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Colorado Hi-Tec Moving & Storage
Colorado Hi-Tec Moving & Storage - CO -Denver - Reviews
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Colorado Hi-Tec Moving & Storage

3.2 (15 Reviews)
4330 East 48th Street, Denver, CO 80216, USA
Toll Free: (866) 329-6868
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Review Summary

15 reviews

Mark L Karrasch
Jun 06,2017

Just wanted to give Dillon N and Dan V a great big Thank You for all they did to help our move from Texas to Colorado go so smoothly! Prior to unloading they scouted out the storage unit area and determined it would be way too difficult to unload a 53' truck on site and were able to advise our driver of another site that was close by that was used to shuttle our things. Not the ideal way to do it but it worked like a charm! Both young men were very careful and worked hard all day long and Colorado Hi-Tech should be very proud to have them representing their company! We'll be requesting them again on our next move!

Cheryl Athey
May 12,2017

Pete V and Dave K, did an excellent job of moving our Father's furnishings and books, out of his old residence and to our house basement for storage. They were efficient, careful and cheerful despite the long stairway to our basement. I would highly recommend their services.

Wm Schatz
Mar 17,2017

Company was hired to move our family across town. During the move they broke a very large fish tank. I filed a claim like I was told to do and then denied that claim?! Claimed the 2 fish tanks would not be covered if they're weren't crated, which is a LIE! Salesperson only recommended crating, but never stipulated it would not be covered through the move! Thanks John and company!

Oct 06,2016

Just wanted to say thanks for the help that we got from Byron, Robert, Darrell and Rechand last month with our move. The showed up 10 minutes early and ready to work. They never stopped and between the 4 of them really showed teamwork and that hard work gets it done. They were very careful with removing all items from old house, and at the new house covered all the floors and were very careful to not damage anything. Including walls and banisters. They were willing to move things to where ever needed, even if they were originally in garage, they would move to room as asked. Until the job was completed, they all worked very hard to make sure the job was done right. Well worth every penny spent. This was the 2nd time in 5 years we have used them, and if we move again, they will be who I call. Thanks again.

Sep 22,2015

I was very hesitant to hire a mover after my last move, but Colorado Hi Tech Moving & Storage was a pleasure to work with.  My start time was 8:30 am, the truck arrived at 8:40. Enrique and Robert promptly introduced themselves and got to work.  My belongings were in a garage so there was no wrapping or packing that needed done, just pick up and load it.  They were quick, efficient and friendly.  Once the truck was loaded and at the new home they covered the floor to keep it from getting scuffed and started moving everything into the basement.  I asked them to just stack my items anywhere as I would need to go through the boxes later and they made sure I had a path to get through to the laundry room.  Once complete Enrique explained the start time/stop time, how much it was (they finished in 2 1/2 hours, I was quoted 5 hours) and we completed our transaction.   My daughter is using the same company and requested the same to movers and an additional mover as she has more furniture to move.  We were that pleased with Enrique and Robert.  All moves are difficult and different and this move was an exception in my book.  Thank you Robert and Enrique!

Aug 08,2015

I just wanted to say our move went "as good as it gets."  The price was fair and the effort was excellent.  Alex and John were so patient with us throughout the day and because we were exhausted we weren't the best of communicators.  Wheaton is the best and I would not hesitate using them again.  One item was left on the truck but was returned to me the next day with apologies.  It has been found behind a packing blanket.  The packing was done so well that none of the china was broken.  I just can't say enough.  Moves are tough enough and it was so great to have honest help with two young men who wanted to do their best to help us.   Thank you!!

Judy Langendoerfer
Dec 28,2014

Okay the first bad thing was Angie. She came and did a walk through I showed her everything that I wanted packed and moved, she sent me a quote. She said she would send 5 packers, the next day 3 packers showed up and only got 1/3 of the things packed. The head person called Angie and complained the house was a disaster? I'm sorry we are moving, and that the house was big. I'm sorry again Angie gave you a quote. The next day 5 people showed up with the trucks, of course it would cost a lot more to have everything we agreed on to be packed. so we agreed to only pack what the agreed was. Either Angie had no idea what she was doing or its a scam to get you to pay a lot more money. The movers broke several items, not even mentioned on the sheet. The antique table leg was broken. Of course insurance won't cover it. And my freezer drawer of my new refrigerator is cracked, I suppose someone tried to pick it up with the handle.   Very disappointed, they left pop cans, candy wrappers, and wrapping paper laying around outside and it blew everywhere.   BEWARE

Kristin S
Dec 19,2014

THEY WERE HORRIBLE!!!  The move in cost was over $2000 - double what they bid.  They damaged items - they admitted they had "run out of furniture pads" when packing the truck - and then they denied my insurance claim for repairs claiming that I was "underinsured" (after purchasing $100,000 of insurance and sustaining $3000 in damages).  DO NOT USE THEM!!!  If you for some reason HAVE to use them, make a detailed inventory and negotiate with them up front that you will not have to pay the movers' time while you mark and list the items moved.  They lost a box of antique books - many were my great-grandparents' - and then said that because there wasn't a list, they would not pay for them.  Sounds like this is common practice for them based on other reviews.

Aug 08,2014

They will rip You off!!!!!# BE WARNED! When you sign the recipient look at the fine print. They crossed out the original and added more money charged our card $160. Extra money. No explanation no reason. When we called the owner SHE said tough shit bitch. Then hung up. Disputed. The charge and they said that it is due because they said amount might change after office review. They charged us for drive time the move. EVERYTHING. THEN ADDED MORE JUST BECAUSE. They gave no reasons for the extra $160.00 worth of charges. I WARNED YOU US THESE PEOPLE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

Amanda Y
Sep 21,2013

This company was an absolute pleasure to work with. We have moved several times before, and the experience with these guys was great from the quote call through to the end of the job. John came around to quote, and besides being extremely knowledgeable and thorough, introduced me to a new radio station I now love when he saw my trombone in the corner.   Ishmael and his crew were punctual, courteous, friendly and worked hard the whole time. We moved a number of restored arcade and pinball machines which were our main concern, and they moved them (and everything else) with no damage to the machines or the properties.   Perhaps best of all, the guys got the job done in less than the estimated time which meant the bill was lower than we had expected. One of the things I liked about Colorado Hi Tech compared to some of the other companies that we got quotes from was that there were no 'unknown' charges for things like packing material etc.   Thanks for a great job, guys!

Company Info

Colorado Hi-Tec Moving & Storage located in 4330 East 48th Street, Denver, CO 80216, USA,Denver,,CO , U.S.A View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

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Moving companies are required to register with the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) before they can perform interstate moves. You may click on Colorado Hi-Tec Moving & Storage license numbers if you would like to view their record information.

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It only means that Colorado Hi-Tec Moving & Storage is Higher by an approximate of 3.18 % when it comes to long-distance moving average costs.

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