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239 Washington St. Suite 404, Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA

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56 reviews
(56 Reviews) for Earth Relocation

Ratnakar Mitra
Dec 17,2016

Earth Relocation was recommended to us by a domestic (US) mover we think highly of! They picked-up our household items in NJ, then packed and kept in their warehouse, until shipment to India. We were thoroughly impressed by: >Samir Shah's (owner) responsiveness to our needs and his knowledge of Indian customs clearance >Professionalism of the team in the US and in India >High quality packing and shipping- NO DAMAGES! >Ease with which the items were cleared through Indian customs! We recommend Earth Relocation for anyone looking for such service.

Lalik Lapoyan
Nov 28,2016

I had an excellent experience moving my belongings from Los Angeles, California to Montreal, Quebec in Canada in November 2016. My agent in LA was very efficient and professional. He fully cooperated in everything, and followed up on every step in detail. The movers, both in LA and Montréal were very kind and worked responsibly. All the items were numbered. Double checked. They delivered some to my condo and some to the storage in Montreal as I had requested with great cooperation. The partners who took over in Montreal once the goods reached Canada were equally proficient. We had no problem clearing the goods from customs and having them delivered on schedule. I recommend earth relocation 100% and give them excellent rating! Thank you for all the hard work. It is greatly appreciated!

Edward Fitz
Oct 26,2016

I hardly ever post reviews to companies because of lack of time. But, I simply had to express my upmost gratitude to the guys at Earth Relocation and share my experience with everyone. I searched around for a company to facilitate my corporate move from Vancouver to Southern California. My company gave me a limited budget to work with and I expressed that to Samir when we first spoke. He was able to meet my budget and I was even able to cover my customs costs. All in all, all of my possessions arrived safely and on-time so I am very happy.

Monique Francke
Aug 02,2016

Do not use earth relocation! I moved back from Boston area to my parents home in Belgium to help to take care in their medical situation. Right now I am going through huge problems with earth relocation. We started the moving procedure may 17, 2016. I had 45 very stackable boxes, totes and 4 big trunks and 3 not stackable small objects. Everything was correctly measured and by email all dimensions were giving to Samir Shah of earth relocation. He gave me a quote that was about 100 dollars more than another shipping company. Samir was very good in making me comfortable with his company so I asked if he could match the price and I would use his company for shipping my goods to Belgium. And he did. On June 20, 2016, he emailed me the final invoice. There is a difference of not about 10 percent but 50 percent more! Cubic feet is now 346 and final quote 4,148,00 dollars(without all other expenses). After giving them all exact dimensions by email! It took almost 5 weeks before I even had the final quote, what I thought took very long after talking to him several times by phone during that time. On may 17,2016 he quoted me 2,750 dollars for 240 cubic feet. In the signing contract it also specify that the quotation could be about 10 percent more when they paletise it. What is fine... The final invoice came in the email of June 20, 2016. As soon as I had the final invoice I called and emailed Samir. I told him I did not agree with the final invoice. The quotation was way tooooo far off. From that point on he was hard to communicate with, normally he answers very fast to emails, but not anymore after I disagreed. I told him how I felt ripped off. Because once they picked up my goods and got them to their warehouse, they had all control. He said that it was not a ripp off but they had 3 big palets, I am sure there are 3 palets, but that is not the point. His estimate is way too far off of the final invoice, after having all dimensions mailed to him. I did not send more goods out than what I had giving him in the list. I would not have done this shipment knowing how much more this would have cost me! In their final invoice it is also said under "Payment methods" that the goods will not be shipped before final payment has been received. I thought my goods were still at the warehouse and would not be shipped before we would have come to an agreement. My goods were not supposed to be shipped because I did not agree with the final balance. If not coming to an agreement, I would have made arrangements to have them picked up at their warehouse and use another shipping company. During my disagreement. He did ship out my goods without my knowledge and are now at this point "In hold" in Rotterdam. The agent in Holland is not permitted to release my goods until the balance is paid in full with earth relocation. This was a very slick move to get more money out of the shipment. That is why he was avoiding contact until the goods were already shipped. He contacted me back after I told Courtney more from earth relocation, that took care off all papers, that Samir needed to contact me. They do not follow their own contract rules. Quotation could be 10 percent more, my went up to 50 percent. They write in their final invoice that nothing will be shipped out until final balance is paid. My goods were shipped without agreement. All very false! This is a well-prepared rip off! It was interesting reading other reviews. Because I guess this is not the first time anymore the exact same procedure happened! This is the way they do business to get more money out of the deal. And they trick people by sending their goods out and then have them kept hostage at the destination side untill the much higher quote, which people did not agree to, is paid. I will keep you updated how this situation will be handled and end. I have told Samir to handle according their own contract rules. I think that would be fair and take some responsibility. I am willing to pay even 20 percent on top of their estimate. But not 50! If it ends in a possitive result. I will certainly let you know this as well. If the situation does not get resolved, I will be contacting better business bureau as well. The customer makes the decision to ship or not ship after knowing the final cost. Why did they ship out the goods while their own "Payment terms "Specify that nothing is shipped out until final balance is paid? There was no agreement made. For that amount!

Lars Ebert
Jun 28,2016

We asked them to move some of our things (a two seater sofa, 10 boxes and an AC) from San Diego to Switzerland. They estimated 125 cubic feet, 2350USD and about 8 weeks for the move. First the good part: Pickup was flawless. The movers were on time, friendly, quick and professional. I had a good feeling about the move. From there on it went down. I got an email that the packed volume would be 168 cubic feet, an increase of almost 1000 USD - despite the fact that I sold the AC prior to the move and had less things to transport. In addition, the document had some shipping address in Germany, not Switzerland. Communication was difficult because no one seemed to bother reading my emails. Most of the times I did not get any answer at all, the answers I got indicated that my emails clearly were not read. After several emails I decided to call. The person I talked to was friendly and understanding, but told me that she couldn't decide anything or give me additional information, but that she would talk to her boss (Samir I guess) and he would come back to me. Which he didn't. In the meantime I paid the additional money, because I was told they would withhold my stuff and I would be charged for storage. So the entire game of ignoring my emails began again until I wrote a really angry email, which resulted in a rather unsatisfying answer, so I called again. After a longer discussion Samir figured out that indeed there was a miscalculation of the volume so he promised to refund me around 250$ which despite me writing several emails did not happen until now. And that is after almost 6 months. In total the move took more than 3 month (!!) longer than I was told in the beginning. Instead of giving all the required paperwork in the beginning (customs etc.), I had the feeling to get additional forms every week. I for instance had to fill out a form that I take full responsibility for any parking violation they have to commit - with a 12.5 tons truck with trailer right in the middle of Zurich. Even when I told them that you can go to jail in Switzerland for false parking, they insisted. To summarize: The good: - Pickup and delivery were quick and without problems - All items arrives without damage - Communication works very well - if they want something The bad: - Way more expensive than predicted - Delivery took 3 months longer than expected - If you want something from them, you are in a world of pain. They ignore your emails, they tell you whatever you want to hear on the phone and then still nothing happens, for everything you have to write 20 emails and call 5 times. The ugly: THEY OWE ME 250 Dollars AND IGNORE MY EMAILS. I never wrote a review for anything before, but the communication policy of this company annoys me to the core. I am so tired of writing emails that end in the trash.

Damian Huxtable
Jun 06,2016

Great service from sales Manager. A rough start but very happy with the service so far. Thanks Kapil

Gina C
Apr 05,2016

Thanks Courtney and Matt for your help to coordinate our move at short notice and helping us through. Your services were pretty good from start to end and the services received here in Mexico were also very smooth. Your assistance was also very helpful for us to get the Menaje de Casa from the Mexican Consulate in NYC. We are very happy to recommend your services to our friends who will be moving down the line. Keep up the good work!!!

G. Poncet
Dec 29,2015

We have two major complaints about the service we received from this moving company. 1)The packing and loading team was not very professional. They stuffed all of our hanging clothes, suits, coats etc. in boxes, when we were told that they would be carefully stored in special boxes. They damaged furniture, not taking any care during disassembly. They damaged the wooden stairs while taking furniture downstairs. 2)Their partner in France demanded a check (over 600 EUR) for port parking fees. They told us that they would provide us with all necessary documentation so that we could file a claim with French customs who we were responsible for the delay that required parking. This never happened. To this day we don't even have a receipt to show that expense, despite repeated requests. All in all we are disappointed with our experience with Earth Relocation. Their office staff is friendly but the movers they work with are bottom of the line.

C Geeurts
Oct 01,2015

Great Service overall, were very happy with the professionalism of office staff and great attitude of the moving crew. Even the delivery agent was very professional who brought our furniture in very good time frame from the port in UK as compared to our previous transatlantic move 3 years back!! The fragiles were packed into newsprint and also bubble crafted as compared to paper alone. This impressed us. We had lots of leather outerwear which was pretty pricy and it arrived fine in their nice logoed wardrobe boxes. The crew in Europe also unpacked the boxes and took trash out. Cheers guys for the fantastic job.

May 21,2015

I felt like I was in good hands.  I did lose 2 boxes and one box was worse for wear.  Things happen and overall the delivery people on both ends where very professional, they knew what they where doing.  When I needed clarification I contacted my salesperson /representative and things where taken  care of.   I called a lot because I was nervous, but they remained patient.   I did wait for my insurance check, but two calls later I had it in my account.  If I had to move again I would use this company even with the mishaps.  Thank you earth relocation for making my move possible.    My friends recommended this company and I also will recommend them to anyone who asks for a mover.

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