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2.5 (8 Reviews)
6700 NW 77th Court, Suite 140, Miami, FL 33166, USA
Toll Free: (866) 266-8464
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Review Summary

8 reviews
( Reviews) for Confimove

Ericson Madeira Da Costa
Mar 29,2020

Local move within Miami, FL

The company didn't have the correct COI for my building. I canceled the moving a week before and they charged me a thousand dollars anyway. Run away from them!

R Polito
Aug 03,2010

The form does not give me the option to indicate Brazil as destination. I contracted with Confianca to ship my belongings from New York to Brazil. Over seven months have passed. They have not delivered my belongings. I have attempted to contact Confianca repeatedly to follow up on the status of the move. The contract that I signed with Confianca stated that the estimated delivery time was three months. For a number of months they avoided and failed to return calls. Last month they admitted that they had made an error in the paper work and that as a result of their negligence that my goods were being held in customs in Brazil. Confianca has not taken the necessary legal steps in Brazil to remedy their error and I have been deprived of my belongings for over a half a year.

Whitney Faria
Sep 08,2011

This was the worst experience of my life. I had heard bad reviews about this company but it was the cheapest and thats why i chose it. I have been waiting for my shipment for 10 months and it still hasn't arrives. I am beyond furious. They have lied to us every day. We call and hear a different story everyday, its on the truck, its in the warehouse, its in your city, tomorrow tomorrow... lies its still in the origin. They have never called us to update us ever, we call all the time and are fed lies. We are currently suing them and who knows if our stuff will ever arrive.. these are horribly lying manipulative people. Please stay away from this company. I cant even express my anger with them. I put my whole house hold in their hands, I trusted them. Living out of two suitcases for ten months is hell. But they don't care, we heard a few times.. we have the right to not send your stuff for 30 days maximum and I asked them is that all they live up to? the bare minimum? ... its past 30 days still no delivery. The rudest most irresponsible company in the world. Take my warning please!!

Oct 16,2011

I paied CONFIANCA MOVING FROM BOSTON to send my stuff fo brazil, they pick up my stuff in dec2009 to send to brazil and today 10/16/2011 I still waiting for my stuff. I m so desapointed with then, all my personal stuff,my personal computers,pictures,clothes, my dougther toys. Please somebody help me, I have to move to brazil, and they dont delivery my stuff yet almost 2years......

Jun 04,2013

Very bad company! I had a container go from New York, NY to Rio de Janiero, Brasil. They told me many lies! Confianca hands your container off to another company in Brazil that has never spoken to you. Confiance will tell you one thing, then the "broker" company will tell you another thing. † I was told that I would pay $3,000 in the USA and $3,000 in Brazil. † I paid $3,500 in the USA and then I paid $5,000 in Brazil. In Brazil, I was given 2 invoices at 2 different times! I was told to pay the first invoice with 1 day notice to pay $2000 and they threatened the the port was going on strike. Then later I was given 2 days notice to pay $3,000 due to space fees in the port. It was explained that because customs took a long time that I had to rent space for $2,000 or I would have to pay more fees. Confianca told me that I would have all day to load the container in Brazil when I only had 2 hours. † The broker in Brazil told me that the container would be on the gound when it was delivered. In reality, it was 2 meters off the ground. I put a lock on the container which was cut and the seal was broken in Brazil. My things were taken out and not put back correctly. I am very mad at confianca. I dealt with 4 different companies in all. I am so mad, that I am thinking of making my own moving company to put Confianca out of business!

Liliane Strang
Dec 18,2014

I've moved many times .I tried so many companies but after I've moved by Confianca I never will try another company. the staff were courteous , fast and make sure that all was well taken †care of. I highly recommend the company for all your moving needs. Great staff and great company.This company is professional and efficient. Their communication with timing and details is excellent. The packing was done carefully and with excellence.†The company is great. Now †I will use them again.I will move back to my coutry and recommend them to anybody that needs a International or national moving.

Marcelo Nascimento
Apr 18,2015

I have hire CONFIMOVE to make my move from Weston, FL to Weston, FL. I have moved within the same city. I was very happy with CONFIMOVE service. They arrived on time to do the Job. The crew was very courteous. They did an excellent job packing my stuff and unpacking and placing on the right place on the new House. Everything arrived in perfect condition. I have very heavy furniture and they were very careful taking them to the second floor. Not damaging any walls or anything in the way up the stair. Overall I will give them 5 stars and highly recomend to anybody to use their service.

Rene C. Duvekot
Aug 07,2015

We moved from Miami to Atlanta. †The†Confimove†personnel was extremely professional, careful and polite. I was particularly impressed with the excellent packing, especially of our paintings, which have a lot of sentimental value. †We needed 3 weeks storage, so the company kept our items at their Miami warehouse during that time. When we were ready to receive the goods in Atlanta we scheduled the delivery. †The delivery team kept us informed about their timing and were prompt. All in all, a great value for the money and a stress-free move. †I could have rented a truck and volunteered my friends, I am very happy that I did not do that.

Company Info

Confimove located in 6700 NW 77th Court, Suite 140, Miami, FL 33166, USA,Miami,,FL , U.S.A View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

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Licenses & Certificates for Confimove

Moving companies are required to register with the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) before they can perform interstate moves. You may click on Confimove license numbers if you would like to view their record information.

ICC MC number: Not Updated
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: Not Updated
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

What is Confimove cost for Out of State moves?

Based on reviews from our reviews database and information provided by our partners and reliable sources of people moving interstate, the estimated average costs, moving from International Van line Hub state or states nearby, are as follows.

Average Service Price

Moving to the West would be around $5,534.75. Moving to the North West would be around $6,633.25. Moving to the North Med West would be around $4,267.25. Moving to the South Med West would be around $4,647.50. Moving to the Far Med West would be around 4,689.75 Moving to the Far North Med West would be around 6,422.00 Moving to the Middle North West would be around 6,422.00 Moving to the Far North East would be around 4,267.25

Take into consideration that this pricing based on average size move.
It only means that Confimove is Lower by an approximate of 5.3 % when it comes to long-distance moving average costs.

Take note that the prices provided based on data such as reviews and other sources. The estimated amount that you receive from the company is lower. Several factors, like shipment size, the distance between locations, and other services like Packing and assembly, will contribute to the price of the move.

Average service costs information

The average prices generated are based on our reviews of Confimove. The rates will vary or change once you contact the company; usually, you will get a lower price in the estimate and go higher on the move itself.

There are factors like home size, the distance between locations, and other services like Packing and assembly.

The approximate moving costs are generated based on reviews on our database and data collected from other reliable sources and partners.
We based the calculations on five different prices based on five destinations or regions with five different prices. Also, the rates are determined by the moving company based on distance and season demand.

Our information based on the company's moves for a medium-sized house or a family apartment.
If you have a bigger house, move the price is going to be higher. And if you have a smaller house move, the price is going to be lower unless you have a higher amount of Packing.

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