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High Quality Moving Services
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High Quality Moving Services

1.0 (1 Reviews)
4950 Hamilton Ave, San Jose, CA 95130, USA
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Review Summary

1 reviews

David Melcer
Jun 10,2018

I booked this service to move my disabled mother to assisted living after the death of my father. I thought I could save her a few dollars. Penny wise and pound foolish. She lives in a city that is a minimum of 300 miles from me or the nearest of my siblings so admittedly it was a challenge. However, their agent assured me that they would take care of us. The original amount quoted was $1539, which included $75 for an extra stop at my sister's place in the city my mother was moving to. About a week before the move, I was contacted by the "district manager" Nick to tell me that he fired the agent I had been working with but that I shouldn't worry because he would "continue to take good care" of me. As it turned out, when the moving truck got there, my mother wanted packing and additional items moved, which increased the charge to $3698. OK, fine. When he was done packing, the mover on the truck (more on him later) said that he would be able to deliver and unload 2 days later and would call me from the road the next day, so I called my sister in the arrival city and we moved my mother into her empty apartment. My sister and brother in law both work full time and had to make arrangements to meet the truck. The next day, after hearing nothing, I contacted the "district manager" and the mover to see what was happening. At that point I was informed that there would be an additional $550 charge to deliver on the date I was told. They had us by the short hairs, so I had to agree to that extra charge to my invalid mother. As it turned out, we did not get the extra delivery stop that was promised, but the truth was much more scary. After the delivery I received the following email from my brother in law, who at this point I have to point out is Kenyan, and my sister is Caucasian: "we had to summon St. Louis County Police to the storage facility after one of the movers threated Rachel and I with violence and hurled a tirade of insults at us, because he thought Rachel was going to delay him for more than 10 minutes. The vile in the man seemed to explode from nowhere or may have started building up at the assisted living facility unbeknownst to us. The mover after yelling out insults first attempted to leave the storage area with some things for storage still left in the truck including a fridge meant to be dropped off at our house. The man stated he would just leave the fridge and those other items on the street outside our house and when Rachel asked him a question he among other things called her a “b_tch” said something to the effect that she was “hated” by her family. At this stage he moved very close to us—within a distance that any normal person would consider physically threatening. I told him to back off and I was calling the police for threatened assault. I also told him I would not activate the code to let the storage area gates open for him to drive off the truck, nor would we sign any papers regarding the move. We also told we would not give him a checklist of the items he had delivered, which he had given to Rachel for cross checking. A few minute before the man accosted -- while he was moving things into the storage -- he became extremely rude and told me to “f*ck” myself. He then added that he didn’t have to talk to me because I was not the client. He moved close to me in a threatening way, and had I not have heard the discipline I have as martial artist things would have spurn in a very bad direction. Although the delivery company was paid to deliver a fridge to our house he did not do so, but instead left that fridge at the storage, as the police were arriving. At the stage we seriously did not want the crazy man coming to our house So that’s the recap of another day in what has been a very challenging three days. In all the years I’ve lived in the US I’ve never experience what I did today, and what I’m now coming to conclude was a racial incident that could have ended very, very badly. The mover who was in great hurry, ended up waiting for about 1 ½ hours as the problem as sorted out by the police. " I don't have to say too much more at this point, except that my mother paid (in my opinion) at least $625 too much. And hopefully if you've read this far, you won't be hiring High Quality Moving Services anytime soon.

Company Info

High Quality Moving Services located in 4950 Hamilton Ave, San Jose, CA 95130, USA,San Jose,,CA , U.S.A View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

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Moving to the South East would be around $6,675.50. Moving to the West would be around $3,422.25. Moving to the North West would be around $3,549.00. Moving to the Med West would be around $4,732.00. Moving to the Far Med West would be around 4,436.25 Moving to the Far North Med West would be around 4,013.75 Moving to the Middle North West would be around - Moving to the Far North East would be around 6,295.25

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