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Cal 1 Moving & Storage
Cal 1 Moving & Storage - CA -San Ramon - Reviews
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Cal 1 Moving & Storage

1.0 (2 Reviews)
2010 Crow Canyon Pl #100, San Ramon, CA 94583, USA
Toll Free: (855) 407-6616
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Review Summary

2 reviews
( Reviews) for Cal 1 Moving & Storage

Jim Calve
Sep 17,2017

If we could give Cal1Moving a "0" we would do so. It was the worst moving experience of our lives and we have moved many times with the military and business. The entire move was an exercise in overcharging us. They provided an initial "estimate" of 800 cubic feet for about $3000. The final cost was over $8000. They informed us that the size of our shipment was 1400 cubic feet at $4.15 per cubic foot. The actual size of the shipment was 600 cubic feet, which I measured when it was on the moving truck. The actual cost of the shipment should have been $2,490 for the actual size of our shipment plus packaging. The driver of the moving van even admitted that we had been cheated badly. They also gave us a fixed estimate for packaging of $1000 and then charged us over $2000 by using excessive packaging and charging for each item of packaging. When we tried to reach Samantha Delarosa, our contact at the company. We learned that she worked in "sales" and we would have to speak with customer service now that our goods were picket up. Samantha is the one who offered us a $200 discount for Memorial Day sale. It was a memorable experience and Cal1Moving more than recouped the $200 by overcharging us by more than $4000. When we confronted Cal1Moving with these facts, there were no apologies. Instead, Mike in the customer services department spent 15 minutes screaming at me about contract law principles and denied everything without getting any facts straight. He eventually offered to settle the claim for about $314, which was 10% of the remaining balance that we already had paid. We declined. He insisted that he could not refund the money because his employees had to be paid for the work that they did. IN FACT, they did not do the work. That was the point. They charged us for work that they never did. I also spoke with someone who claimed to be the owner of the company. He promised to refund us the money that Cal1Moving had overcharged us. That never happened. Instead, I spoke with Chris Morgan, who eventually promised to settle for $1900. Still a tidy profit for them overcharging us so badly. They overcharge us by over $4000 and offer to give back less than half of what they overcharged us. He insisted on getting our checking account wiring instructions so that he could conclude the matter quickly. He promised to pay on Friday. Friday came and went and no payment. No phone call from Chris. I called him next week. He expressed surprise that we assumed he would not pay us. I reminded him that he promised to pay us on Friday and failed to do so. No apologies. Only a continual raft of excuses and lies. He then promised to pay the $1900 in two payments that week. That week came and went and no payment and no call from Chris. Obviously, Cal1Moving has a pattern of overcharging their customers (Check their Yelp reviews for other stories very similar to our experience). They are shameless and remorseless. To them being in the moving business is a license to overcharge their customers and steal from them.

Melinda Coby
Dec 06,2017

I initially chose Grizzly moving company for this move and then Cal1 Moving called and said that they handle this area for Grizzly. I filled out all the information online and specifically went bedroom by bedroom making my list of items for them to pick up. I scheduled them for the 12th because our house was being sold and they said it would take 2 days to pack, give me 1 day to clean and we had no choice but to be out on the 15th for the new owner to take possession. Abigail said that my list was the most comprehensive, detailed and longest list one she had ever seen. The movers were supposed to arrive the morning of the 12th and didn't arrive until almost 5:00 pm that day and then proceeded to get their truck stuck in my HOA garden and needed to be towed out and they didn't start packing until 8:00pm that night. When they started, they then told me that instead of the $7000.00 quote I had been given, was then going to be $20000.00 because I had the biggest house they had ever moved before. At that moment, we were mortified and felt like we were be blackmailed and had no choice but to pay the money if we wanted to be out of our house in time. They literally told us, they would leave and not move us if we didn't pay that amount. Then the movers got an attitude and told us that if we didn't let them work throughout the night, that they couldn't get us done in time. So my 3 year old daughter was up half the night with movers running through the house even though Abigail had told us that they would pack during the day and let us sleep at night. We told them that we wanted full replacement coverage on our move and thought that that was what we were getting, but before they started packing that we could go through our insurance company and utilize our homeowners insurance. So, I said, “wait, we aren’t covered?” They said no, Grizzly probably covers but not us. So I kept asking and the driver finally told me that they just don’t offer extra insurance. I actually started crying because I knew that we were being screwed over, but I couldn’t do anything but move. I was literally a basket case with stress and tears. When they arrived at our house in Virginia, we were missing over $15000.00 worth of items and they had delivered some of the wrong items to us. I called and left a vm that was never returned. I sent them an e-mail with no return, so I contacted my insurance company and the police department for the loss of our belongings. Suddenly I get an e-mail response saying that my e-mail had gone to their spam folder and to fill out the My Move Claim form with all of the information and send them an e-mail as well. I sent them and e-mail with all the missing and damaged belongings with no response and sent the My Move Claim the same day with no response. Our boxes had no details written on them, so on the delivery, the drivers were putting kitchen stuff in the bedrooms and bedroom stuff in the living room. There was so much damage to my things that I've had to throw things away and buy new things. Things are missing and because they did not match up the screws and pieces to things like our bedroom set, cabinets and drawers, nothing was put back together again. My beds, electric fireplace, kids tables & playsets, drawers and shelves were left not put together in complete disarray. This move was by far the worst move and company that I have ever dealt with. I was charged for things that I should not have been, overcharged, and charged when things were not assembled when we got to the new place. The things that are missing are very specific, which leads me to believe that they were stolen, not lost. My moms bed is still sitting on the floor not put together because we can't even find the screw to put it together and everything else, we had to hire a contractor to come put together because they didn't yet charged us for it. Scam artists! I'm reporting them to the BBB, yelp and am in the process of suing them.

Company Info

Cal 1 Moving & Storage located in 2010 Crow Canyon Pl #100, San Ramon, CA 94583, USA,San Ramon,,CA , U.S.A View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

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