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KLM Vanlines - CA -Canoga Park - Reviews
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KLM Vanlines

1.0 (16 Reviews)
8905 Desoto Ave Unit 204, Canoga Park, CA 91306, USA
Toll Free: (844) 384-3872
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Review Summary

16 reviews
( Reviews) for KLM Vanlines

Sally Kafaei
Jul 11,2017

horrible , horrible , horrible experience ! DO NO GO WITH THIS COMPANY . They will charge you more than quoted , they will show up days later , they will not deliver your items for 2-3 weeks and they will damage your items. They will steal from you. We had our claims approved by their insurance company and they never paid us . It has been one year and we are still trying to get our money for all the damaged they have done. DO NO HIRE THIS COMPANY !!!!!!!

Feb 14,2017

I was over charged $1471.60 by KLM van lines. They lost a $854.55 sofa and 4 ottoman legs worth $16.25 for replacement legs. Ruined a ~$110 entertainment center (unfixable/smashed). Severely damaged a book shelf worth ~$79.99 +tax and severely soiled dragged a Tempur-pedic mattress across what appears to be wet asphalt worth $3099.99 +tax. A total of $5632.38 in loss and damages ($1461.60 in overcharges, $870.80 in lost goods, $3289.98 in damaged goods). Story: On June 20th, 2016 I was given an estimate of $2263.92 to move a furnished 2 bedroom apartment. This rate of $2263.92 was based on 5670 lbs at $0.41 per lb provided by Dave at KLM van lines (phone # 1-424-270-0012). When I spoke with Dave on June 20th he notified me that the movers would have weigh scale tickets from before the truck was loaded and from after the truck was loaded with my belongings and I would be charged the amount that my belongings weighed multiples by $0.41 per pound. I asked why the estimate shows that a 36" flat screen T.V. weighs 105 lbs when it clearly does not. Dave replied: "It is just an estimate the weight will depend on the scale tickets that the driver will collect after he loads your belongings. It was also under the agreement that the credit card that was used to make the deposit would be charged a 2nd time at pick up and a 3rd time at delivery (1/3 deposit, 1/3 at pick up and 1/3 at delivery). On June 25th at approximately 18:30 the movers arrived at the 2 bedroom apartment with a Enterprise rental truck ~half full with someone else's belongings. The movers immediately began wrapping furniture and packing the truck placing my belonging up against the other load they already had on the truck. At approximately 23:30 the movers finally finished loading the truck and it was time to sign for the charge. At this time Cesar (the mover in charge) notified me that it would be $3933.00 instead of the estimated $2263.92. I asked why so much more and he replied because your belongings took up 1600 cubic feet. I replied I was given an estimate based on weight not cubic feet, do you have you weigh scale tickets? He replied "no we don't weigh the truck and if we did it would cost more." Given that it was a Sunday at 23:30 in the evening with no supervisor to call and the truck already loaded unable to measure the inside of the truck prior to being loaded because I was under the impression I was being billed by weight I had no choice but to agree to his calculations. I said okay bill the credit card on file he said no I have to have a debit card from you now, a check or cash. So I had no choice but to give him my debit card for the new charge of $1585.00. At this time he also notified me that I would have to pay cash upon delivery in the amount of $1585.00. With no choice other than to agree or call the cops I had to agree. I gave him my debit card and was charged $1585.00 and was told my belongings would arrive in New Mexico Tuesday, June 28th. On Monday June 27th I called the estimator Dave several times and left messages for him to call me back but I never received a response. On Tuesday, June 28th I again called Dave to try and get some answers but still no answer or response. I called the KLM dispatch 1-844-384-3872 an asked when I should expect the delivery they said that they have 21 days to deliver the belongings and the driver will call the day before??? That week and the following 2 weeks I continued to call Dave the estimator daily for answers regarding why I was charged for cubic feet instead of weight and why did they not have a weigh scale ticket like I was told. Still no response or answer from Dave the estimator and still no response from him up to present date. For the following 2 weeks I called the KLM van lines dispatch trying to get some answers on why I am being charged so much above the estimate and when my belongings would be delivered. They would always respond with the same answer of "we'll have a supervisor call you this afternoon and the driver will call you the day before delivery". After daily calls over the time span of June 27th to July 12th I never once received a call back nor could either of the female receptionists (Maria or Carolina) answer how I was charged so much over the estimate. On July 10th, 2016 John the driver called me and notified me that he would be at my home in NM tomorrow evening July 11th and possibly deliver my belongings that evening but probably the morning of July 12th. John showed up the evening of July 11th in a full size eighteen wheeler and realized he was unable to get up my driveway and said he would need help shuttling my belongings up to the house by using my truck and utility trailer the following morning July 12th. John shows up at ~08:00 the morning of July 12th and demands the $1585.00 in cash prior to start of the unload. I said I'll give you $800 now and the rest after everything is delivered he said no it's all up front or we don't deliver. Once again I had no choice but to pay up front prior to knowing the outcome. John and his crew began unloading the trailer and moving the goods into the house. At this time I saw that it was a full trailer with 3 loads, my load being in the middle of the trailer and a separate load to the front and a separate load to the back separated by yellow ratchet straps (as shown in the photos). At approximately 16:00 all of my belongings were off the trailer and into the house. I then realized that I was missing my couch and ottoman legs. John searched his trailer but could not locate it. He called his warehouse in L.A. And they could not locate it. At this point I measured the void in the trailer that was left behind by removing all my belongings at it measured ~1040 cubic feet. I was charged for 1600 cubic feet at $2.41 per cubic foot, a difference of 560 cubic feet at $2.41=$1349.6. I took photos of all my measurements and of the ceiling of the trailer showing cubic feet by the hundreds which showed ~900-1000 cubic feet of room that my belongings had taken up on the trailer. I contact KLM dispatch and inform them of the overcharge of $1349.60 based on $2.41 per cubic feet and the 9% fuel over charge = $122.00 totaling $1471.60 of overcharge, a missing sofa worth $854.55, $16.25 in missing ottoman legs, ~$110 smashed entertainment center, $3099.99 in a damaged and soiled mattress and $79.99 for the damaged bookshelf. A grand total of $5632.38 in overcharge and losses. I contacted KLM dispatch daily (excluding weekends) and explained my issue over the next 7 days, July 12-July 20th. I continued to get the same response as before " we will have a supervisor call you this afternoon". To present date September 26th I have yet to receive a call from a supervisor at KLM dispatch. I did however speak to the owner Tom on Tuesday July 19th and let him know about the overcharging, missing furniture, damaged furniture and how I came to the conclusion on how I was overcharged by measuring the void in the trailer and the painted measurements on the ceiling of the trailer. He argued with me saying that I measured it wrong and the his trailers are 10 feet wide and 11.7 feet tall where as my pictures show and prove that the trailer that delivered my belongings was 8' wide and 10' tall to the painted cubic feet measurements inside the trailer. The conversation ended with we'll contact you if your missing belongings show up (sofa and ottoman legs). I was overcharged $1471.60 determined by the actual cubic feet delivered of 1040 at $2.41 per cubic foot, the 9% fuel charge reduction, the lost sofa and ottoman legs, the smashed entertainment center, the heavily damaged bookshelf and damaged/soiled mattress. I have attempted several times to contact a KLM supervisor, contact Dave the estimator and get some assistance but I have been unable to even with multiple weeks of daily calls.

Tom Ralston
Nov 08,2016

Similar complaints as the other reviews here... I got a quote from In and Out Mover who contracted to KLM. I paid a deposit to In and Out and was told I would need a cashiers check at pick-up time. KLM arrived. They took some pictures, more than doubled the price, and would not take the cashiers check made out to In and Out Mover. I was flying the next day, so I signed a different check. Halfway through packing my stuff, the "boss" says I need to also pay the "Interstate Fees" of $500. It was my fault for writing another check to these thieves, but I was stressed and had to get my things moved. Items arrived with big gashes in boxes. Table legs were broken. A wicker chair was ripped. I am missing an almost new toolbox filled with power tools and a bundle containing a 22 rifle. I got no response from calling other than they would look in their warehouse... I'd prefer to look in their home garage! Need a negative star rating for this company. Could NEVER get an answer or return phone call from In and Out Movers. DO NOT USE EITHER COMPANY!!!

Oct 03,2016

I also talked with "Bob" who was always available UNTIL my payment and have been unable to get him to call me back for the past three weeks! Estimate was around $3000 and when the truck was was $8000K!! Tried to get info from the drivers who said they were driving SOUTH that night but would be in La Pine on Saturday......Different movers and SEMI TRUCK shows up the following Wednesday. Driver screamed at me because HE couldn't find the house....did NOT reassemble items that were broken down at the original house, several legs on valuable tables broken, MANY items scratched, picture fell out in the street, found items in the dirt after they left. Tried to call Bob and request a bill of verify the additional cost and have received NO calls back. I don't know what to do at this point.

Sep 10,2016

They showed up at my house, took all my stuff to the curb, and then demanded $600 more money to move my items. I was having dental surgery next day, under the gun, gave them the money. Showed up late on delivery, tried to demand more $$, "lost" my large, expensive latex mattress- the biggest thing I owned, and another large household item. When I spoke with non-Profit Move Rescue, they said the company had long list of consumer complaints. DO NOT USE THEM. Have called and emailed about missing items and no response. When pickup team demanded more $$ COULDNT GET A HOLD OF SALES PERSON.

Aug 16,2016

The original quote of $.55 cents per pound was not honored. We were actually charged $37.58 per item that was loaded on the truck. For example, my dining table and 4 chairs actually became 9 pieces, costing $338.22. We have contacted the business office, dispatch and anyone else we can talk to on multiple occasions and they will not respond to our requests. We have since placed a stop payment on the check of $5500.00 that we were required to write for 60% of his estimate. I have received threatening text messages from the driver "BEN" stating they would turn me over to the legal department, they were no longer moving us, they would not store our items and the last text I received was "We are on our way to Santa Maria to put your stuff back at your home." We have photo proof that they were not there. But when I called the dispatch office and spoke to "Carolina" she told me they were there at the home unloading all our property that we no longer lived at since we were driving to Connecticut.

Linda Edwards
Aug 16,2016

On March 14,2016 I submitted an online request for a moving quote to move my daughter from Bowling Green, OH. to Pittsburgh, PA. KLMVanlines, also known as Moving and Storage, representative Dave responded by phone. He quoted me an original price of $1390.79. To secure that price I had to make a deposit of $390.79. Later that day I called him back to add some items to the move and include a second pick up location in Sidney, OH. That increased the price to $1798.20 and required a second deposit of $147.41. I had several conversations with Dave between 3/14/16 and 4/27/16 to confirm the service details. The dates they gave me for pickup were to be either 4/27/16 or 4/28/16. Their dispatch center was to call me the day before pick up to give me a time frame for their arrival. I did not hear from them on 4/26 so on 4/27 I called to find out about the pickup times. Dave told me to call the dispatch center at 844-384-3872. I had several conversations with the dispatch center on 4/27. They wanted to push the pickup back to 4/29 and I said okay but after speaking with my daughter called them back and said no, that will not work. The contract was for 4/27 or 4/28 and my daughter had to be in Pittsburgh on 4/29 to sign the lease for the new apartment. They finally said they would pick up in Bowling Green on 4/28 between 4:00 and 6:00pm, then come to Sidney to pick up the rest of the stuff. On 4/28 I received a call from the Columbus, OH dispatch center, 614-300-2820, stating that they would pick up in Bowling Green on 4/29 in the morning. I again said no that wonít work and that the other dispatch center has said they would pick up on 4/28 in the late afternoon. She (in Columbus) said that was not going to happen and they would be there on 4/29. After numerous phone calls, all me calling them as they never returned a call as they said they would, they finally said they would call me by 8:00pm eastern time on 4/28 to tell me the time for pick up on 4/29. I arranged to take the day off of work to drive to Bowling Green to meet them. They never called back. I tried to reach my rep, Dave, several times and left messages for him to call. He never did and still hasnít to this day. Fearing that they would not show up I then contacted a different company out of Ft. Wayne and they completed the move. KLMVanlines has never responded to my calls or messages, nor did they show up on 4/29. Since they failed to fulfill their contract I wanted to have the deposit amounts refunded. I tried several times to contact Dave with no luck. He would not answer my calls or respond to my messages. On 5/4/16 I called a different number, 818-201-6603, I found online for KLMVanlines and spoke to Tom who referred me to his secretary, Caroline, 818-678-9136, who assured me my refund of $538.20 was on the list to be processed and I would receive it within 7-10 business days. On 5/16/16 I called her again and she said it was processed by them on 5/5/16 and I should check with my bank. She said she would check into it on her end and call me back. I have not received any calls from her or anyone else affiliated with the company to this date. In order to get my refund, I contacted the dispute resolution center of the credit card company. They just settled the dispute on July 28, 2016 issuing me a full refund of the charges. The actions and attitude of Klm Vanlines and their employees were horrible. This experience caused extreme stress and worry not only for myself but for my husband and daughter.

Aug 05,2016

They were horrible Liars, thieves and cheats. We are taking them to court they are in for a surprise refused to call and to rectify the situation. We are also reporting them to DOT and the OIGs office. They should be fined and shutdown! Anyone interested in joining let me know

Mary Rau
Aug 04,2016

Horrible company. We we received our stuff late of course we were missing our bed frames, they stole a gun that they weren't even suppose to transport but the driver said they would over look that. All my pampered chef cookware was broke and they went through all my boxes. I know this because they used brown tape and mi e was clear. Also, one of there workers wife beater shirts was in one of my boxes. No one in my family wears those kinds of shirts. That's just what I have found so far. They also charged more that we were quoted. Bottom line is they are thiefs. Don't use this company. It took them 6 days to go 155 miles. They load take everything to there wearhouse unload so they can go through your stuff and take what they want then reload and deliver. Noway to do business in my opinion!

Aug 01,2016


Company Info

KLM Vanlines located in 8905 Desoto Ave Unit 204, Canoga Park, CA 91306, USA,Canoga Park,,CA , U.S.A View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

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Moving to the South East would be around $5,788.25. Moving to the North West would be around $3,295.50. Moving to the North Med West would be around $5,619.25. Moving to the South Med West would be around $4,520.75. Moving to the Far Med West would be around 4,901.00 Moving to the Far North Med West would be around 4,478.50 Moving to the Middle North West would be around 3,211.00 Moving to the Far North East would be around 6,041.75

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There are factors like home size, the distance between locations, and other services like Packing and assembly.

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