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Aug 05,2016

Do not use this company! they dropped my dresser trying to move something to heavy for one guy and went down the ramp way to fast, lost control and destroyed my dresser. they offered 60 cents a pound for a dresser that costs $1048.86 to replace. needless to say i contacted the bbb and i already have my small claims court papers which will be filed on monday. they should have owned up to their mistake but instead are trying to worm out of it. they wanted to be cheap and rude. now it will cost them! see ya in court!

Joanne. Berry
Jun 15,2016

Everyone stay away from this company. They lie, they sell off your personal,furniture and anything that is worth money.Then they tell you they are moving your furniture and personals to another company.They give you a quote and Don t tell you they judge your furnture by ideas and when they get there you get charged a extra $2000. Thake my advice never do business with this company

Aug 24,2015

I am very unhappy with their customer service and the moving company the used. I was not given the right information when I called. They did not tell me that they have the right to deliver up 30 Days later then my desired  date. the driver comes in finally 15days passed my expecting delivery date charges me $160.00 because the spot that I had asked the building to keep open his semi is not good enough. i asked him to leave 3 of large pieces in certain places and assemble the pieces that were in assembled as per our contract. I leave for 1/2 hour, when I come back he is in his truck leaving I ask him to come back he said let me turn around I'll come back. He doesn't I call alliance back they bring him on a conference he says with a semi you expect me to come back it's a large truck to turn around in easy. do not hire them.

Barbara Barrington
Jun 08,2015

All of the reviews on YP looked good.  Initial call to Alliance was good.  I needed the movers to pack and move some items from a house.  I was told that I needed 25 boxes and assured that any boxes not used in move would be credited back to me.  I asked how many people would accompany driver and was told three other men and they would be done in two to three hours.  Deposit can be made on a credit card but balance is split in two and you MUST have cash or a Postal Money order at pick-up and delivery.  Initial driver was nice but only brought one additional helper.  They told me that they were independent movers that were contacted by Alliance.  They packed items that were to be left at the house.  They left three drawers and two cabinets full of things.  They left all of the tape trash and cardboard pieces all over the floor.  On the list of articles, they listed every item as having a chip or scratch to cover their actions.  Before delivery, Alliance called to tell me that the balance was more than original quote.  I argued and even told them that we had not used all of the boxes they have delivered.  I had my money order for the original amount and told them that was all I had. Second driver and yet another man delivered 45 minutes after the time he told me that he would be there.  Items were put in a storage unit.  After walking to unit, driver told me that they charged a "distance" fee if the unit was not at the front.  He then told me that he could waive that if I gave them a tip.  One table was broken  and he told me that there was nothing they could do that I would have to call Alliance directly.  They left all of the trash in the storage building floor and did not re-assemble tables.  When I called Alliance to report boken item, they told me to contact the independent shipper.  I also mentioned that I was to get a refund for the unsured boxes, I was told that independent mover did that.  I told them that they did not and I wanted Alliance to credit my card with that amount.  They were to call me back and I am still waiting.  Very disappointing!  We have moved multiple times with corporate moves and this was the worse experience I have ever had.

Jun 01,2015

For starters, the movers, US Home Movers, LLC were supposed to arrive between 9 - 11 am and they did not show up until 2:30 pm with a truck that was too SMALL!  What’s more, they did not have enough blankets or straps or proper moving equipment.  They were two twenty-four year old kids who have no vested interest in the company but are just working to make a quick buck.  In desperation, because my house was sold and needed to be empty by 10:00 am the next day, I let them proceed.  The movers were inexperienced and incapable.  I had to take apart the furniture for them and help them load the truck.  The movers did not get finished until 1:00 AM!  Yet, the movers took their smoke breaks and we fed them dinner.  These kids assured me they knew what they were doing and could handle everything.  I was stupid for believing them!  Don’t make the same mistake I did!  The two guys dead lifted my piano, almost crashing it in the process and they scratched it up.  However, we were assured by Alliance when we hired them that they were capable of moving pianos and had the equipment to do so.  For fear of my piano being destroyed or crushing someone, I had to hire a separate piano company to move my piano off the truck because it was obvious these kids were incapable and unequipped and the moving company offered no reimbursement for the extra $235 I spent.  My dining room table and the leaves were deeply scratched in multiple places and the movers claimed they had never had any damages before.  They even tried to suggest my furniture was scratched prior to the move.  Yet, one of them slipped up and said they loaded the truck wrong and the table and its leaves should have been placed between the mattresses.  I had 5 twin mattresses on the truck!  Needless to say, my furniture is destroyed and I feel completely taken advantage of.  My piano bench and piano is also severely scratched and so is my TV armoire, and a desk is broken.  This company and the movers it sub-contracts is deceptive and unprofessional.  This is the worst experience I have ever had with any business!  It was a complete nightmare and I am still trying to recover from it.  Alliance is just a broker and has no accountability.  Do not use Alliance or trust them!  If you do, you will be sorry.  I know I am.

February's Diary
Apr 13,2015

Fellow consumers, please do your homework before hiring movers or using BROKERS. I put a deposit down with Alliance Moving Services (a broker) for moving services. The customer service rep who helped me was kind and seemed to be very helpful. I had an emergency arise which caused a change in plans concerning my move. When I called to cancel, I was told that I missed the refundable deposit deadline by one day. This caused me to lose $610. While I was very upset that I couldn’t get even a portion of my money back (I was told this by a manager), I notified (e-mail) them that I would definitely reflect in my online reviews the fact that this business is strict in its policy concerning the deposit and you should not expect them to give you even a portion of the amount back. Though I thought this wasn’t “customer-friendly,” I understood contracts and the way they work. BUT THEIR RESPONSE TO THIS IS WHAT CAUGHT ME OFF-GUARD AND  OFFENDED ME. AFTER E-MAILING THEM CONCERNING MY DISAPPOINTMENT AND CANCELLATION OF SERVICES, I RECEIVED AN E-MAIL BACK FROM SOMEONE CLAIMING TO BE THE OWNER. I SAY “CLAIMING” BECAUSE THE VERBIAGE USED IN THE E-MAIL DID NOT SEEM TO BE CONSISTENT WITH WHAT I WOULD EXPECT FROM UPPER MANAGEMENT OR HIGHER. Here are a few quotes: “ I am the one of the owners for Alliance Moving Services. I am personally responding to this because your email concerns me tremendously as I cannot comprehend how people like you exist.” “I am a believer in karma and i am eager to find out one day how your destiny will be manifested due to your negative and rude actions these days.”  (I had not posted any negative reviews at this point, but had only told them that I would be posting reviews concerning the fact that I was unable to get my deposit back because I missed the deadline by one day) “I bet you if you go ask your own kids what you did, that they will even tell you that what your doing is wrong.” (I don’t have any kids) (Note: I did not change the incorrect wording or lack of capitalization)   In the e-mail, the “owner” also calls me a hypocrite and discusses that my “lies” can cause commissions to be lost. I will spare you the whole e-mail, but THIS PERSON, E-MAILING AS THE OWNER, ATTACKED MY CHARACTER. THIS PERSON DID NOT KNOW ME OR ANYTHING ABOUT ME BUT MADE SEVERAL ASSUMPTIONS. I have no reason to lie and only state the facts. I confess that I missed the deadline by a day (though the wording on the contract concerning the deadline was worded differently in three separate places).  But based on this response, this is definitely not a company you want to do business with. Instead of just acknowledging my complaint and saying “we’re sorry for your inconvenience,” they took the time to e-mail me a nasty e-mail attacking me as a person. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING USING THIS COMPANY (THEY ARE A BROKER) PLEASE RECONSIDER.

Chuks Paul
Apr 07,2015

As far as the pick up process they did show up on time (Unique Movers and Storage).  However, they took over an hour to double check the inventory.  There one one guy who took over an hour just to calculate additional fees.  I always expect additional charges but I thought that the pickup process was much slower than I was used to.  This person also did not know the difference between a remaining balance and a grand total.  When I tried to explain it to him, he basically accused me of asking him to lie for me.  This was a little offensive but I took it gracefully.  On a positive note I was able to get his supervisor to understand this which was good.  The guy later came back and apologized.  However, despite all of this they did a decent job.   The delivery process was atrocious from the beginning.  I was called 8 pm the night before (from a northern Los Angeles number) to be told that they would be delivering my things the next morning between 8 and 10 am.  I had a 5:25 flight the next day and I explained this to them.  I feel like I was not given a choice and I had no flexibility.  I would like to have had a choice of days when they could make a delivery based on the availability of both parties.  I work like most people.  What if I had something scheduled the next day.  I only allowed this because I knew I would have to pay $500 if I had to reschedule and $100 dollars for every hour they had to wait for me.  The next day I waited until 10:10 before I called the driver.  It seemed that he had no idea that he was supposed to make a delivery, an obvious lack of communication.  He told me that he would be there in an hour and he showed up 11:40 am which was about an hour and a half later.  I had also told him that I had a 5:25 pm flight.  Up until then I was still somewhat okay with everything.  He then showed up.  I had a money order ready for him.  I figured since I made the last money order out to Unique Movers and Storage that I should do the same thing this time.  But no, I had to run back to the post office and get another money order and write it to the driver.  Apparently he works for a different moving company.  I've never had this happen before.  I'm still fine.  It was a minor inconvenience but I want the driver to be paid appropriately.  However, as the hours went but I realized that these people were moving really slowly.  I saw the driver standing in the moving van texting on his phone which is completely unprofessional.  He clearly had no respect for my time.  I had two bed frames to put together, he could not put one together because the nails were missing.  Maybe the other movers misplaced them, maybe he lost them, who really knows.  He could not put the other one together because of ineptitude.  Of all of the things disassembled for the move only one dresser was reassembled which was basically attaching the mirror to the dresser using a few screws.  It was 4:10 and I had a 5:25 flight to go to my best friends wedding.  I basically told the movers to leave because I just did not have any more time for them. As of this writing I have assemble one of the bed frames by myself and placed a mirror on the other dresser.  I have used Alliance Moving Services once before and things went well but after this experience I will never use them again.  This was an abysmal experience because of a move marred by incompetence and apathy.

Ken Ameika
Feb 12,2015

I hope this will help anyone who might be considering Alliance.  I give suggestions I hope will help if you are already committed.I open with:  Alliance Moving Services is a scam.   This message is intended to help you navigate them, if you are in their grips.First, how the relationship works:   Alliance Moving Services is a broker.  They own zero trucks.  They are a phone bank with sales people.   When one calls, suggestions of "talking to dispatch" and such are common.  The truth is, there is no dispatch.   They put you on 'hold' and goof off for a few moments, then give you an answer you want to hear.Alliance Moving Services business model works as follows:   a. The customer is sold on a low-price, less-than-load move.b. Alliance 'Re-sells" your move opportunity to the small carriers.  c. Alliance takes their fee (which happens to be your down payment.  They pay themselves first), then hands you off smaller, independent movers.There is NOTHING wrong with this.  Brokers serve the market, as the moving companies tend to not invest marketing and sales capacity.How Alliance operates is fraudulent.   (I do not worry about accusations of  slander.  I have documentation to support my claim.  I intend to pursue it.)Alliance Business Model:1. Sell the opportunity at any cost.  Their bid is intentionally ambiguous.   Objective?  Set the hook.2. Within the seven day window of cancellation, Alliance will ask "Quality Assurance" to call you.  Reason will be found for you to pay more. (Example in a moment.)  "Quality Assurance" is another layer of sales.3. Subsequently, you'll be passed to your local, independent mover.  You will NEVER speak to anyone at Alliance who can add value from that moment forward.  Alliance will extract the maximum from you, then your move is sold to a least-cost independent truck line.EXAMPLE of SCAM:   "Your move is within 2000 lbs.  The price - not to exceed- is $1,500 "and 72 pennies" from 'origin' to 'destination'.   At the time of commitment, I repeatedly asked about "volume".   Trevor, the sales guy, said, "It's all about the weight!  Don't worry about volume.  You have a sofa and a table and a xyz."    Within the 7-day rescind window - no turning back - Alliance will ask a "Quality Assurance" agent to call you.  They will ask, "Please send us the volumes of each article."     Reply: ..."Sir, the volumes are much too large.  You owe an additional $349 and 17 pennies."  (note the "pennies."  That's their twitchy parlance.  "xyz dollars and abc pennies."  MANAGING ALLIANCE (or any broker) :#1.   Get a quote and be specific.  Be prepared:  have your weights (estimate) and your volumes in a sheet.   If you are already under contract and not within seven days, you can exit.  Documentation = power over Alliance.#2.   PUT EVERYTHING into writing.    Weights, volumes, price. Schedule.   Verbal communication is not admissible.   Documentation is power.  Alliance will attempt to minimize written communication.#3.   Get the email address of the SALES person.  Once sold, access is restricted to the salesperson; their system contains "blockers" to prevent you from actually speaking with the people who made the initial commitments.#4.   READ and UNDERSTAND the binding contract.  Particular attention:  "Additional Accessorial Services and Fees."  AND #9.  READ IT AND UNDERSTAND IT.#5.   (!) WHEN Alliance calls to ask for more money, say "NO."  Refer them to "item #9 of the binding contract."   Tell them you will work with the moving company directly to settle any discrepancy!Now for the MOVE: My move - to Florida from the Northeast - was fulfilled by a small moving company from NJ.   I paid ~$1500.   The moving company received $895.   Alliance earned $615 for their brokerage services.    When you talk to the moving company, you have entered into a new relationship.  Alliance is out of the picture.   You must remember, small companies MUST fill their truck FULL to make money.   Small businesses cannot not lose money.  This said, I was happy with them.  They were 2 weeks late; but they did deliver.  They were honest and courteous.   My suggestions to YOU:a. Find a local moving company.  Ask them if they deliver to your region.   Get a quote directly.   Avoid brokers.  b. Treat the moving company with respect.  They are small business operators and will respond in-turn.   Alliance is a sleezy broker.   From the body language, the movers do not think much of Alliance either.c. If you use a broker - ANY broker - get everything in writing.   Understand your contract.   Alliance will use ignorance against you.I sincerely hope this helps.    I did get my furnishings to Florida within the quoted budget, as I recognized the Alliance game early.   The moving company, a five-truck outfit out of Northern NJ, worked well.  I wish I approached them directly

Amos Rothstein
Jan 12,2015

DO NOT USE ALLIANCE!!!       I am a fool, I should have looked on here prior to giving them my deposit.  I needed a mover to move our apartment from Yakima, WA to Washington, DC with short notice after our previous moving plans fell through.  I spoke to a number of moving companies but chose Alliance because of the reasonable rates and constant reassurance they gave my girlfriend and me that in fact that our stuff would actually in fact be moved from point A to B. This decision was one of my biggest mistakes I’ve ever made.  I paid the deposit ($550) and told them I wanted to have my things picked up on Dec. 23rd and was given a two day window between the 23rd and 24th which was fine.  I got a call from James Vincent from the company on the 19th of December going over the inventory and having him inform me that I would be contacted on the 22nd (the day before my pickup window started) to confirm pickup time by him directly.  During the phone call on the 19th I had to re-explain that the 23rd was my preferred day and go over every logistic from the beginning with him regarding the travel details. On the 22nd I never received a call during the time period James gave me in which he said he’d call.  I decided to call in myself and spent 46 minutes on hold with Alliance never actually getting ahold of a live person, I had to hang up because my lunch break was over and I couldn’t wait any longer.  This is a terrible way to start out a cross country move.  I ended up calling the next morning when they opened, after spending 15 minutes on hold I finally got in touch with Rachell Schiappa, who couldn’t have been a more frigid ice queen if she tried. She was seriously impolite, like I was really bothering her by call, she did confirm however that I would be picked up between 3-6 pm on the 24th and that I was the 2nd load this truck was picking up assuring me of space for our Items.  She also told me I’d be getting a call from the trucking company directly later that day, that never happened.  At 6:30 am the next day (the 24th and pick up day) I get a call from the ice queen herself, Rachell, saying that I in fact I was the 3rd pickup of the day and when I reminded her of her promise she made me the day before about definitely having room for our things and also being the 2nd pick up of the day she said I was lying and that didn’t happen. It did happen. She also informed me that our stuff was not going to be picked up and that we were S**t out of luck.  It was Christmas eve, there were no other trucks, and it was also the last day we could be in our apartment.  We were screwed. When I let her know of our situation and asked to speak with someone higher up, she said “thank you for choosing Alliance” and hung up the phone on me.  My girlfriend called to attempt to speak to someone in management to let them know that we were going to miss Christmas with her family because of their ineptitude and after a substantial amount of time on hold she got Rachell.  She told her how much we’d been screwed and asked to be transferred to management, Rachell said “happy holidays” and hung up on her also.  We were stuck with a lot of packed boxes in a cold apartment hours away from our families on Christmas eve.  We had to do three 10 hour round trip drives one with a mini van and on the last drive with a u-haul that cost $480 to get things out of our apartment last minute to dump all of the things in my girlfriends parents garage for the time being.  We missed a good deal of our last Christmas before moving across the country because of this.  I moved across the country alone for a job I had to start, and she had to stay with her parents because she was left to deal with figuring out getting our things across the country virtually on her own.  Alliance Moving Services is a group of soulless, heartless, cruel, lying scam artists who I feel honestly take sick pleasure in screwing over their own customers.  I wish I could give them negative stars.  I hope they end up bankrupt and on the streets.  These are the worst human beings running the worst moving company known to man. DON’T USE ALLIENCE MOVING SERVICES!

Kathy Gennuso
Jan 10,2015

First of all Alliance misrepresents themselves, they are not a moving company they are brokers. Our stuff was picked up by a company called U Box It in Atlanta. Rather than heading to AZ they took all of our household belongings to a warehouse in Atlanta. It sat in their warehouse for 70 days before finally heading to AZ. Several items including our couch went missing. Couch showed up 6 weeks later. U Box It didn't bring our stuff. Rather a company called Denny's from Boston! Stuff is broken, damaged and missing. Horrible, horrible customer service! I was yelled at, cursed at and hung up on. Alliance will not return my calls.

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