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Honest and True Moving Crew
Honest and True Moving Crew - FL -Fort Myers - Reviews
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Honest and True Moving Crew

2.1 (14 Reviews)
3040 Fowler Street, Fort Myers, FL 34109, USA
Toll Free: (877) 465-4772
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Review Summary

14 reviews

Sep 22,2020

Local move within Naples, FL

We used this illegal firm in 2017 to relocate our furnishings and also things to their storage center. We were regularly assured by Joe Pelletier that our furnishings was in an environment regulated center while paying him $500/month. They relocated our valuables to our brand-new house a few years later. 75% of our furniture was damaged past fixing. It was either broken with massive holes in them, wood furniture was chipped and also damaged past fixing, mold and mildew on our textile furnishings in addition to mold and mildew on our costly steel cupboard! We discovered out Pelletier has at the very least 4, most likely a lot more, insurance coverage business to create even more of a shield in the event the consumer goes after him, each insurance coverage company states they are not liable.

Steve Isack
Sep 09,2020

Local move within Naples, FL

Liers, problem, they suck, dreadful, ought to not stay in business, they couldn't relocate a pig farm, they draw

Rich Juliano
Feb 27,2019

Local move within Naples, FL

I used them to move, get and deliver brand-new furnishings to our brand-new home. They did a great job over numerous provides. Always in a timely manner commendable as well as reasonable priced! Great people as well !!

Larry Justham
Aug 30,2019

Interstate move from Fort Myers, FL to West Virginia

I took legal action against HTMC in Magistrate's Court in West Virginia for breach of agreement. I won. Joe Pelletier depended on court under vow continuously. It was silly the important things he was saying. Asserted he had actually never remained in court before so he was anxious ... need to have failed to remember the court looks on his method to prison for drug trafficking in Lee County Florida. Possibly he assumed I hadn't found that? He created me a check for problems to satisfy the judgment and also to pay my court prices. His last e-mail to me: ( I modified one word). Hey Larry,. Go f ** k on your own and also never ever call me once again. Joseph Pelletier. Honest & True Relocating Team. 3040 Fowler st. Fort Myers FL 33901. Workplace 239-465-5249. Cell 239-273-8164. I got unbelievable fulfillment just from seeing him have to come to West Virginia two times from Florida to be in Court. As well as having to pay a lawyer. Him, not me. Evidently he really did not have such a good time. However this is around as professional as the solution he provided.

Dec 05,2018

I moved from Florida to West Virginia. I was told there would be four employees who traveled with my furniture to off-load it. There was only the driver. Contract labor was hired in WV. I was told four were asked for, three agreed and only two showed up. One of them had alcohol on his breath at 9 in the morning. The tractor that arrived towing the trailer was a rental and I was told the differential on the tractor would not allow it to drive up the driveway to my house. The same drive had been traversed by cement trucks and large delivery trucks as the house was being built. I had to use my pickup to shuttle all of my furniture from the semi to my house. I worked from 9 in the morning until 6 at night loading boxes myself since the workers were so slow and incompetent. Boxes were being dropped, put in the wrong locations and stacked upside down or on their sides. I did not pay to move my own furniture, I paid for the company to do so. They did not.

Jane Miller
Oct 15,2018

We used these movers and they were great. All pieces individually wrapped and taped prior to placing in moving truck. Both men (James and ?) were polite and took such care in the move. We were completely satisfied.

Allyson Turner
Jun 17,2017

Honest and True Moving Crew cited me a quote based on my verbal description of what I needed moved. They did not ask for photos or specs of any kind for verification. As this was my first move requiring a moving company, it didn't occur to me that this sort of documentation was necessary. I feel, however, that HTMC was negligent in NOT requiring the documentation in order for them to give an honest and accurate quote initially. Joe, the owner, and another mover arrived 2 hrs. late. Upon actually seeing what I needed moved, Joe raised the original price quote $750. and required that I pay a $900. cash deposit. Before paying Joe, I asked him how much it would cost to insure my belongings for 5K. He said he would check into it. As soon as I paid him, he left the premises and stayed away the entire time leaving the other mover to work alone. Joe also left his 18 wheeler parked on my narrow residential street blocking entrances to 2 high rises. When a neighbor needed entrance to his building, the mover went down and flew into a vitriolic rage rather than calling Joe and having him move the van. The mover came back upstairs and started making hints at getting a tip until I tipped him. This happened far in advance of finishing the move. The move from my one bedroom apt. should have taken 3, maybe 4 hours. I had done all the packing myself, the boxes were ready to go and all that was left to do was wrap the furniture and load the truck. After 4 hours and 4 phone calls from me to the company dispatcher, a replacement mover finally arrived. The replacement mover dragged an antique hutch down the stairs by himself rather than wait for assistance from his co-worker, and broke off one of the sides causing estimated damages of $564. When Joe finally returned 6.5 hours later, I asked him again how much it would cost to insure my belongings for 5K. He said that it would be around $460. and that I didn't want to have to pay that. I asked if the company was insured and he assured me that they were and that I would be fine with their coverage. According to my research, stating such is a DOT violation. Before hiring HTMC, I confirmed the arrival date w/the dispatcher, Ronald Roth, and scheduled my flight and other arrangements accordingly. The verbal confirmation from Mr. Roth was that my belongings would arrive at my new residence 5-7 days after they were picked up from my current residence. I was also told that I would receive a call from the driver 48 hrs. in advance to lock in a specific delivery time at my new residence. On the 5th day, I called HTMC and was given a plethora of different arrival times and excuses why my belongings would not be arriving for another week. When the driver finally arrived, he brought in one piece of furniture and said, "You want the rest, you have to pay the balance in full". I felt freakishly threatened by this laborious debacle at this point and by everyone involved from HTMC, so I called the police and reported a robbery. It was considered a civil matter, so nothing could be done, however, I did request that a report be filed. Three boxes and an industrial fan were missing. In addition to the broken hutch, there was a slash in the fabric of a chaise lounge. The protective plastic covering on my mattress was ripped and the plastic covering from my topper was completely gone. The topper was grotesquely stained and soiled. After filling out the detailed insurance claim accompanied with photos, links to missing items, as well as, the estimate for the damaged furniture, the insurance company offered me $120.00 for the $2,709.45 in loss and damages. Their assessment was based solely on the weight of the boxes lost. None of the relevant information required in their claim form was addressed - the photos, links or damage estimate. My experience with this company was so nightmarish that I Googled the owner, Joesph Pelletier, fully expecting to find criminal history of some sort. The results of my Google search did not surprise me: It is unfathomable to me that a person or persons of such repute are deemed acceptable to handle the valuables and belongings of unsuspecting citizens. Based on my personal experience with this company, I urge you NOT to make the same mistake as I did. Hire someone else if your belongings are of any value to you.

Jul 21,2017

Please do not make the mistake we did and use Honest and True. They damaged our TV and a picture and refuse to make it right. Dan Ross came to our home to give us an estimate and sold us a bill of goods about them being a religious company and standing behind their work. There was never an offer of additional insurance to protect our things. Instead we were given .60 per pound for the picture and refusal to replace the TV. On the day of our move 2 men and 2 high school kids came to move our things. They packed up all our wall art, pictures, mirrors and tvs. We had planned to move our big tv ourselves as we were concerned with it getting damaged. The movers assured us that it would arrive undamaged, that they would package it with extreme care. They were after all professionals and did this all time. Once the movers left and the cable company came to install our service it was then that we noticed the damage to our tv. The back had been partially separated and there were large areas where the "black coating" had been rubbed off. Over the past 3 weeks I have tried to work with Sherri Doucette who handles their claims. To say that she was rude and dismissive is a huge understatement. She initially tried to blame us and say we had to take responsibility for packing items until she learned her crew packed it. Now the response is if the damage was there from the movers we would have noticed it right away. They have an answer for everything. On top of the damage to our items the kids on the crew were extremely unprofessional. They wanted to stop for lunch between the houses, which we thought odd but agreed to. The owners kid brother took a break by sitting on our kitchen counters in our brand new home. They put their drinks on our wood dining table, leaned all over the leather chairs and traipsed with dirty shoes all over our area rug. Honest and True is the furthest thing that this company is. A very disappointed customer

Andee Hendee
Oct 01,2017

This was a really disappointing move. They were supposed to come at 9 am on Wednesday. I had booked my travel plans accordingly. They then told me guaranteed they would be there on Thursday at 9 am. I called the day before to verify and they disconnected me once, I called back again and they said they would call back - never did, I called back again and they said they would call back - never did. Then, I called at night to a full voicemail. I got a call around 10 pm my time with the driver telling me he would "probably be there around 5 or 6 pm the next day". First time is on both of us, second time is on them, third time would have been on me and I ultimately decided to fire them. Moving is stressful enough and I personally felt that this crew did not keep me informed throughout the process and, ultimately, did not hold true to their word. I have the whole process documented for verification.

Lynda Gary
Jan 05,2018

Subcontractors, "Honest and True Movers", showed up at my apt. in Sacramento, CA on 8/26/17. I was immediately told that the "binding" quote from International Van Lines was not sufficient. Honest & True illegally upcharged me almost double what had been originally quoted and insisted that, if I wanted my things moved, I would have to go to the bank and get a new cashiers check. Since everything was packed and my lease was up, I did it. I had asked that delivery not occur until after 9/1/17 and was told that I could expect delivery in North Carolina 5-7 days after that. My actual delivery date was 10/12/17!! I called weekly to find out where my belongings were and was consistently told it would be in 5-7 days! Honest & True even made up places where they last tracked the load. Turns out my things didn't even leave CA until some time after 10/1/17. Now, after several request letters and unreturned phone calls, I still have not received the promised compensation for the delay. Unless I go to Florida to file a small claims suit, I am left without recourse. DO NOT USE INTERNATIONAL VAN LINES OR HONEST AND TRUE MOVERS. THEY WILL UPCHARGE YOU, LIE TO YOU AND NOT HONOR THEIR OWN CONTRACT. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!

Company Info

Honest and True Moving Crew located in 3040 Fowler Street, Fort Myers, FL 34109, USA,Fort Myers,,FL , U.S.A View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

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Licenses & Certificates for Honest and True Moving Crew

Moving companies are required to register with the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) before they can perform interstate moves. You may click on Honest and True Moving Crew license numbers if you would like to view their record information.

ICC MC number: Not Updated
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: Not Updated
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

What is Honest and True Moving Crew cost for Out of State moves?

Based on reviews from our reviews database and information provided by our partners and reliable sources of people moving interstate, the estimated average costs, moving from International Van line Hub state or states nearby, are as follows.

Average Service Price

Moving to the West would be around $5,999.50. Moving to the North West would be around $7,098.00. Moving to the North Med West would be around $5,196.75. Moving to the South Med West would be around $4,985.50. Moving to the Far Med West would be around 4,689.75 Moving to the Far North Med West would be around 5,492.50 Moving to the Middle North West would be around 6,886.75 Moving to the Far North East would be around 4,267.25

Take into consideration that this pricing based on average size move.
It only means that Honest and True Moving Crew is Higher by an approximate of 2.54 % when it comes to long-distance moving average costs.

Take note that the prices provided based on data such as reviews and other sources. The estimated amount that you receive from the company is lower. Several factors, like shipment size, the distance between locations, and other services like Packing and assembly, will contribute to the price of the move.

Average service costs information

The average prices generated are based on our reviews of Honest and True Moving Crew. The rates will vary or change once you contact the company; usually, you will get a lower price in the estimate and go higher on the move itself.

There are factors like home size, the distance between locations, and other services like Packing and assembly.

The approximate moving costs are generated based on reviews on our database and data collected from other reliable sources and partners.
We based the calculations on five different prices based on five destinations or regions with five different prices. Also, the rates are determined by the moving company based on distance and season demand.

Our information based on the company's moves for a medium-sized house or a family apartment.
If you have a bigger house, move the price is going to be higher. And if you have a smaller house move, the price is going to be lower unless you have a higher amount of Packing.

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