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Movers of the Valley
Movers of the Valley - AZ -Mesa - Reviews
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Movers of the Valley

1.7 (10 Reviews)
710 W Broadway Suite 502, Mesa, AZ 85210, USA
Toll Free: (800) 442-0051
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Review Summary

10 reviews
( Reviews) for Movers of the Valley

Jul 29,2011

Hello Future Movers - I hope you will please read my review and find it helpful. I scheduled a move from Movers of the Valley for July 16th to move from Gilbert to Mesa. It was a pretty uncomplicated move and only took a bit of time. Upon unpacking I realized that my 40' LCD television had been damaged. It looks just as if it wasn't secured in the truck and it fell and the corner of a piece of furniture impacted the screen which resulted in the visual component being completely shattered. Long story short - my 1000$ tv is no longer functioning. I figured I would call the movers and ask about their policy for damages. The owner, Tony, told me that the specific mover is the one that did the damage and so it wasn't his problem. Obviously this is unacceptable. He told me that he would have the mover call me and that the mover had to determine if the mover made the damage and then if so, he had to pay for it out of his pocket. I very much doubt a mover making 10$ an hour is going to admit to breaking a $1000 television. I was told to call the particular mover who told me that the owner, Tony, had to decide what to do. I called Tony, who told me that he has nothing to do with it because they don't have any insurance and it is up to the mover to determine if they did the damage. Yes, I know, I assumed wrongly that they had insurance. This is not a mistake I'll ever make again. However, it's not clearly stated on their website and no one told me that if there was an issue, I would have no recourse. I wanted to write this review to let everyone know that you should NEVER consider using Movers of the Valley. One and a half weeks after I talked to the mover I had heard nothing... I continued to call and text for a week. I finally wrote the following email to the company: Hi Tony, I just wanted to give you a heads up before I left a review. I have tried, now, three times to contact Larry and he has not contacted me back as he said (and you said) he would. You guys were perfectly great until something was broken and now the customer service is completely unprofessional. This should have been dealt with within 24 hours when I called you - I am shocked (as will everyone that reads my review) that you said you don't have rental insurance and that the mover has to admit he broke something and then he has to pay for it. I'm sure people will be happy to know that if something is broken, it is entirely up to the mover to determine liability and that you have no insurance to settle such incidents - which are accidents, yes, but that is what insurance is for: to cover accidents. I'm also surprised that you are pushing this off on Larry instead of working with him to bring this situation to a close. You are the owner of the company, yes? That means it is your responsibility to oversee procedures when things like this happen. It's pretty unprofessional for you to be pushing this off on an employee when YOUR company is ultimately responsible and YOU should have insurance for this sort of thing. I'm going to give you until Saturday to resolve this situation. If the situation is resolved, I have no problem leaving a good review. However, if it's not? I'm sure that there are a lot of potential customers out there that would like to know that if something breaks, they have no recourse as you have no insurance and that they shouldn't expect you to take responsibility for your movers. As you stated to me on the phone - you didn't move it and this is Larry's problem. You are his boss - you are responsible for making sure this is taken care of. Emily I received a call about 1 hour later from someone wanting to set up a time to come look at the tv. I said I could be available anytime during the week after 6pm and any time on the weekend. I was told I'd get a call at 6pm to set something up that evening. At 6:15 I had to call back and the person said he had some "stuff to do" and would call me shortly. I called back again at 7:30pm and had to leave a message to which I never received a reply. While I may have to eat the cost of a new television, I hope that the Movers of the Valley lose much more potential income because of their complete incompetence and lack of customer respect and service.

Pamela Adams
Aug 31,2011

I was very impressed with Movers of the Valley. They were very professional,honest and friendly.As far as I am concerned there is no other moving company in the valley.I would use them anytime i have to move and would reccomend them to all of my neighbors and friends.If i could give them a higher rating than five stars i would.Thankyou Movers of the Valley keep up the excellent work.

Nicole Leamon
Jun 22,2012

I selected Movers of the Valley as an alternative to the never-can-tell options of Craigslist.  I wanted a professional moving experience and opted not to have family and friends move me.  Though I was on a budget and had a very small load of furnishings and a few boxes to move, I expected a professional move.  The entire move should have taken three hours or less including breakdown and set up.  Moving two queen size beds, 1 tall dresser, a dining table with chairs, 2 miscellaneous tables and 15 shoe boxes (which I actually had told them I would move in my SUV) along with 2 lidded 5 ft plastic containers full of clothes, linens, decorative items and 3 pda phones (the smallest items which were at the very bottom of the box).  All of my items were packed and ready to go.  The movers were 4 hours late.  Multiple excuses were given until I became frustrated with their lack of communication (I was doing all of the calling).  When I tried to cancel the office said the mover(s) (supposed to have 2 on the job) were already at an alternate stop (a friends house not far from the place I moved from) where I had stored a bed, dismantling it.  Since I was already cancelled out of my lease and would have had to pay a much higher charge to stay over another day, I reinstated the move.  Finally they showed up, a much older man with a much younger guy.  The older guy seemed to be in charge, but almost right away the younger guy seemed to have issues.  About half hour into the move he asked to use my bathroom.  He was in there for 20 minutes and came out with the entire hallway reeking.  I had to clean the bath immediately and saw he had left brown streaks in the toilet.  I should have stopped the move right there.  I'm not saying one should prevent service persons from using the bathroom, but what he did was crude and disgusting behavioraly. It got worse.  The one point where he seemed to be working was when they lifted my 6 ft, very heavy chest of drawers onto a dolly designed to lift appliances.  Apparently the wheels are not made for certain weights and they took it out of the door backwards from what I could see.  They rolled it off of the front door threshhold and I heard a loud crash!  When I asked about the piece of furnishing I was ignored.  They seemed in a flurry of activity so I let them do their professional best.  When I asked if the piece was alright they said it was.  After that the young man absolutely stopped working.  Instead he took to oogling me every chance he got.  I became uncomfortable but needed my things moved.  I simply tried my best to avoid him. 4 hours later, they left with the young man having lifted a few shoe boxes and having dropped my chest of drawers.  I was relocating about 45 minutes outside of the city.  They said they were stopping for lunch on the way. When they arrived at my new home the old man did all of the work and the young man did nothing but play on a phone which looked exactly like mine at a glance. Lots of people have the same phone so I thought nothing of it and was really very busy with the move, my sister and my son to give it much thought.  My seven year old told me later he saw 'mommy's phone' in the young guys hand and asked what he was doing with it and the guy told him, "You're mom let me use it". By the time they finished the move it was sundown (they were to be on the job at the first location at 7:30 am). My entire day had been ruined, my sister and I (who witnessed this absurdity) felt uncomfortable, the few pieces of furniture I had in the move were all marred and damaged (nothing irrepareably broken though, thank God!), my nerves were chawed down and 2 of the 3 phones had been stolen!  I didn't move in right away because I was then afraid since these people knew where I lived.  As during the young man's non-compliance time, he produced a pocket knife he said he found and opened the blade just inches from my face.  Out of nowhere he walks up to me as my back was to a bank of cabinets in the new house.  He pulls out a pocket knife, holds it up to my face then opens it.  I couldn't even hear what he was saying at first because of the close proximity of the knife, his body, as all he needed was intent.  I tried to handle the situation by calming him since the knife seemed of immediate focus.  I got it away from him, conferred with my sister immediately and hid the knife.  We thought he might be "special" and couldn't tell if the intent was purposeful or not as he said he "found" the knife.  I was suspicious and frightened and just wanted them out at that point!  I'd had enough and the situation had escalated beyond disdain!  That's when I decided to not pay him and pay only for the one man.  I gave them $60 dollars of a move that was costed out at $150 - $189 for two movers.  One mover would have cost $45 plus trip charge. I asked the mover to write everything down and to contact the company in my presence.  He did and I told them I was not willing to pay the remaining charges because I had not gotten the service of two people promised.  Along with the indescretions shown, the knife draw, the waste of time and resources (my air was on the entire time) and the unprofessionalism, the value was nowhere near the $60 I even paid. They agreed. Also, I noticed information on the receipt and their quality control literature was all information I should have received prior to the move. It was given after I requested it multiple times. Later (within 15 minutes) we found the phones were stolen as we continued to put items away.  We contacted the company right away.  We were told the owner would be notified and they would call back in a few days.  That was two weeks ago. Today I talked to them about the stolen items and the woman stated she tried calling me numerous times which is untrue.  I never heard from them, neither did I receive anything in the mail.  When I talked to the owner after calling back numerous times today, I was told I was going to be sued for not paying the bill, called a professional" theif and a "professional" liar, threatened with them sending the young man back to my house to "finish the job" and told that I was harrassing them for asking for their fair complaint process. I was told they had all of my information and that they were under no obligation to be responsible for the actions of their movers!  One of the gross things the young man did besides oogling me for hours, was to go into my little son's bathroom and unload his bowels inside the toilet.  Because I live far away from the city and alone and saw there was definitely a deficit in behavior from this young man, I stayed in the city for an additional week, paying the overage fees just to be safe in case he was a nutcase about to crack.  When my child and I returned to the house, he went to use his toilet and found it full of feces, unflushed.  It took me four days to treat, scrub and cleanse the surrounding area of the funk left behind. The house was locked up and no one else had been there. None of us used the toilet which I had scrubbed just days before.  The old man was too busy doing the move by himself to even stop and pee and the young man disappeared two or three times while everyone else (including my little one) was busy working.  I did notify his lead, the older man, about his behavior and work ethic as well as the time it was costing me. Due to the lack of ethical decency and departure from good faith judegement on the part of Movers of the Valley, I now have to file a police report and spend time building up money to go to court to protect myself from thier seedy, disreputable business.  I wouldn't advise anyone else to take a chance on Movers of the Valley!  If you do please do so at your own risk!  They will not be and are not professional or knowledgeable about your high end valuables you ENTRUST to them to move.  In fact a few of those valuables may be missing in the end, as in our case (each of those phones was $500 brand new).  Now I'm stuck with the residue like the poop left in the toilet for my young child to see...and looking over my shoulder.  What a shame, all because I trusted someone from a well designed Internet ad!  They get NO STARS and need to be BEHIND BARS!  I am fighting back, despite their threats and have invited them to take me to court so I can recover my damages and the danger my family and I were placed in.

Feb 13,2013

Do not use this moving company, just do not use them I was stuck in that we sold our house and needed to move more quickly than anticipated and movers of the valley were the only company available at such short notice. Firstly they do not charge as advertised you will not get that $x an hour rate. They arrived hours and hours later than scheduled.Our move was under a few miles but the movers wrapped everything absolutely everything just to waste time and charge more money. They even wrapped an old couch that I clearly stated that I did not care about they stated that they had liability issues blah blah blah. Theses guys are obviously trained to drag each and every job out as long as possible to charge the customer more. They moved at a snails pace just enough movement so you can't accuse them of not working, when I asked them how long the move would take they just plain out ignored me. One of the guys was really old and really not able for the job and the other was a young guy who gave you an extremely hostile look when you talked to him never mind ask him anything. To speed things up I couldn't stand it anymore I started moving things from upstairs to the truck myself heavy things on my own that for someone with lower back problems should not be lifting the very reason that I hired "Professionals" in the first place I would say between the three of us I did more than half the work myself. Crazy I know but I had no option these guys would take a week if they were allowed charge me a fortune and we had to vacate the sold property within 48 hours they called it a night around midnight said they could not fit anything else in the truck and had to come back tomorrow they said they would not charge the daily fee. Meanwhile the young guy wanted to be tipped out for their good service that night I offered him what I thought a fair tip which I researched as a standard tip he then haggled with me and stated what I gave him not a fair tip we met halfway next day same thing hours late we got everything moved in a few hours but they said that they would have to charge the daily fee I told them I would give them a good tip if they dropped the daily fee . There was no hesitation on their part. This company is a absolute nightmare I just wanted the move done at that point I had no other options and as forceful as I was about getting them to hurry up there is only so much you can do within reason you have to keep in mind these are unsavory characters from the wrong side of the track and they know where you live I am not not being paranoid I am being practical these guys really seem to have nothing to lose in retaliating if they wanted to it cost me more than it should have it took way longer than it should have and I did way more work than I should have also an item went missing that I know they took it is a large item and we scoped the old house from head to toe I know they took it. But I cannot prove it the item was old and rusty and had seen better days but shows the mentality of these guys to place value in such a piece of junk to feel it was worth the risk to steal it pathetic bottom line do not even consider using this moving company they advertise a low rate but you will end up paying 3 or 4 times more than the top rate the employees are dishonest and shady check out their BBB report it could not have a worse rating.

Mr. Jones
Apr 19,2013

Worst moving company of the Valley ! Driver Mike dressed like a slob movers wearing pants with @ss hanging out. Very unprofessional. Better off getting a few guys from Home Depot and a Uhaul. Will definitely NEVER use this company again. Worst Service Ever ! I didn't even wanna give them 1 star. Mover BEWARE !

Michael Wissman
Aug 19,2013

The movers were right on time and that was very nice. It was two guys and they were very easy to deal with. One of them was very experienced and a good worker. The other guy was just ok. I would recommend this company to a friend for sure. They worked the whole time and were not lazy. We unloaded the truck pretty fast witch was nice for me.

Mark & Andrea
Nov 22,2013

After they moved our furniture to the new place, my husband called me and told me that there was a chip in the headboard and sent me a picture of it, it was pretty large and the bedroom set was brand new (purchased two months prior). I called the office and spoke with Lesa. We came to the following verbal agreement: -Her guys would come back and fix the headboard -They would knock off $90 from the bill -We agreed not to pursue damages for the headboard I got to the new place and found my daughter crying and she showed me the extensive damage to her bedroom set. It was her first nice, new bedroom furniture and she was devastated. I took a careful look at all of our furniture and found that both my daughters bedroom set and mine was very damaged - so I called Lisa back and told her "NO DEAL" I had no idea that so much damage was done. She told me that I had to file a claim and send pictures, so I did. They had two guys come out and assess the damages and assured me that they would come up with the best solution to fix the damage.  A few days later I recieved the following email from them:  Movers Of The Valley Nov 20 (2 days ago)   to me         Your claim for damage has been denied for the following reason(s).     Per the contract "... claims will be processed after charges are paid in full."      You did not pay the movers the invoiced amount.  We spent 5 hours moving you at a rate of $65 per hour = $325 plus the service charge of $65 for a total of $390.  You only paid $300.     In addition to that your husband signed "customer waives all rights of damage".    Lesa   The mover wrote in pen on the contract that my husband agreed to waive rights of damage, this was for the headboard only. The guys never came back to fix anything.    Beware, they also operate under another name (don't have it right now).I suggest that you review their BBB rating and not hire this company. There is a reason they have a "F" rating. Here is the link:

Gloria Houston
Feb 10,2014

I moved this past weekend on 2/8. They showed up two hours late than what they had me scheduled to move. It took the two men 4 hours to move a 2 bd room apartment and when they were finished all of my furniture was banged up. I called and spoke to some lady named Pam and told her that after I confronted the guy John about breaking my headboard she only offered to give me a 10% discount from my bill. I then stated that I was not going to pay them for their move because after I had gotten into it with the driver he stated that he was not going to bring my furniture into my home he will leave it in the garage. How unprofessional is this??!!! After continuous phone calls to Bryan (the so called manager/owner) he stated that they will not repair my furniture per contract but will have someone come out and fix my headboard. I paid over $1000 for my bedroom set and it is all banged up and damaged!! After carefully examining my furniture not only was my headboard broken, but my dining glass table has a crack, my son's chest is missing the board to hold it up, my night stand and dresser is chipped and all of my leather furniture is ripped!! I am beyond devastated because they treat their customers like garbage. I would never use this company again for a move and I will be putting in a lawsuit against this company for damages done to my belongings!!! Please do not use this company for anything they are a bunch of scammers and could care less about your valuables they are only in this for the money!!!!

Tim Marshall
Feb 27,2014

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! They are not accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and have an F rating with multiple complaints.

Darla Hansen
Jun 02,2014

Called this company two weeks prior to our date of moving and set everything up.  Called the morning of our move date to confirm their arrival time.  They said yes. Everything is a go and we will see you then. The company never showed up at the time discussed.  I started calling 15 minutes after they were late asking what was going on.  Pamela and crystal each told me so many lies all day long.  First, it was they were short handed with crew, they weren't sitting in the office at that moment let them call me right back, people were sick and they were running behind but no problem they would be there.  I continued to call throughout the day and if they felt like answering the phone I'd get another story.  The truck just left it will be there shortly, they had to stop and get fuel, the workmen are not answering their cell phones.  Oops, maybe they went to another job first before yours.  All day long lies and stories were told to me. At 6:30 that evening was the last time I spoke to Pamela,  she said sorry they are so late but I promise they are going to come.  After that, they didn't answer their phones anymore.  Needless to say, it was after 7 pm and we were stuck with no other way to move.  We kept waiting for them to show as promised, then it was too late to call someone or go rent items to try and move ourselves.  Also, their company voicemail has a mailbox that is too full to receive messages. Hum.. Wonder why that is. Probably so full of complaints!Never... Never... Never use this company! They also ask to be paid in cash. That tells me they probably have other issues too! Beware!

Company Info

Movers of the Valley located in 710 W Broadway Suite 502, Mesa, AZ 85210, USA,Mesa,,AZ , U.S.A View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

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ICC MC number: MC-522211
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US D.O.T: 1169886
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