with that is they showed up with a budget rental truck and had no scales! So without scales how would they be able to accurately charge me? They wanted me to ok and undisclosed additional charge to my credit card, i obviously refused. I had to fly back the next morning and rented the exact same size truck they showed up with and it all fit and weighed what i told them. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS. MY EXPERIENCE WITH THEM WAS AWFUL. THEY ARE ALSO VERY POOR WITH COMMUNICATION LEADING UP TO THE MOVE 3-4 DAYS WOULD GO BY WITHOUT A RESPONSE FROM THEM. DO NOT HIRE THEM!

Jun 16,2016

I did a long distance move to Tennessee and Mike helped me arrange the process start to finish, starting with an inhome estimate. It was very close to two other inhome estimates and the rate was competitive for sure. On moving day, the guys rocked the show despite sever storms. In between rain showers they'd load the truck and while it poured they'd haul stuff from my 3rd floor walkup to the foyer. Everything was inventoried and the foreman made some specific recomendations on how to pack my stuff so nothing broke and also to save me money. I gave them my first available delivery date and the office was surprisingly good about keeping me up to date. There was a slight delay due to weather and traffic and they called me to discuss delivery options for the next day. And the delivery driver was amazing! My apartment complex is difficult to access with a semi but he skillfully navigated it, eliminating a need for shuttle or long carry. I was fully prepared to pay those additional services but saved money because they pulled it off. After all was said and done, they unloaded, got their blankets, and some stuff reassembled in time for me to be at work by noon (with my own 40 minute commute factored in!)! I've had some luck with moving over the years but this has far been my best experience! With everything else I've been juggling these past few months preparing, it was really a great relief to feel they cared as much as I did about a seamless and cost efficient move. Thank you so much!

Jun 10,2016

My things were delivered, so the job got done. The sales guy was great. That is, until I committed to move my things with the company. Then I couldn't get a hold of him. There are various numbers listed on the website and the confirmation emails, and it's unclear where they lead to or what time anyone is available to answer. The 877 number on the website was completely useless. Needless to say, it was very difficult to get a hold of anyone and when I did, their answers were unclear and I felt like I was being brushed off. My very specific request regarding delivery was ignored by 4 different representatives, even though they "made a note of it." (This actually turned out to feel like a scam. They fail to include the cost of a service the needs to be done regardless of your destination/size of move in the price they originally quote you. So you can probs add a smooth $300 to whatever they try to sell you on before committing.) I was also given time frames for each step of the process (when the scheduler would call, the movers would arrive, etc.) All but the Pick Up Movers showed up/contacted me very late within that window. If it wasn't for the strict rules regarding the loading dock in my new apartment, and obviously my time, this wouldn't have been such a huge deal. This lack of responsiveness and accommodation was a huge damper on my experience. That, and the leather on my ottoman arrived water damaged. Things happens, but that's just the icing on a really annoying experience. I'll be returning home soon enough and will most definitely not be using these guys. All that aside, the actual movers were great. They were relatively polite and they moved quickly.

John Will
Apr 17,2016

I had to relocate for my work, and i had to leave ahead of time, Northstar moving transportation company did all the job perfectly in a good manner of time. they were accurate in time, price as nothing was added to the bill and all my furniture arrived in excellent condition. i loved there service. in addition my old apartment was clean after they moved all the stuff, and kept the new apartment clean to.

Apr 14,2016

I live in Texas and my mother decided she was going to move down to be closer to our family. Needless to say with everything you hear about moving companies ripping people off I was going to do it myself. Thankfully a friend of hers told me about Northstar. Not only was Steve the estimator helpful and very detailed, but her belongings made it down here in four days! Nothing was damaged and they even gave us a discount because the load took up less space then Steve calculated. I strongly recommend Northstar moving to anyone looking to have a quality move for half the price of larger companies.

Apr 14,2016

I had to share my great experience about North Star Moving.I moved from the suburbs to Chicago and I have to say they made my transition easy.Very professional and on time.They did an amazing job.I had heavy pieces and those guys did it with ease.They even cleaned everything before they left.Best moving company I have dealt with so far.Thank you!!!

Apr 14,2016

I loved the experience with them. They were very freindly and helpful in my situation. I had to move my place to Indiana where I have a new job over there and that was affordable and well done. Their customer service was updating me with every single action they had to take during the pick up, which I loved it. There was a little issue during the drop off the package. The issue was my new place street doesn't fit the trailer, but they were very understandable and helped me fixing it. Thank you guys you were awsome.

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