Moving to Los Angeles

If you are planning on moving to Los Angeles, the first thing that you need to be aware of is that the city is massive. The total land area is almost half of the entire Rhode Island. The city is so vast that it is currently the home of more than 4 million people. For those who are coming from a small town, living in LA can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience. Nonetheless, with a lot of space that the city can offer, you will have all the time you need to relax and breathe.

  1. What is the Best Neighborhood in Los Angeles?
  2. What is the Cost of Living in Los Angeles?
  3. How Do You Get Around in Los Angeles?
  4. What Are the Best Things to Do in Los Angeles?
  5. How’s the Weather in Los Angeles?
  6. Is it Safe in Los Angeles?
  7. Pros and Cons of Living in Los Angeles

A Complete Guide on Moving to Los Angeles

Most of the LA natives will be welcoming to all transients. Therefore, you should not have any problem adjusting to your new life. Nevertheless, we want to make things easier for you by giving you all the information that you require when relocating to a large city.

What is the Best Neighborhood in Los Angeles?

If you have friends around the area, you might want to crash in their house for a couple of days to get a closer insight into the city. You will be able to give yourself the right time to adjust and avoid regrets. When picking the right neighborhood, you need to think about your needs. You want to ensure that everything is within your grasp, and you are in your comfort zone. Here are some of our recommendations.

  • Downtown- There is a large selection of apartments in Downtown LA. Living here will put you closer to the shopping area, nightclubs, and restaurants. From being a place filled with abandoned buildings, the area today has become home to refurbished houses of the creative community. The downtown area has transformed into a face of a prime urban jungle and exciting amenities. It is not impossible to find an apartment that offers different conveniences such as parking, city-views, on-site gyms, and pool.
  • Hollywood- This trendy neighborhood is nestled on the Hollywood Hills, where you can find some of the most grandiose houses. Apart from the locals here, the area will be filled with tourists who are visiting some of the attractions such as the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Dolby Theater, and Chinese Theater.
  • Wilshire Center- For those who want to experience life in Korea, you don’t need to travel to do that. Wilshire Center is the home of Koreatown, where there is a convergence of flash clubs, karaoke joints, and tabletop grills. It is the place where you can have a taste of Korean Barbecue.
  • Warner Center- This place is a new development in Woodland Hills. It is the preferred destination of millennials and young professionals who are moving to Los Angeles. It offers a luxurious living that is surrounded by green space and lush. It is also an excellent place for those who have an active lifestyle. You can go on a hiking trip or ride on your mountain bike and follow the trail.
  • Marina Del Rey- For those who love the waters, this place will be difficult to ignore. You can spend the weekend sailing on waters. It is also close to the heart of the city but with more relaxed surroundings. Apart from visiting the pubs and the galleries, you can also head to Venice Beach, where you can enjoy sports fishing or parasailing.
  • Beverly Hills- This place is an exclusive and close-knit community where the streets are lined with trees. The area can be divided into a glitzy and glamorous part of the neighborhood and the tranquil and quiet residential homes.

What is the Cost of Living in Los Angeles?

Living in a city where everything is within your grasp will undoubtedly be convenient but expensive. It would be best if you were strategic to control your monthly expenses. You should also be aware that the traffic here is a killer. Look for a lodging option close to your work to save a great deal of cash on your transportation expenses.

  • Housing Cost- The housing options and properties in LA will be expensive. You need to make sure that you have the right budget when moving to Los Angeles. The monthly rental cost for a single-bedroom apartment is about $1,450; however, if you choose to live in a neighborhood away from the city center, the price will be lower at $1,000. For those who want to purchase a property, your bank account must be prepared to avail of the fluctuating cost in the city. The cost per sq meter in the metropolis is at $5, 187.07. To the neighborhood outside of the city border, the cost per sq meter is $2,152.78. If you want to save some cash, it is common in the city to share a house or apartment.
  • Food Cost- Thanks to the population diversity of Los Angeles, you can find food and restaurant that will satisfy your craving. There is a strong presence of Japanese and Mexican cuisine, but you will discover that each ethnicity is well represented in the food scene. Depending on the quality of rice, the price here ranges at around $3.00-$6.80. For the beef, the price range is about $5.84-$19.84. If you plan to dine in an affordable restaurant, the cost can start at $10 and can increase unpredictably.
  • Transportation Cost- Compared to other cities, locals will prefer to use their vehicle when going to work that will cause congestion in the road. Los Angeles has a decent bus and railway system. A single adult ticket cost at $1.75, a one-day unlimited ticket, will be more affordable at $7.00 for those who need to travel multiple times. If you want to save more cash monthly ticket that costs $100 is a good option. For a student, you can choose a student pass for only $24.
  • Taxes- California is subjecting one of the highest tax rates in the country. The sales tax that the city imposed on its residents is 9% and will be added to any acquired services and goods. For those who have a home in Los Angeles, you will have to settle a property tax. Residents who will purchase an apartment or house will also be subjected to Property Transfer Tax.

How Do You Get Around in Los Angeles?

Heavy traffic is an unfortunate and common part of your life in Los Angeles. You can say that it is a dedicated driving city; it will be tough to survive in this place without a car. Los Angeles was given with a walkability score of 67 and a bike score of 55. The public transportation score is only at 53. However, if you still want to live in Los Angeles and fully rely on other modes of transportation, here are some of your options.

  • Ride-Sharing App- Lyft and Uber are available in the city and very affordable. Using express and shared-ride options will help you save extra cash since the price of fuel here is high. You can also rent a car at Zipcar. Apart from car-sharing, there are also bike-sharing services in the city. You can either use a bike or a scooter, and some of them are under the management of Lyft and Uber. Just be careful with your driving.
  • Public Transportation- As we mentioned above, most locals are using their cars to drive around the city. Public transportation, however, is intended for the tourists. The Metro is affordable and fairly easy to use. To get access to the transportation system of the city, we advise you to get a TAP Card. You can find a TAP machine at the subway station and bus station and can use the three systems; Metro Rail Trains, DASH buses, and Metro Buses. Metro Buses has more than 200 lines that cover all routes in the city. Metro Railway Trains has express lines that will lead you to Downtown.

What Are the Best Things to Do in Los Angeles?

It will be difficult for you to run out of interesting things to do in Los Angeles. From weekend trips to nightlife, the city will welcome you to an exciting culture and unique recreation that will satisfy all your senses. If you are a new transient, here are some of the things that you should check out.

  • Experience the Nightlife-There are limitless options when you are looking for a place to spend your night. There is a variety of night clubs that are hosting different events. The dizzying amount of options will ensure you that you will not make any wrong choice. You can go to the Downtown or nearby communities such as Hollywood, Los Feliz, and Silver Lake, where all the roads will lead you to craft cocktails and bars. You can find your perfect night spot in Los Angeles as soon as you move into this city. However, do not feel depressed if the shop closes since there will always be a new establishment on the way.
  • Discover New Things at the Museum- Moving to Los Angeles will also welcome you to a lively local museum scene. The city is proud of its Art District, where the streets are filled with colorful art and unique architectural designs. If you are looking for contemporary artwork, visit The Broad, where you can see a vast collection of paintings, canvasses, and sculptures. For the traditionalists, Getty Museum houses the works of Van Gogh and Michelangelo. LACMA is another must-see place that highlights more than 135,000 artworks in the Western US. The lighting installation in this area is also stunning.
  • Shopping- Your life in Los Angeles will not be complete without shopping adventures. Whether you are looking for vintage stuff or high-end products, you can find them all here. Visit some of the renowned places here in Los Angeles, where you can find furniture and things inside your wardrobe that you will need during your stay here. For women, make sure to head to Sunset Strip, where you can look for fashionable items at Fred Segal. Apolis Common Gallery, on the other hand, is excellent for men’s needs. The Westside also has perfect establishments to complete your shopping list.
  • Go on An Outdoor Adventure- Those who are living in Los Angeles will enjoy the great weather that is perfect for exploring the outdoors. For a breathtaking view of Los Angeles City, you can go to Griffith Park. It is the most prominent public space in the city where the LA Zoo is located. You can also go on a horseback ride while visiting some of the critical areas. Follow the trail at the Eaton Canyon that will lead you to the waterfall. For those who want to remain in the urban jungle, you can stay at Venice Canals, where the streets are adorned with trees.
  • Join a Family-Friendly Activity- For the young residents of Los Angeles, there are so many things happening. From Universal Studios and Disneyland to the LA Zoo and museums, the city offers its residents access to family-friendly activities. It is a perfect opportunity for an adult to feel like a kid once more. Peterson Automotive Museum offers car simulation that you will surely enjoy. You and your kids will never be bored in exploring the city.

How’s the Weather in Los Angeles?

The city is known for having clear and sunny days. While you may not receive sunshine 365 each year, it will be pretty close to that. Los Angeles has an average of 292 days of sunshine. Only 35 days yearly will be wet. Based on the study, Los Angeles comes in third when it comes to the city with the most pleasant weather condition.

  • Summer- Los Angeles will experience a hot and dry summer. The summer will officially start in the last week of June or in the first week of July. It will then last until October. The average high temperature in LA is around 84.8 degrees, and the median low is about 65.6 degrees. The temperature recorded at LAX Airport is slightly the same. However, for the entire region, it will not be surprising for the heat to go over 90 degrees. September will usually be the hottest month.
  • Winter- The winter season in this city can be described as something gentle. The median high temperature in Downtown will fall at 68 degrees and lows of 48 degrees. Therefore, you will never have to hibernate inside the house during the winter season. Across the city, the temperature will rarely drop to 40 degrees. You can also encounter occasional rains during this season.
  • Autumn and Spring- With the type of climate that LA has, you will hardly recognize autumn and spring season. There will be winter-like temperatures through April and May, and Kune will typically feel like a transition period. The Summer-like weather will persist until November.

Is it Safe in Los Angeles?

For those who are planning to build their family or career in Los Angeles, you want to know if it is safe in this city. LA has this reputation of being less secure due to the high incidence of crime. Nonetheless, once you compared it with similar cities, the city has shown a dramatic reduction in crime. Based on the report released by the FBI, Los Angeles is still the 5th safest major city. Compared to New Orleans, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, LA still has a lower crime rate.

It would help if you also were alert to the seasonal problems that LA will experience. For instance, a wildfire can often be tragic and unpredictable here. Last 2018, Woolsey Fire has ravaged a total of 96,949 land acres and has been described as the most disastrous fire in the history of the city. Earthquakes can also hit LA. Thousands of earthquakes will happen in LA every year, but most of them are insignificant, and only 20 will be above Magnitude 4. You should also be aware that LA lies in the Santa Ynez fault lines that can be a source of a major earthquake in the future.

Pros and Cons of Living in Los Angeles

There are different advantages and also drawbacks when moving to Los Angeles. Whether you want a serene lifestyle or an active and chaotic life, the city has something to offer to everyone.


  • There’s always something fun to discover. With different activities that will suit all our needs, there will never be a dull moment in this city. Whether you want a tranquil hike in the woodlands or dance to the noisy night of the town, there will be something that will appease your lifestyle and taste.
  • Great weather. The summer will not be scorching hot, and the winter will be mild.
  • The diversity in the population gave unique characteristics to its neighborhood, architecture, and cuisine. If you are coming from a place where English is not the first language, you will not be overwhelmed since you will find the same community here.


  • Well, it’s expensive. The fuel cost and the rental cost for the vehicle will add to your daily expenses. It will not be impossible for your monthly fees to reach thousands of dollars.
  • It will take some time for you to reach your destination since traffic jams here are notorious.


While the city is known for exorbitant prices and competitive nature, you will never have trouble fitting in with the community. The locals are very welcoming and accepting of transients. Moving to Los Angeles is relocating to a diverse and multicultural city.


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