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4.5 (44 Reviews)

3200 Oakcliff Industrial Street, Atlanta, GA 30340, USA

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44 reviews
(44 Reviews) for Maya Van Lines

Debbie Kiehna
Sep 11,2019

Interstate move from Alpharetta, GA to Louisville, KY

Maya did a fantastic work moving us out of state. The crew was very efficient, grabbed as well as supplied promptly as well as dismantled and also reconstructed our products. They functioned very tough and took care with our things. Tami maintained us up to date with excellent communication. Would very advise! Good prices as well as excellent throughout service.

Stan Shpar
Jul 13,2019

Interstate move from Alpharetta, GA to California

Absolutely awesome relocating experience with Maya Van Lines from GA to CA. I was a little anxious having actually reviewed the evaluations that they don't do too on an interstate steps. Nevertheless staffs in both Atlanta as well as San Jose very incredibly specialist, friendly and polite. Beginning with the ladies on the phone Tami and Lisa the entire experience was effectively executed. Leo the proprietor came over himself to do a quote as well as offered his assurances that the relocation would go smooth and it sure did. He likewise advised how to enhance the price, although that he might've made even more money, he chose customer contentment first, to me that was a great sign of somebody who is in it for a long haul. Happy as well as client centric owner + very professional and completely satisfied employees = Very effective firm Maya Van Lines. I would certainly advise to all my good friends.

Terry Kovarik
Dec 04,2018

NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. MAYA moved me long distance from Newnan Ga to Orange Park FL. It was a disaster. Their estimate did not match their final price. They pissed off the home owner of the home I was purchasing by showing up early and blacking the entire driveway while he person was trying to move out. They damaged several pieces of furniture. I moved on July 27th 2018 but I am just now writing the review because I wanted to make sure I received my check for the damaged furniture first. I just now received that check on 12-1-2018. The claim process is a joke. The movers that showed up to my new home in FL were Russian. One spoke no English and the other spoke broken English. They complained and asked for tips numerous times. They wanted me to pay them in full before they would begin moving my furniture inside. When I refused they put me on the phone with their boss. He tried to intimidate me into paying first. I refused. He threatened to have his crew leave and not move my furniture inside my home. I called his threat and told him to leave if he wanted to. They unloaded the truck needless to say with out getting paid first. This company is a joke and so is their workers. The workers looked like they hadn't slept in days and commented they need to be in Virginia for another pick up that afternoon. My suggestion is MOVE yourself this industry is just legal extortion. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

Molly Weathers
Oct 25,2018

Maya Van Lines was the fastest most efficient moving company I have ever used! The employees were friendly, work driven and moved my entire house in less time than it took to pack it! The employees were professional and treated my things as their own! They came ready to work and took special care to wrap and place my items so that they made it during the long trip to the new house! I have already hired them again to move my mother's items next month! Thank you so much to Lisa for your help and I will definitely recommend them to anyone I know moving!

Oct 23,2018

They did an awesome job picking our stuff , Its along distance move from ATL to Bentonville, Arkansas. Their quote was low when compared top other quotes. No surprise charges at the time of pickup, accommodated all our requests. We got our stuff moved within 2-3 days as promised . They talked and reduced the outrageous charges by 20% being levied by the contract carrier that did drop off our stuff. I don't think its fair to blame Maya van lines about the behavior of a random driver. I am gonna get the details of the company and would leave a review there. The one less star is due to the fact that I am still not happy about the way the destination driver behaved. Maya van lines should be careful when engaging these drivers again. If I have to move again , I would definitely consider them

Stephen Miller
Oct 06,2018

After reading so many reviews of all the other moving companies I hired Maya Van Lines to do my move into my first new home. I spoke to Leo and he was so nice over the phone, I knew then I made the right choice. The crew showed up exactly at the time the driver told me in the morning, and they moved me with absolutely no damages to the furniture or walls or hardwoods, this was such a relief since the house was finished being built only a week prior to the move. The driver and the crew where extremely attentive to where each box was supposed to go based on the marking. They disassembled all the furniture that needed to be to fit through doors in the house and reassembled everything on the delivery! Everything that wasn’t a box got wrapped up in a blanket, and was well protected. They moved so fast and made it look like it wasn’t even a challenge. In the future I won’t even consider another company, no matter the size or distance for my move. Thank you again Leo and everyone at Maya Van Lines

Sep 25,2018

In short they are the best. Very organized, helpful, understanding, fast and too efficient. I am very happy with their service. I received my stuffs in two days (from Atlanta, GA to Arlington, VA) all intact and nicely packed. I cant be more happier. Thank you all Maya Van Lines (Lisa, the drivers (Alex ...), the guys who did the packaging...). I definitely will recommend Maya Van Lines for both Local and long distance moving.

Howard Sharfstein
Aug 13,2018

I am obliged to share some details of my recent experience with Maya Van Lines for a cross-country move from Georgia to Washington. We agreed to pay Maya >$15,000 to move our belongings from two storage lockers in Atlanta, warehouse for a month and then move to a newly constructed house in NW Washington. The team of five workers Maya sent to unload our lockers and pack their truck showed up at the scheduled hour, brought proper equipment and did a good and careful job. Maya’s handling of the pickup was the only good part of my dealings with them. Thereafter, the shipment date was repeatedly delayed without notice or consultation. While the truck carrying our belongings was finally en route, I tried repeatedly to contact the driver using the phone number Maya provided to coordinate the delivery date. Despite numerous attempts to reach him, the driver did not call me during the final five days of the move. My wife and I were left waiting for a promised delivery on Sunday and thus missed an opportunity to make plans to enjoy a beautiful weekend in our area. Maya appears to have no systems in place to track and report progress on their long-distance moves. The driver did not answer his phone for days on end, nor did he have voicemail or email for receiving messages. I sent increasingly urgent emails to Maya’s corporate office. My notes seeking helpful information went unanswered. Management’s unwillingness to become involved compounded my frustration with their driver’s failure to communicate. My frustration during the transportation stage was nothing compared to what I experienced when the truck finally arrived. At 5:30 pm on Monday, I got a text message telling me the moving van should arrive between 10:00—2:00 on Tuesday. My request to narrow or update the ETA was ignored. At 10:57 am on Tuesday, I received a text alerting me that the van would arrive at 11:20. Over my protest, the driver insisted that I pay $150 in cash on top of a cashier’s check for nearly $8,000 before they would start unloading. Rather than being met by a local crew of professional movers that Maya had promised, at 11:00 an itinerant worker hired from Craig’s List arrived. Another casual worker appeared as well as one experienced mover comprising a hastily assembled crew of three plus the driver. One of these three men (wearing soft, loose fitting shoes) left a few hours later. He was replaced after a while by three new laborers, only one of whom spoke English. This ragtag group worked for a couple of hours. Then, at 7:00 pm, three of the itinerant workers left expecting and receiving tips. Three of the workers did stay until ~8:30 pm when they stopped, even though the job was unfinished. Unlike when a crew of experienced workers led by a capable supervisor emptied our storage locker, the move-in was handled in a totally unprofessional manner with a complete lack of organization and no leadership. This motley crew did not have a clue about what to do. The driver hired by Maya refused to take any responsibility for managing the effort. He said his back hurt and that his job is to drive the truck, not move stuff. To my astonishment, he asked me to manage the move. Needless to say, I was not qualified, willing or able to manage a complex unloading and move-in for which I had already paid Maya a premium price to perform. There appeared to be only one experienced mover working that day with absolutely no organization about how to stage and move our belongings. No one checked-off the inventory sheet of items compiled when Maya took our goods. We subsequently discovered that two large boxes belonging to another customer were delivered to our house. At this point, we have no way of knowing whether any of our belongings were sent somewhere else. There surely must be a system that experienced movers use to unload, stage and distribute belongings with an appropriate and comfortable role for the owner. I saw nothing of the sort. A friend, who was there for support and to bring refreshments for the crew, observed a laughable lack of organization. The whole thing was a day long amateur hour. Here are some examples of the problems we observed: • No one had scissors or knives to cut open the tape and cardboard, so they used keys instead. • No one kept a record of what was delivered so the inventory that was prepared upon pickup is useless. • No one had the straps that other professional movers use to lift heavy and bulky items. Some of these items had to go up or down stairs. Without the straps, the workers faced a greater risk of back injury and the walls and floors of our new house suffered more damage. • Each item was handled multiple times. First, the items were taken from the truck and set on the gravel driveway. Then, some of the items that interfered with traffic patterns were relocated elsewhere on the gravel. Then, without any apparent method or order, the large driveway got jammed and some items were lifted again and moved into the house where they were stacked in the garage or near the stairs creating yet another bottleneck. Only then were the items brought to my attention to identify where in the house an item belonged. • When the workers finally did carry items into a room, they did so with little attention to efficient placement. About one-quarter of the boxes were left in the wrong room leaving substantial rework for me. • So far, I have observed damage to at least four pieces of furniture, including three antiques. • Without an inventory we cannot tell for sure, but so far we know that legs for a table and wire shelves were not delivered. • Since we are moving into a brand-new home with high quality, pre-finished laminate bamboo floors, I asked Maya’s people to take care and protect the walls and floors. Repeatedly, their workers placed items on the floor and then shoved gravel covered boxes or blankets into place scratching the new bamboo flooring. Repairing this damage will be difficult and expensive. To add insult to the dreadfully awkward situation, one of the crew members -- who had been working hard for over eight hours -- got into a nasty altercation with a neighbor who came to complain about the truck idling all day near his house. (The driver had some excuse, which I did not understand, about why he had to keep the truck running all day.) I have not seen my new neighbor since the move, but it will take me a long time, if I ever can, repair the damage to neighborly relations resulting from the insults exchanged. I paid Maya Van Line a premium price for a professional move. This move-in experience did not in any way reflect the quality they promised in their marketing materials. While Maya may have built a good reputation doing local moves, their lack of processes, communications and organization in the way they handled this cross-country move fell far short of any customer’s reasonable expectations. I asked the company to honor their brand promise by refunding a portion of the charge attributed to delivery. I paid for a professional move and instead got an incredibly stressful clown show on our move in day. The company has refused to consider my claim outside of the industry dispute resolution process, which will take some time to complete. It will be telling if Maya will pay for the damage to our house and belongings plus negotiate in good faith a reasonable discount to reflect their dreadful delivery day. Unfortunately, I will have to spend hours filling out paperwork and wait weeks to find outgo through the industry dispute resolution process to make a claim. I will post again to report on whether Maya Van Lines handles this in an honorable way.

Gloria Griffin
Jun 08,2018

Maya movers are excellent in the way they handle your furniture and item Tami was great with making sure of good customer service and everyone was friendly and helpful. Thanks all of you at Maya with my long distance move.. Professional friendly and helpful. Also prices are reasonable. Thanks Guys.

Clare G Whitfield
May 24,2018

Maya Van Lines did a really good job of moving my household goods from Atlanta to California, and they were considerably less expensive than the bids from more well-known movers. The guys who packed my furniture and all my stuff were very professional and fast. They obviously took pride in the quality of their work. At the California end, the movers were exceptionally competent and careful. And it was a pleasure dealing with Lisa Razon, the person in the office who handles the paperwork and customer service. She is outstanding! I would gladly recommend Maya to anyone making a long distance move.

Licenses & Certificates for Maya Van Lines

Companies that are offering nationwide services must first register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA). For more information on the Maya Van Lines license numbers for the government record information

US D.O.T: 2166459
(US Department of Transportation number)

ICC MC number: MC-752718
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

Local State License: not provided

Company Info

Maya Van LinesStart doing business after 07-15-2011, located in 3200 Oakcliff Industrial Street, Atlanta, GA 30340, USA View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

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