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Coleman American Moving
Coleman American Moving - AL -Midland City - Reviews
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Coleman American Moving

3.2 (9 Reviews)
P.O. Box 960, Midland City, AL 36350, USA
Toll Free: (877) 693-7060
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Review Summary

9 reviews
(9 Reviews) for Coleman American Moving

Jul 03,2015

This review may be long, but if you're considering Allied or Coleman or even Coleman Allied :) then please read on because you may encounter the same issues. †If you want to skip to the end, you can just start where it says SUMMARY, which summarizes our long and stressful move. †When I first started researching moving companies to move us from Texas to Colorado, I realized that pretty much all of them had mixed reviews. †Some did not even call me back for an estimate. †Coleman Allied not only called me back but sent over a very thorough, polite, professional representative, the very next day, to give us an estimate, go over what to expect, and presented us with a glossy full-color folder containing lots of useful information and a booklet of our rights and responsibilities (which they're required by law to do, it seems). †Well, right on. †With moving there are always some horror stories, but we went with Coleman Allied hoping that nothing bad would happen to us. They even dropped off some free boxes. Moving day arrives. †I notice a few pickup trucks driving around my neighborhood several times looking lost. Of course, I'm expecting a big truck or an 18 wheeler, not personal trucks. †After an hour or two one of those pickup trucks pulls up and tells me they're our loading crew and they were confused about the address because they had a typo for the house number. † They tell us the 18 wheeler is on the way and needs to get weighed. †We wait. †They were supposed to arrive between 8 and 10 but it was 1 PM before they did. The contracted †Texas based loading crew was fantastic.† They arrived on-time, and they taped down cardboard, covered the staircase with furniture blankets, covered and wrapped all the furniture, and even took some furniture apart. †It was hot and they were sweating. †Nobody was ever standing around and, in the end, I felt I tipped them well for their hard work and diligence. † There were two colemen representatives on site as well. †One tagged our stuff with stickers prior to the loading crew putting anything on the truck. †Everything was itemized and we signed off on it all. †He was fairly efficient in doing so and left when he was done. The other rep was really slow. Really really slow. †Really. †I had a question he didn't know the answer to and it took him 15 minutes to figure out how to call his partner. †First he had to call the main office, chit-chat with the girl that answered in his really slow voice, get his partner's phone number, and then call that number. †I wanted to stab myself in the eye. †But otherwise, no big deal - I†was very pleased with the move so far. † Finally, we bid the truck farewall and looked forward to receiving our stuff on the other side in about the 5 or 6 days they promised us. And here, as has happened to many others I've discovered, is where the horror begins. †After the truck pulls away from your place, Coleman hands your move off to a "move coordinator" at their Headquarters in Georgia. †She had called me the day of the move to make sure everything was going well, which it was decently enough, and I felt glad at that point for having chosen them to move us. † Once we arrived in Colorado, I called her for status and she told me our truck was still in transit and that she was sure it would be arriving within a day or two. †So we patiently wait the day or two and I call her again to ask. †She says its still in transit but that she would try calling their CO office to track down the truck. †I don't remember if she called me back or not - sometimes she didand sometimes she didn't. †I made so many phone calls to them I lost count. † In any case, I believe it's the day after the promised delivery window elapsed that she informed me that our truck NEVER LEFT Texas, and due to another typo, the move was incorrectly flagged in their system as being in transit when it really wasn't. Wow. Fortunately we packed all our essentials in our cars and had sleeping bags to sleep on in our new apartment. †They agreed to compensate us up to $400 for air mattresses and basic necessities and promised us that the truck would be on its way ASAP. Well, it took another week and more phone calls for status and more cluelessness to where the truck was. †Seriously: in today's world of GPS and cell phones and considering that you're a moving company and THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS, how could you not know exactly where your trucks are and be able to communicate that to your customers? † Finally we're told the truck has arrived at their facility in Colorado and it would take another 3 or 4 business days to be delivered, because at this point we're subject to whatever availability and schedule the local office has. †So we start getting annoyed, and tell them that according to the† Rights and Responsibilities booklet they gave us, in the event of a delay we're entitled to have our new delivery date in writing. †our move coordinator said she would be happy to do so and would do it immediately and would also see what she could do to get us delivery faster. She calls back and tells me that the local office tried to call to schedule our move and left me a voicemail. †Except that I had no voicemail. †Later on I realized they were calling my old Texas number that was supposed to have been disconnected but that was still active and accepting voicemails. †The problem here is that I gave Coleman Allied both my wife and my cell phone numbers and told them that those were the only two numbers they should be calling to contact us. †I told our move coordinator. I told the sales guy. †I told the guys that brought the truck. †I made sure all the paperwork bound for the destination had those phone numbers on it. Well, good news: she was able to bump up our delivery to the very next day and did apologize for everything we had been through. †Fine, but we still don't have our stuff. † I told her that even if it's tomorrow I would still like it in writing. †She tells me she's going to do it right after hanging up the phone. † The next morning arrives and still no e-mail. More good news: †The unloading crew did arrive the next day. †They said they tried calling but got voicemail. †That's because despite telling all the Coleman American folks I encountered that the phone number we originally gave them would not be valid after we left Texas, they pretty much ignored that info. Once again the unloading people were stellar while the other two who came with the truck were less than enthusiastic. †So, they get the truck in place, and they start unloading. †Yay! †But wait - they did all that meticulous cataloging prior to loading each item, but they did not seem to care to do so while unloading. †We watched them closely and all our stuff seemed to be present and intact despite the Texas based loading crew having stacked lots of heavy boxes on top of light boxes and partially crushing many of them, as well as putting some stuff labelled STORAGE in the apartment side and vice versa. †We had one partical-board piece of furniture get damaged, but all in all, mission accomplished. † The unloading crew even brought back to our apartment those items that went to the storage facility that should not have. They worked quickly and efficiently and, for the most part, seemed to treat our stuff as if it were there own. †† SUMMARY: Coleman Allied was very prompt, courteous, and professional prior and during loading (and unloading), despite being late to arrive. † But once that truck pulls away with your precious belongings they have you over a barrel. †Based on other reviews I've found online our move is not the first time their truck has never left the origin city. † Then they can't seem to tell you definitively when to expect your delayed items. †It's more than just an inconvenience, it's an outrage. †For the amount they charge for a whole-house interstate moves, with full insurance coverage, you would expect, as we did, better service and better communication. †There seems to be little recourse but to sit and wait. † I'd like to point out that we paid via credit card, which they charged prior to delivery, despite being promised we would only charged post-delivery. I didn't realize this at the time I agreed to pay that way. †But it's there in the fine print. †My fault on that. †I knew they pre-authorized it, which was fine, but I'm never thrilled to pay for work that has not been completed. †If we tried to dispute the charge I doubt that would accomplish anything but further delay delivery. † As I mentioned above, not every aspect of our move was bad, but the fact that the truck never left coupled with all the miscommunication and general lack of communication really made this a horrible move for us. †Thankfully it ended somewhat successfully and our stuff was only delayed a week. †Seemed like much longer.

Dec 15,2015

Just stay away from them, it's as simple as that. It started out good, the sales rep was excellent and very efficient. The actual movers were beyond terrible. Most of my furniture was damaged or destroyed during delivery. When I added up my claim that I filed the total was $11,566.00! The insurance company is even worse to deal with. I have been over a month without a washing machine. They broke the control knob off during delivery and still have not fixed the machine. They also destroyed and damaged custom made Amish furniture. They will not replace the items, only say they will repair to an almost new condition which is acceptable to their standards. I have no say in the matter according to them. Well, I am disputing the charge for the move ,filing a claim with the FMCSA, AMSA and BBB. We will see how they like that.

Marlena B
Oct 15,2016

My moving team... The estimator (Stephen - Birmingham team) was friendly, professional, thorough, and informative. When I had questions, he took the time to explain every answer. The moving coordinator (Lanai - Birmihgham team) was friendly and attentive to all questions. She did a great job checking in with me throughout the moving process to make sure my expectations were met or exceeded; which they were! The packing team in Birmingham (Brenda, Daniel, Percy, and Jimmy) did a great job packing up my house. They were professional, southern-courteous (yes ma'am, no ma'am), and made the time, that's typically stressful for shippers, less stressful. I'm so thankful they packed my belongings with great care. The loading team in Birmingham (Percy, Daniel, and Mike (aka Mr Brenda) also did a fantastic job wrapping up the furniture and loading my belongings. They completed the job quickly and just like the packing crew were professional and courteous. Not only did they NOT complain about having to move my baby grand piano, they made it seem like it was no big deal. The unloading team from Broken Arrow (Chris, Orlando and Butch) were friendly and went above and beyond to get me settled in Owasso. When my house is built, I'll definitely be calling to have them move me again. I can't say enough about the driver, Marco (OKC team). From the moment he arrived, he made me feel at ease with his professionalism and warmth. It was clear he understands how stressful moving across country can be - especially as a single woman doing it alone. And given that part of my belongings were going into storage, part into a garage, and the remainder into a temporary apartment, he assured me they would get everything into the right place; which they did! I also noticed his leadership skills in the way he treated both the team in Birmingham and in Broken Arrow professionally. I've always had good experiences moving with Allied but this move far exceeded the others! It was truly a stress-free move for me. A very happy customer, Marlena B

Paul Kubicek
May 02,2017

I helped my mom move from TX to MI. She needed a lot of help, and felt more confident in Coleman America as they sent a person out to assess the amount of goods and give price quote. The price was higher than what we received from others that we just called or did an on-line form, but I think it was better the person saw the stuff. The packers and loaders came one time and did a good job--our one complaint was they threw literally everything not nailed down into a box, but I suppose that is their job. The delivery came on the first day on the window, which was good, and Richard (the driver) was very courteous and helpful. The initial unloading team, however, walked off the job after a couple of hours--one guy (Gary) got mad at Richard, they began yelling at each other, and Gary threatened Richard with violence.. Very unpleasant. A new team came a couple of hours later and the unpacking was done pretty efficiently. Except for this last problem, I would say that the move went about as well as we could have hoped. Packing and loading took two full days, but my mom has a lot of stuff.

Sep 06,2017

Allied, Coleman, Greg provided exceptional customer service with prompt, quick, and careful service. A very good experience! Thank you.

Dec 18,2017

I am so happy with my movers - Paul and Jessica. They were very quick and efficient. The driver Claude was good too

Caroline Degala
Jun 17,2018

We have moved 7 times in the past 10 years. Our move with Coleman-Allied was hands-down the worst experience we have ever had to endure. From packing to unloading, this was the single worst moving experience we have ever had and we plan to share our horrible experience with every person we know to prevent other families from experiencing the nightmare move this company provided. While I donít have time to outline each and every awful component of the move, below are a series of highlights. -There is a major gap between the items salesperson, Jim Rhoades, said we needed to hire a third-party service for what the movers would actually pack or put together. My husband had to removed and pack 5 TVs at the 11th hour because of this miscommunication. Additionally, our $4,000 elliptical still sits in pieces because Jim said we didnít need a third party service for that item but the movers couldnít get it into our current basement and werenít capable or willing to dissemble and reassemble the arms to get it in the appropriate space. -Anna VanderWoude, our so-called moving coordinator, failed to do even her most basic job of direct billing my husbandís company, even though she was given the appropriate contact information WEEKS before the move. She called us THE DAY of the move, gave a weak apology and asked us to pay the full 13k fee. Anna said the movers wouldnít begin to unload our possessions unless we put the fee on our personal credit card. -The move took over 3 days because of insufficient planning. At 8pm on day 2 of the move, our driver realized that all of our items wouldnít fit and said he would have to come back first thing in the morning with an additional truck. This caused me to miss both of my sonís end of the year class parties, their last event with their friends because I was waiting for the driver who didnít arrive until after 10 am. From 8am-10am I collected over 65 spare flat pack boxes, 25 moving blankets, 5 packed boxes and a slew of tape, trash and others left strewn around my home. -When our items were finally unloaded, they came in two shipments, two days apart. The crew was visibly scatter and verbally upset that the load had been unloaded in the warehouse and they were certain where multiple pieces were left. Jim Rhoades, had previously assured me that our items would NOT be unloaded from our trucks. -The final day of the move was complete chaos. The hardware for the pool table was missing. My washing machine was visibly damaged and contained no knob. Hardware seemed to be missing from all furniture and I spent my entire day trying to track down poorly packed or missing hardware. It has been over 3 weeks since the move and I still canít wash my familyís laundry because my 2 year old washing machine is completely broken. My basement living room, which weíre using as a kitchen during a renovation, is unsafe and barely usable because of the unassembled pool table that takes up the majority of the space. We have over $7,000 in damaged, missing or stolen items. We have emailed, called and completed all necessary claims. NO ONE from the Nashville or corporate offices have emailed or called us about making the necessary repairs or to even utter an apology for the horrific service we received. We are now pursuing legal action against the negligent company of Coleman-Allied. Please DO NOT use this company, as they are dishonest, unresponsive, and could care less about their customers.

Diana Cagle
Jul 15,2018

The move out of state was stressful, but Coleman American was not part of the stress. They did everything they said they would, all of it on time, and I felt completely supported. They were great!!

Omar Alhendy
Aug 09,2018

The load in at the my origin state was horrible. They loaded my trash bag in with the rest of the stuff, and when I asked for them to remove it later on, they lied to me and said "i got it" multiple times via text. Later, I see at the destination it has not been removed, and the mold infestation (to no surprise) grew worse. In a previous review, I said the only pros was Matt, the manager, was responsive to my requests. I rescind my comments about Matt, the primary manager, being one of the pros. He contacted me to see if there was something that could be done about the negative review, and once I became too insulting of his worker who lied to me, he rescinded both his apology and his offer to provide some money back (which I absolutely deserve some money back as I did not receive what was agreed upon). Once again, LIARS. LIARS. LIARS.

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Licenses & Certificates for Coleman American Moving

Moving companies are required to register with the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) before they can perform interstate moves. You may click on Coleman American Moving license numbers if you would like to view their record information.

ICC MC number: Not Updated
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US D.O.T: Not Updated
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Local State License: not provided

What is Coleman American Moving cost for Out of State moves?

Based on reviews from our reviews database and information provided by our partners and reliable sources of people moving interstate, the estimated average costs, moving from International Van line Hub state or states nearby, are as follows.

Average Service Price

Moving to the West would be around $5,999.50. Moving to the North West would be around $7,098.00. Moving to the North Med West would be around $3,802.50. Moving to the South Med West would be around $4,140.50. Moving to the Far Med West would be around 4,225.00 Moving to the Far North Med West would be around 5,492.50 Moving to the Middle North West would be around 5,957.25 Moving to the Far North East would be around 3,802.50

Take into consideration that this pricing based on average size move.
It only means that Coleman American Moving is Lower by an approximate of 6.6 % when it comes to long-distance moving average costs.

Take note that the prices provided based on data such as reviews and other sources. The estimated amount that you receive from the company is lower. Several factors, like shipment size, the distance between locations, and other services like Packing and assembly, will contribute to the price of the move.

Average service costs information

The average prices generated are based on our reviews of Coleman American Moving. The rates will vary or change once you contact the company; usually, you will get a lower price in the estimate and go higher on the move itself.

There are factors like home size, the distance between locations, and other services like Packing and assembly.

The approximate moving costs are generated based on reviews on our database and data collected from other reliable sources and partners.
We based the calculations on five different prices based on five destinations or regions with five different prices. Also, the rates are determined by the moving company based on distance and season demand.

Our information based on the company's moves for a medium-sized house or a family apartment.
If you have a bigger house, move the price is going to be higher. And if you have a smaller house move, the price is going to be lower unless you have a higher amount of Packing.

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