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Allstate Moving and Storage

4.5 (22 Reviews)
5601 A Lafayette Pl, Hyattsville, MD 20781, USA
Toll Free: (888) 220-6683
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Review Summary

22 reviews

Sharona Noaks
Jul 24,2018

I had a nice time moving from Michigan to Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Courtesy of Allstate Moving and Storage, I was able to relocate peacefully. The team had a good sense of organisation. Their high levels of cooperation ensured that the relocation was not only successful but also memorable. Every bit of it was a proof of their professionalism. The way they moved the chairs handled my books and carried my Ultra HD flat screen televisions left me admiring their prowess. They had confidence in themselves and it paid off!

Amber Hagan
Jul 23,2018

It was an awesome idea involving this crew. The idea came from my spouse. We were moving in together for the first time so we needed a bigger house. It was within United States. I needed quick and affordable relocation services. Allstate Moving and Storage turned out to be the best candidate for the job. I did not have so nay properties, but my books were quite voluminous. The four relocation experts together with the driver ensured that I relocated safely and without any trouble. Their services were awesome. They took a shorter time discharging their duties. All these reasons make them the best relocation team for me.

Jul 21,2018

Allstate Moving and Storage made a clean and perfect reputation with me. I cannot forget to talk about how successful they made my day. They were different from the start. Allstate Moving and Storage made me feel covered. They took care of my packaging where they used their own cartons. I cannot forget to mention how they worked tirelessly to clean up my new residence on arrival. They made the impossible possible for me. Why prefer other when they have all I need? I will forever give them the chance to prove themselves more and more.

Peyton Blevins
Jul 19,2018

I would like to appreciate Allstate Moving and Storage for enabling me move with so much ease. Your services were truly incredible. Although I was not present during the actual relocations, the status in which I found everything proved to me that you are perfect. My wife told me how cooperative your team was. I cannot wait to hire you out again because I am certain it will be another awesome relocation experience. The diligence of the crew ensured that they delivered everything in superb condition. I cannot hesitate to recommend Allstate Moving and Storage to others.

Kyleigh Branch
Jul 18,2018

Although I was expecting something great, I did not expect Allstate Moving and Storage to pull out such a wonderful relocation job. The whole team was just awesome. Every part of the relocation was fixed with so much care. I cannot sight any single case of damage during the relocation. The whole team was careful not to disappoint me. There was no loss. For all these reasons, they will forever remain my choice of Relocation Company. My husband and I are very pleased by what Allstate Moving and Storage did for us. They exhibited great efficiency, diligence, and reliability as they are guys who know what needs to be done.

Ann Longsdorf
Jul 18,2018

I loved their relocation services because of the nature of commitment involved. However, what inspired me most was the kind of customer support available. I was so amazed by Allstate Moving and Storageís readiness to attend to my needs. When I got in touch with one of their experts, he was ready to answer all the questions I had about their company. Also, he promised me that there would be timely services in the relocation date. I am glad that they were able to stick to that promise. They handled all things with care, and their efficiency and organization was superb. They worked like crazy and managed to finish the packing and loading in under two hours.

Olivia Sanchez
Jul 17,2018

That was a great relocation team, there is no doubt about that. I was a personal witness when they relocated my elder brother from the family home in Georgia to a new house in California. Before the relocation services, I saw the quotes and they were so favourable. Because of the low quotes, I did not expect anything spectacular to come out of the relocations. I was truly wrong because, during the relocation, Allstate Moving and Storage proved a point, they were the perfect blend of affordability and credibility and affordability. I am grateful.

Concha Biddle
Jul 17,2018

Allstate Moving and Storage is the relocation company for me. For the two times that I have used their services, they have been incredibly good. The last experience is when I was relocating from West Virginia to Arizona. The experts facilitated that relocation in a friendly way. We talked all through the relocation services making the experience a lovely and memorable one. It was surely a job well done. I rarely give a second chance to a company that does shoddy work. I cannot treasure such companies and they canít stand any referrals from me. I have always had problems with many relocation companies for meddling with my stuff. For this last one, it was all a bit different. Allstate Moving and Storage crew was extra careful as if they were handling their own stuff.

Evelyn Robinson
Jul 15,2018

I am happy. It was possible to move from Ohio to Georgia using the least efforts. I was not expecting anything such spectacular. The quote I received was for average relocations so I did not expect anything more than that. However, the services I received were superb. Without inconveniencing me in any way, you facilitated easy and adorable relocations. Allstate Moving and Storage did it for me! Thank you so much for relocating me from Ohio to Georgia without any difficulties. I am happy!

Lennon Holcomb
Jul 14,2018

I am sure the next experience is going to be better. The last relocation venture I had with Allstate Moving and Storage crew was successful. Their team successfully relocated me from a two bedroomed house in Delaware to a bigger house in West Virginia. It was all wonderful! I am so much grateful to Allstate Moving and Storage for such a wonderful relocation experience. You offered me something that was out of the ordinary. The services were perfect, precise, and quite affordable. I do appreciate.

Company Info

Allstate Moving and Storage located in 5601 A Lafayette Pl, Hyattsville, MD 20781, USA,Hyattsville,,MD , U.S.A View On Map, but moving companies covered larger areas includes states nearby.

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Licenses & Certificates for Allstate Moving and Storage

Moving companies are required to register with the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) before they can perform interstate moves. You may click on Allstate Moving and Storage license numbers if you would like to view their record information.

ICC MC number: Not Updated
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: Not Updated
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

What is Allstate Moving and Storage cost for Out of State moves?

Based on reviews from our reviews database and information provided by our partners and reliable sources of people moving interstate, the estimated average costs, moving from International Van line Hub state or states nearby, are as follows.

Allstate Moving and Storage

Moving to the South East would be around $3,160.30. Moving to the West would be around $4,199.65. Moving to the North West would be around $4,436.25. Moving to the North Med West would be around $2,704.00. Moving to the South Med West would be around $3,352.54. Moving to the Far Med West would be around 3,295.50 Moving to the Far North Med West would be around 4,372.88 Moving to the Middle North West would be around 4,349.64 Moving to the Far North East would be around 2,873.00

Take into consideration that this pricing based on average size move.
It only means that Allstate Moving and Storage is Lower by an approximate of 35.56 % when it comes to long-distance moving average costs.

Take note that the prices provided based on data such as reviews and other sources. The estimated amount that you receive from the company is lower. Several factors, like shipment size, the distance between locations, and other services like Packing and assembly, will contribute to the price of the move.

Average service costs information

The average prices generated are based on our reviews of Allstate Moving and Storage. The rates will vary or change once you contact the company; usually, you will get a lower price in the estimate and go higher on the move itself.

There are factors like home size, the distance between locations, and other services like Packing and assembly.

The approximate moving costs are generated based on reviews on our database and data collected from other reliable sources and partners.
We based the calculations on five different prices based on five destinations or regions with five different prices. Also, the rates are determined by the moving company based on distance and season demand.

Our information based on the company's moves for a medium-sized house or a family apartment.
If you have a bigger house, move the price is going to be higher. And if you have a smaller house move, the price is going to be lower unless you have a higher amount of Packing.

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