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Great Moving USA

1.0 (10 Reviews)
1039 West Mason Street, Green Bay WI, 54303
Toll Free: (866) 638-1623
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Review Summary

10 reviews
(10 Reviews) for Great Moving USA

Bessie Guzman
Jul 23,2020

Long-distance move from Paulsboro, NJ to Jacksonville, FL

I moved from NJ to Florida. Worked with these unprofessional, rude company for my step cause they offered me a great quote for just boxes n 4 television. Well I definitely clarified when offered quote it would be between 40 - 50 boxes, plus 4 television, different size tv, perhaps a bed mattress n foldingbed had not been certain reason much more things still needed packing that I needed to take with me. They knew that from Beginning, mind you, I did all packaging n cushioning, not them. So all they would certainly needed to do was to fill to vehicle n discharge to storage device at my destination. So he offered me a quote n said he added additional room in case I did require it., I stated no trouble. I mored than happy with quote given, so mind you 3 days prior I called to confirm n discuss to Kelly the supposedly supervisor that I had added items n she claimed no problem let chauffeur understand. I said ok, she never explained to me the additional cost what so ever before or inquired about just how much more? So I stated cool. I never ever fantasized in my wildest dream that when moving companies arrivedthey would had included all these additional costs,, shuttle n cubic footer prices,,, on the day of my relocation June 25th, 2020, so I called Kelly to explain why is the price was double, she claimed in fact they had to utilize a shuttle bus trigger a semi vehicle Would not fit,, which's a lie, I see semi vehicles go thru my block alot as well as so she remain to say that its in the contract, I informed her I did see that, she was not good at all, and also claimed you need to have checked out little prints. I said that requires time to review fine prints after ya rush people to sign the agreement n take their money. truly who ?? Cause they do not give you adequate time to read and also ask inquiries. Once you sign that contract you are bound to it,, not reasonable, I have an analysis comprehension trouble as well as I told the sales person that. so he understood that, so the rate was jacked up double! I had a fit called my little girl to borrow money from her ... This was not expected whatsoever. I describe to them that I was a solitary parent with just one set earnings, I had to market all my huge furnitute, bedroom sets and also etc. to be able to afford to hire a movers, But they truly didn't care. So after I obtained right here, my distribution was mean to be right here by July 10th,, they provide my items on July 20, 2020 ... And when they obtained here an additional dissapointment. My stuff was in the middle of the semi vehicle, I needed to wait them to obtain somebody else things out first, prior to they obtained to mines., Then the motorist said, it may not have the ability to go thru. Rapidly I claimed you understand drop my things at the entrance. So I needed to rent a choice up vehicle from my uhual storage space area to load it n require to back to my unit where my storage was. So mind you I paid 2,400.00 for a pick only in NJ and also hand over to Jax, FLORIDA, in addition to that I HELPED UNLOAD my points, however when I saw how damaged my all new boxes was dealt with ... n listened to busted items in my boxes,, I was so upset I wished to weep. I stated this is not appropriate in any way. I ask the motorist why are my boxes harmed, busted open and also trashed like that, I spent for my products to be well treated n taken good treatment of as well as this is exactly how they arrived to me so damaged,,, Why? All he claimed he don't know, all he does is get n supply not filling. He understood I was dismayed ... yet I had no choice however to remain to assist his one helper load onto the choice up rental, once again had that I needed to pay to rent simply to bring my personal belongings to the system where my 3 children n grand son waited to assist me dump the pick up rental.,,, I feel I be worthy of to be reimbursed for them existing to me, trashing my products n breaking my goods n for job incomplete. I recognize I'm not cause they will certainly proceed to do this to other ppl as well as get away with it. Yet God don't like awful. I will never ever utilize this COMPANY EVER AGAIN AND I WILL MAKE SURE MY FAMILY N FRIENDS NEVER DON'T EITHER! I HOPE YOU READING THIS RECONSIDER AS WELL!! DONT HIRE THEM!! They just put up Good reviews on their web site to obtain you to employ them but as soon as they obtained you to sign that agreement, your obligated so they do not care., as well as nobody will recognize the reality about their firm. Up until you have had an experience. RETHINK ABOUT HIRING THEM! He gave me a quote n claimed he included additional area in instance I did require it., I stated no trouble. I was satisfied with quote provided, so mind you 3 days prior I called to confirm n explain to Kelly the apparently manager that I had additional items n she said no issue allow motorist know. I never ever fantasized in my wildest dream that when moving companies arrivedthey would had added all these additional costs,, shuttle bus n cubic footer prices,,, on the day of my step June 25th, 2020, so I called Kelly to discuss why is the rate was double, she said in fact they had to utilize a shuttle bus trigger a semi truck Would not fit,, as well as that's a lie, I see semi trucks go thru my block alot and also so she proceed to claim that its in the contract, I told her I did see that, she was not good at all, and also stated you must have checked out little prints. All he claimed he do not know, all he does is select up n deliver not filling. He recognized I was dismayed ... but I had no selection but to proceed to assist his one assistant lots onto the choice up rental, once again had that I had to pay to rent out just to bring my possessions to the device where my 3 children n grandson waited to assist me unload the choice up rental.,,, I feel I should have to be reimbursed for them lying to me, trashing my things n damaging my products n for job incomplete.

Tracey Hanton
May 26,2020

Long-distance move from Willow Grove, PA to Fort Wayne, IN

I assumed I had discovered a terrific company! Allen was so useful at first as I was preparing to transfer from to IN. After that he went ghost. Then The company would not reply to emails or phone calls. Because it was even more than they had anticipated, on moving day the gents were distressed. Had Allen returned telephone call and review emails he would certainly have understood. They broke a lamp in my house. I obtained charged extra on delivery due to the fact that it was a shuttle bus??(it coincided vehicle they used to select up my products- boxes were smashed- products broken and also some were points that can not be replaced. The shipment vehicle drivers were very mindful in bringing in my things( I can inform they cared) I was educated by Allen that they would bring my things approximately the 2nd flooring but in the contract it said it was an extra fee! I had them leave every little thing down stairways, they did put my bed together. One of the vehicle drivers got a box and also could really feel that points were walking around- the side of package said delicate- Lamp on it. He cam e as well as allow me understand that the box looked like somethings was broken- he purchased it in and also when I opened it - the light that was offered to me from my mommy( we had it for over 40 years) was damaged in pieces. I called monitoring promptly and they said sorry and sent out case forms. Anthem claims that they would certainly not spend for damages because I authorized that I got my things. The Great relocating customer support person told me to sign as well as she was making note that items were broken. I took images- you could see that I had the products firmly wrapped and so on packages had been thrown, they were bent etc. with the extra costs, it cost me greater than an additional 3k than the original quote and also I had items broken!Not to mention that my arrival was for November 1 and also I did not get my stuff till November 18th! It is stressful moving and to not have your products looked after is, rather egregious! Do not use this business! I got billed added on shipment due to the fact that it was a shuttle bus??(it was the very same truck they utilized to select up my products- boxes were crushed- things broken as well as some were things that could not be replaced. The distribution chauffeurs were extremely mindful in bringing in my products( I could tell they cared) I was notified by Allen that they would bring my things up to the second flooring but in the agreement it stated it was an additional fee! I took pictures- you can see that I had the things securely wrapped etc. the boxes had actually been tossed, they were bent and so on with the extra charges, it cost me even more than an additional 3k than the initial quote and I had products broken!Not to discuss that my arrival was for November 1 and I did not get my stuff until November 18th!

Ann Johnson
Apr 28,2020

Long-distance move from Columbia, SC to Silver Spring, MD

This area is a FRAUD! You talk with "Charlie" who appears very nice and also gives you a quote and after that on moving day-- they add $1000 to the bill You are stuck on moving day due to the fact that you have to be out of your old place as well as right into your new one within a certain time structure. Terrific Movers are such rip-off musicians they are sickening! And they "lost" some of our points as well as relocated products from other people houses into our place!!!! They are past horrible. Also The Better Business Bureau says that the address they have detailed for their head office is FAKE, they do not react to insurance claims as well as offered them an F ranking!. They ought to be brought up on costs!

Charles Rothman
May 09,2020

Long-distance move from Boston, MA to Denver, CO

Very same issues with all previous testimonials. This business was called Great Moving USA & I'm rather sure these criminals alter their name every few months after getting several complaints, looking for brand-new clients not able to connect them with their previous manifestation.

Yash Ghodke
May 04,2020

Long-distance move from Peoria, IL to San Antonio, TX

At time of delivery, they called us to allow us recognize that the delivery is occurring tomorrow between a particular time structure: as well as guess what? The shipment never took location on the next day as well as there was no interaction whatsoever from their side to let us know what had actually occurred. Late night, we obtained a text message claiming there was a problem with the actual distribution person so our distribution was getting postponed by an additional day. At time of delivery, they called us to allow us know that the shipment is taking place tomorrow in between a particular time structure: as well as presume what? The delivery never ever took location on the following day and there was no communication whatsoever from their side to let us know what had actually happened. Late evening, we got a text message claiming there was a trouble with the actual distribution person so our delivery was obtaining delayed by an additional day.

Eleonora Karamyants
Apr 01,2020

Long-distance move from Washington, DC to Columbus, OH

This company, hands down, is the worst business I have actually come across, as well as it requires to be closed down. The firm failed to upgrade the quote, which consisted of details restrictions on the hrs when the structure freight elevator can be utilized, which resulted in the movers showing up 1 hr (!!!) prior to the elevator was closed off to complete a 3-hour work. The business refused to forgo the rescheduling fee, refund the deposit I made, or correct their negligence in any type of possible as well as acceptable way.

Neil Camera
Feb 23,2020

Local move within Colorado

I acquired with Excellent Relocating U.S.A. for an interstate move, originally arranged for pickup of my personal belongings in Chicago, IL on 1/15. The relocation was set up to bring my valuables from Chicago, IL, to Denver, CO. The complete contract rate (before the addition of a "stairway charge", which I granted) was $1385. After the analysis of the stairway fee, the overall contract rate was $1450. On the 14th, my sales agent, Allen Parker, notified me that relocating the adhering to day (as. considered in the initial contract, which he composed) was not practical for Great Moving. Allen informed me this quickly. adhering to the entry of my $290 deposit. I did not oppose this point, and in fact concurred. Appropriately, Allen rescheduled. my move for 1/16, with a redundancy set up for 1/17 in the occasion that the 16th likewise came to be unwise. I am in. Colorado, and also as necessary had to rely on in numerous close friends and also family members to hastily clamber to obtain every one of my possessions. planned for the proceed the 16th. On the morning of the 16th, I received an email from Great Moving indicating that the. move had actually been rescheduled for the 17th. No issue - this was already represented in the contract. On the. 17th, I once again obtained an e-mail indicating that the action would need to be rescheduled. This was not contemplated in the. initial agreement, nevertheless a vague provision did give that Great Moving gets the right to reschedule for valid reasons,. or something to that general impact. I spoke as well as called to a representative to review rescheduling. The representative indicated the factor. for the rescheduled move was a snowstorm. Barometric maps of the state of Illinois suggest there were no snow storms. throughout the whole state on that day or any one of the previous 3 days, till late in the night (long after when the relocation. was set up to happen). No matter, I hesitantly accepted another rescheduled move for the following early morning, 1/18, set. for pick-up in between 9am-11am. I waited up until the appointed time, with a good friend on-site prepared to answer the door for the. movers, however nobody called. Around 11:15 I called Great Moving's client service division. They connected. me to the driver of the relocating vehicle, that told me he was an hour far from the pickup area. When the motorist showed up on. website, he called me as well as told me the price of the step had increased, from $1450 to $2600. I asked him to explain why. He. said, partially, that there was a "shuttle charge" for service from the moving vehicle to the door of my house. He additionally alleged. that my TELEVISION would need to be loaded, which the packing cost would be $150 for that alone, along with various added. miscellaneous costs, all collectively completing close to the entire price of the original agreement. None of these additional fees. were required, neither were they reasonably pondered in the agreement. The contract in between myself as well as Great Moving is. a bond contract, which places the overwhelming inspiration upon myself. Cancellations are automatically forgoed, as well as no. methods are provided for refund. Successfully, this implies that Great Moving can appear to anybody's residence, price estimate any. number as an additional expense, which celebration will either need to pay the added amount, or terminate the agreement without. obtaining any type of compensation. I called my bank to report fraudulence, due to the fact that I think it was Great Moving's intention to. bill me an added fee regardless of the state of my residency and also personal belongings upon arrival. The move was set up to bring my personal belongings from Chicago, IL, to Denver, CO. The overall contract price (previous to Appropriately, Allen rescheduled. The agent showed the factor. Around 11:15 I contacted Great Moving's customer service division.

Susan Razuri
Apr 28,2020

Long-distance move from Columbia, SC to Fairfax, VA

When it was time for the action, the driver claimed that we need to pay added $700 for the usage of the shuttle bus which is actually a vehicle loaded with other things from other individuals claiming that their large truck can not park on the road so they have to make use of a shuttle bus which is a smaller vehicle. I don't have the shipment yet but if the little vehicle that picked up the things will certainly be the same vehicle that will shipment it to VA we are not going to pay the extra price the company is billing.

Janette Kopec
Feb 17,2020

Long-distance move from Woonsocket, RI to Chicago, IL

Please research far better prior to choosing a moving business! using Great Moving (AKA was one of the most awful errors in my life. I was relocating from RI to Chicago, the man that estimated me told me I needed to fly to Chicago THE SAME DAY as they pick up my belongings in RI in case they were delivered. He additionally stated that Chicago was a main center for the firm so they would be supplied extremely quickly. 22 DAYS LATER, after multiple call without any practical details, my belongings arrived. I believed they were gone forever, they never ever had a solution to when they were going to come until a couple days before the long month of having no personal belongings was over. My clothing were soaked as well as covered in a purple mold and mildew, after washing it never came out as well as I had to get rid of piles of my clothing (which was in a plastic tight container). My mirror was wrecked although it was in a foam box. My dressed was given in and also damaged as well as totally missing out on the initial rack. My sofa pillows were spoiled. Numerous flower holders, photos that were done in bubble wrap were ruined. Basically every solitary large product was harmed. I still have actually not listened to back from the claim that I have submitted and its been months. Additionally, they estimate you by a cubic square foot "Estimate" that they simply offer you by you listing the things that you intend to move. If you more than this "quote" (which you definitely will be) they after that instantly bill you for an extra 100 cubic square feet at a rate virtually double the rate! I am sensible as well as understand shuttle bus fees, but after that this additionally made your shuttle fees twice the price! My quote versus what I paid was tripled. I am so pleased this is over and also will truthfully never use a moving company once more I am so distressed. plus if they harm your items they will just spend for 25 cents per pound of thing harmed, so I will certainly never ever be seeing any cash from this company. I really wish this stops somebody from going via what I did. I was moving from RI to Chicago, the guy who quoted me informed me I had to fly to Chicago THE SAME DAY as they choose up my valuables in RI in situation they were supplied. I assumed they were gone forever, they never had an answer to when they were going to come till a couple days before the long month of having no personal belongings was over. In enhancement, they estimate you by a cubic square foot "Estimate" that they simply offer you by you providing the items that you desire to relocate.

Jack Offerman
Aug 11,2020

Long-distance move from Green Bay, WI to New York, NY

NEW YORK (WBAY) - The president and also a worker of a relocating company that claimed to be based in Environment-friendly Bay were detained by the FBI on charges of wire scams and also cable fraudulence conspiracy theory. The Better Business Bureau claims it had 49 problems versus Great Moving given that January from clients in 26 states. Customers stated the movers added costs on moving day that doubled or tripled the original quote, and also they would certainly have to pay the fees to have their residential property returned. There were likewise issues of missing out on or harmed products. Investigators figured out the business was never ever situated in Green Bay despite the fact that it utilized an address in the city on business invoices as well as its U.S. Department of Transportation permit. Firm head of state Yakov Monoz and worker Tal Ohana are both from New York. They made their first appearances in federal court there. PROMOTION Terrific Moving's website said the business contributes to numerous charities. The Better Business Bureau had not been able to validate that, and also at the very least one charity claimed it didn't have any type of donations from the business.

Company Info

Licenses & Certificates for Great Moving USA

Moving companies are required to register with the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) before they can perform interstate moves. You may click on Great Moving USA license numbers if you would like to view their record information.

ICC MC number: Not Updated
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: Not Updated
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

What is Great Moving USA cost for Out of State moves?

Based on reviews from our reviews database and information provided by our partners and reliable sources of people moving interstate, the estimated average costs, moving from International Van line Hub state or states nearby, are as follows.

Take into consideration that this pricing based on average size move.
It only means that Great Moving USA is Lower by an approximate of -0 % when it comes to long-distance moving average costs.

Take note that the prices provided based on data such as reviews and other sources. The estimated amount that you receive from the company is lower. Several factors, like shipment size, the distance between locations, and other services like Packing and assembly, will contribute to the price of the move.

Average service costs information

The average prices generated are based on our reviews of Great Moving USA. The rates will vary or change once you contact the company; usually, you will get a lower price in the estimate and go higher on the move itself.

There are factors like home size, the distance between locations, and other services like Packing and assembly.

The approximate moving costs are generated based on reviews on our database and data collected from other reliable sources and partners.
We based the calculations on five different prices based on five destinations or regions with five different prices. Also, the rates are determined by the moving company based on distance and season demand.

Our information based on the company's moves for a medium-sized house or a family apartment.
If you have a bigger house, move the price is going to be higher. And if you have a smaller house move, the price is going to be lower unless you have a higher amount of Packing.

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