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214 Bear-Christiana Road, Bear, DE 19701, USA

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6 reviews

Jan 29,2015

Do not use this company.  The salesman was OK but the storage and moving process was not.  We had items damaged (brand new dinning table, desk tops, floor lamp that looked like someone played football with it, and items that never made it to the destination.  Wheaton national and Delaware Moving played point the finger at the other with us the losers. While Wheaton National made some payment for the damaged desk tops, unfortunately we did not take out additional insurance on the items so we received almost nothing for the lamp (valued at about $400) and the items that I suspect someone else is now using.  As we had items in storage we can not tell where the problems occurred.  Best advise is to stay far away from both companies.

Sep 30,2014

We have moved twice and this was the worst experience. Initially they arrived with the wrong truck. Finally began moving our things in with the correct truck at lunch time - 3 hours later. The men damaged our head board and tried to cover it up - later then said it could be fixed.  Boxes were labeled but they threw them anywhere in the house - we had to move things ourselves afterwards.  They were coming through various doors and were not controlable.  Towards the end of the day I think they just wanted to be done and put anything they unloaded in the lower level. It was a few days before Christmas and their party was that night - they wanted to be done. One guy out of the whole crew was kind enough to address me, the others did not care on iota.  We supplied pizzas and drinks to all the ungrateful people all day. As we unpacked boxes and put furniture (moviing it ourselves) after they left, we found more broke things in boxes and scratches on furniture. One antique sideboard had a corner chipped completely away.  The next day we waited for the second, smaller delivery. Finally when we called, they denied there even was one.  I expalined how bad the previous day was and I wanted/needed to see the rest of our items.  These items had been in their storage facility being 'cared' for I thought.  I told them I did not want to see any of the men form the previous day except for that one guy, and they agreed very kindly.  Very decent people came and unloaded the rest of our belongings.  They also apologized fro the bad men fromt he previous day too. The subsequent dealings with DM&S to fix the damaged furniture and /or claim for broken items was extreemly disappointing. Nothing was fixed  by a very qualified furniture person.  Our headboard still has a gauge that they"fixed" - always a bad reminder of this experience. My mothers coffee table no longer matches the end tables as it did originally because the 'repairman' SPRAYED the wrong finish on the ENTIRE table and dropleaves trying to fix a 2 inch scratch. After contacting an actual qualified furniture repairman, he said the coffeee table would have to be refinished completely now, costing $800.  Broken items were found to be 'not covered' damages under the 'insurance'.  I would never deal with this company again based on this experience.

Leslie J
Dec 19,2013

DO NOT USE THEM!  the movers did not handle furniture with care. they slammed the furniture down and dented hardware floor. two boxes were stolen. a wardrobe box and plastic bin. they didn't admit to it. they were overpriced too. the salesman said one thing and the movers did another. they took 14 hrs to unload just 2 vans smaller than 18 wheelers.

Stephanie Larkin
Nov 02,2013

I will never recommend delaware moving and storage to anyone !!! Not only was I berated by one of the movers but they destroyed my bed and my daughters bed, they were rude because I was not sure where I wanted certain items placed and they over charged me by an hour at $130 per hour bc they went somewhere for lunch between houses and showed up at 8:30 when they stated they would be there by 8 the job was completed half ass by 12:15 and they charged me until 1 as that was how long it would take to get back to their base. So in my opinion you can find better and cheaper if you can do it yourself with a uhaul and some guys you already know then to let them do it for you.

Dona Snyder
Apr 01,2013

I contacted company for a quote on Thursday, 3/14/13, and Dave Sterling said he would come out on Wed., 3/20/13.  On that date, he called and had to re-schedule due to a family emergency.  He came on Friday, 3/22/13.  He did an inventory of the house and gave us full information on how the move would be handled.  He then promised to send me a quote no later than Monday, 3/25/13.  I was impressed and thought this would be the company I'd choose.  However, Monday came and went, so did Tuesday, and I received no quote.  I called him on Wed., 3/27/13, and he answered his cell phone - he said he was on vacation in KY and was at a museum at the time, but he promised to call me with a quote later that day.  He did not call. I called him again on Tuesday, 3/28/13, and got his answering service.  I left a message saying how disappointed I was in him and the company for making me follow up so often just to get a quote.  Then I said there was nothing more to say than "forget it".  I got a call a few hours later and Dave didn't even acknowledge my message directly.  He thought it was all taken care of, that DE Moving & Storage company's phone lines were down, blah blah blah.  I finally got a quote for three times what another company had quoted.  What a major disappointment and stressful experience! I couldn't trust a company to handle my move after going through this type of sales experience.

Jan 14,2011

I had recently moved from Grenville DE, to Boca Raton FL, and i spent in totally after tip, 7,000 dollars. The service was worth ten. I was combing thru estimates with a friend when she seen Delaware Moving and strg, she had a mixed feeling. When she used them, she had a challenging move ie. very expensive items, and furniture, and an old house. Yet it was flawless. I think she might have even used pleasurable as an adjective. However... her sister in law not so lucky. Her sis in law got a crew of what appeared 2 be, "3 dope dealers from westside" who had as much education as my 3yr. old. ok literally one of them couldn't even spell loft on the boxes lol/smh. So we came to the conclusion that every company has this problem: they allocate a percentage of their payroll to a handful of full-time employees that don't allow them fully staff their roster with quality help. What this means to the consumer is, moving is a crap shoot no matter what company you hire!!! Unless you do your homework. So when i booked my move i had the owner profile a few of his best drivers. The guy sue had was their 2nd ranked driver according to cust testimony. I was lucky enough to be able to get their #1. He was professional, boasts 10yrs experience, hott yet very approachable, very articulate, seemed like he was overqualified for the job. lol. This guy personally packed my china, stemware, and kit. The next day he a did a thourough, legible inventory of my goods, then masterfully loaded his truck. He arrived promptly in fl exactly when he told me he would and delivered my things with great care. Now this is great but takes some extra work to pull off. 1st of all thiers a high demand for him so i had to change some of my dates, (but you may get lucky) if i had to do it again, i would've just paid extra to get them to flex his schedule, and 2ndly you have to stress providing good helpers. As good as warren was he didn't handle everything. Last but not least buying lunch is not a tip. Cash in hand at the end of everyday for driver and crew respectively goes an astronomically long way! We tipped warren a total of $200 and gave the help 50 bucks a day for 3 days. In closing i want to wish you good luck and if you are a successful person who can afford a great move, but do not have the time to waste on angst an aggrivation, im gonna do u a solid, he left me a card with his business #3025441490. He told me if i call him he will get the ball rolling on my next move.

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