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30 reviews

Jien Tivon
Jul 30,2020

Long-distance move from Virginia Beach, VA to Saint Louis, MO

Do NOT use this business. It is a SCAM firm. They took a down payment of 1K and also never ever provide the service. They do not respond to phones. 5 days after the pick-up date and they have actually not revealed up. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.

Viliana Mascioli
Jul 30,2020

Long-distance move from Pennsylvania to Missouri

I do not even understand where to start. We were going utilize them for a relocation from to MO, they stated they are not a broker, that's a lie - they are a broker. Place a $1300+ security deposit down, requested a refund 12 humans resources later using email because something told me to search for evaluations for this firm!!!! I WAS HORRIFIED! In their agreement it specifies you must ask for a refund in creating and you have 48hrs to do so - you will certainly obtain your refund minus 10%. Ok, fine. So essentially 12 humans resources after down-payment, I composed an email requesting cancelation and refund of down-payment. I ALSO CALLED MY BANK AND STOPPED PAYMENT IMMEDIATELY after creating the e-mail (follow your gut). Thank God I quit repayment as well as reported fraud, because it's been several days as well as I haven't listened to anything back ... THE BBB ISSUED A WARNING ON THEIR SITE REGARDING THESE SCAMMERS ON JULY 28TH, 2020. I actually evaded a bullet as well as I have the reviews to thank for that!!!!

Tracy Karlson
Jul 30,2020

Long-distance move from Williams, AZ to Nisswa, MN

This business took our money countless bucks. we were lied to a lot of times as well as still do not have our items. Gotten from AZ June 16 by Bulls relocating that they employed. 45 days as well as we still do not have anything no beds furniture garments personal possessions and so on. No call back they have actually robbed us as well as took everything. Overall headache and they ought to all detained for scams.

Georgette Olsen
Jul 29,2020

Long-distance move from Staten Island, NY to Seminole, FL

SCAMMED An 80 year old female- they are a broker That falsely promote as a mover- your relocation will certainly extra than triple if you make use of these POS since they contract moving companies and the mover charges a lot more. They made money $2000 TO acquire a moving company that billed another $5000. Idk just how they sleep at night!

Jessica Poole
Jul 28,2020

Long-distance move from Kansas City, MO to Sapulpa, OK

They are moving brokers and also contract out to various other moving business's. I was told I would certainly be called the day before the relocation to be provided the time the movers would certainly show up, as well as then called the day of the action a hr before the movers would certainly be at my address to move me. I called Moving Pro Logistics as well as informed them no one was choosing me up as well as that I wanted my down payment back as I could not wait one more day to be relocated. They are moving brokers as well as contract out to other moving business's. I was told I would certainly be called the day before the move to be offered the time the moving companies would arrive, and also after that called the day of the move a hr before the movers would be at my address to relocate me. I called Moving Pro Logistics and informed them no one was selecting me up and that I desired my deposit back as I couldn't wait another day to be moved.

Mary Hughes
Jul 24,2020

Long-distance move from Palo Alto, CA to Midway, UT

I would if I might provide a -100 rating. This "company" requires to be closed down. A total rip-off and lie. They are a broker. When I spoke to Joe Gordon, he stated they weren't a broker. Lie. I was billed double the rate. They informed me I would certainly have my stuff in a 2 day turn-around. Lie. They said it would be $6,000. Lie, it was around $12,000. They stated customer support would exist to aid with anything. Lie. They have some woman who just claims "this is plan" as well as then hangs up on you. They claimed we would have the truck to ourselves. Lie. Ends up our vehicle was taken to LA to grab even more people's points and then sat in a warehouse until they have actually now made a decision to drop off our things next week. Whatever you do, obtain a local business that looks and comes at your stuff and afterwards informs you just how much. These individuals will certainly scam you as well as annoy you and provide you absolutely no assistance and assistance. A complete scam and also lie. Lie. Lie, it was around $12,000.

Janet Richards
Jul 22,2020

Long-distance move from Mexico, ME to Tijeras, NM

This is a rip-off. We placed a deposit of over 1000$after that 1 week prior to relocating date they wanted 500$ much more. all we have are boxes. No furnishings ... then they said they contract to various other moving companies !! Omg!! They charged my other half's card over 3000$ complete we are stopping payment to these boneheads. they never ever turned up!! We waited from 6am till 7pm no program. Attempted to get in touch with no solution. My hubby had a variety of the person that he first spoke to about 3 weeks ago. his name was Mark he called his number as well as he stated and also responded to "you have the incorrect number" 786-507-8412!!! That's the number he gave him ... we marketed our home in Maine really swiftly (suddenly) and also have to be out by 8/1. My spouse had to rent a U-Haul pack packages himself with the aid of some good friends in the male that's buying our residence as well as drove it to an additional area for storage space. The plan was this truck was meant to head to New Mexico where we are relocating to today our strategies have changed as a result of these jerks thanks a lot relocating professional logistics not really expert at all you're being reported to the Better Business Bureau!

Antione Ford
Jul 21,2020

Long-distance move from Covington, GA to Katy, TX

They fed me a lot of BS concerning cost not altering like other companies and also that I'll get my stuff within 3-4 days. Once they passed me on to the motion picture firm, they were done with me as well as the moving company had their own possible days of when I would receive my things. Moving Pro Logistics told me I will obtain my stuff on July 18.

Kris Reibling
Jul 20,2020

**** DISCLAIMER: THIS MOVE WAS NOT COMPLETED BY THIS "MOVING BROKER COMPANY" DUE TO THEIR COMPLETE UNETHICAL BUSINESS OPERATIONS AND INCOMPETENCE**** Moving Pro Logistics failed in providing me services for my long-distance move. On July 10th, a payment of 2,790 dollars was put down for a deposit via telephone with the senior moving coordinator Ryan Franklin. Mr. Franklin assured me that this move would be completed successfully and to provide him the inventory of all of my belongings in my 2-bedroom apartment. Mr. Franklin requested that I just forward him the inventory that I completed for another moving broker (that also failed to provide me services) and that he would come up with his own estimate based off of that. Oasis moving company was assigned to my move and two men in a very small budget rental truck pulled up at approx. 6:00 PM on 07/11/2020 wearing sandals, completely disheveled in appearance and unprofessional (yes that matters completely). The two movers immediately started questioning the distance of how far my apartment unit was from the truck and when I brought them into my apartment, they were confused with the move I was expecting to happen. On the estimate provided by Mr. Franklin, the inventory filled out at the bottom stated 1 HHG (Household good) with 700 cf (cubic feet), giving Oasis moving company the impression that they were here to pick up one item. The movers were not prepared in any capacity to complete this move and stated that since it was a Saturday and after 6:00 PM that they would not be able to accommodate this move and would require a larger truck and additional movers. One of the movers came up with his own estimate stating that I would need at least 1300 cf and that the cost would be an additional 6,000 dollars on top of the already paid deposit of 2,790 dollars, doubling the cost of the estimate configured by moving pro logistics. The estimate contract states that “the customer has elected a “binding to not exceed” price and that the total cost would not exceed that amount. It is important to reiterate that I did not cancel/terminate/refuse Oasis moving services. Following the departure of Oasis moving company that evening, I called both Moving Pro Logistics and the dispatch team and neither of the companies answered. I then wrote an email to as to follow their guidelines under section 20 of their estimate: “as the customer, I agree that any refusal or denial of service, either verbally in person or over the phone, will be treated as a late cancellation made outside of the cancellation window. I understand that no refund will be issued if I refuse or deny service on the day of pick up. If I claim that service was not rendered I must Provide notice of any service failure made by connected Moving Pro Logistics LLC, in writing to”. I inconveniently waited until normal business hours on 07/13/2020 and called Moving Pro Logistics where the useless customer service representative Chloe Jones initiated conversation by stating she received an email from Oasis Moving Co. that I "canceled" their services, even though that was not what happened in the slightest. Ms. Jones was condescending and rude during this conversation and informed me that due to this "cancellation" of services that I would not be getting continued services from the Moving Pro Logistics and that I would not be receiving a refund for my deposit. I then asked her if she could transfer me to the moving coordinator, I had worked with to discuss this matter further and she refused, stating that she would not allow this situation to be escalated further. All I wanted to do was give Moving Pro Logistics the opportunity to remedy this issue and make it right, but in turn I was given the cold shoulder and abruptly terminated from their services. I am requesting full cooperation of Moving Pro Logistics to return the 2,790 dollars that I am rightfully owed because they did not provide me any appropriate moving services, no attempt to remedy the situation and the move was never completed through their services. Moving Pro Logistics has no argument and their contractual agreements have no validity at this point. They have not cooperated or responded to any emails sent by both me and my father and have yet to respond to the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General and Department of Transportation to whom I have also reported this matter to.

Amanda Unruh
Jul 02,2020

Long-distance move from Missouri to North Carolina

This is hands-down the really worst business I've ever before taken care of as well as I don't imply equally as a relocating firm yet any company I've ever before dealt with. Our things was meant to show up around June 10, my husband as well as I both removed job awaiting them to appear they were a day late to grab the relocating products to start with and afterwards there was no politeness call or upgrade that they were not mosting likely to get here on the routine day and then come to find out that it was a suggested schedule day which was never stated at any point. Currently we are a month out from the day that it was supposed to be supplied and my hubby and I together with other member of the family have called this company numerous times and also we can not obtain any kind of solutions and also they said once our things was grabbed their height their hands are no more in this. Said this factor we have no suggestion where our things is or when it will show up and nobody can offer us a call back as well as still absolutely no things has been supplied whatsoever with no updates. I can not worry adequate How much you need to stay much far from ever before using this company for anything at all the extremely really worst.

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Moving Pro Logistics LLC located in ,,, , U.S.A View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

Licenses & Certificates for Moving Pro Logistics LLC

Moving companies are required to register with the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) before they can perform interstate moves. You may click on Moving Pro Logistics LLC license numbers if you would like to view their record information.

ICC MC number: Not Updated
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: Not Updated
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

What is Moving Pro Logistics LLC cost for Out of State moves?

Based on reviews from our reviews database and information provided by our partners and reliable sources of people moving interstate, the estimated average costs, moving from International Van line Hub state or states nearby, are as follows.

Moving Pro Logistics LLC

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There are factors like home size, the distance between locations, and other services like Packing and assembly.

The approximate moving costs are generated based on reviews on our database and data collected from other reliable sources and partners.
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If you have a bigger house, move the price is going to be higher. And if you have a smaller house move, the price is going to be lower unless you have a higher amount of Packing.

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