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Some people may call it Sin City, but Las Vegas is a place of world-class hospitality and top-notch entertainment. For those who reside in this city, their everyday life is not always filled with glamour. You may be shocked to know that some areas of Las Vegas will give you the suburban feel. There are also historical areas that will remind you of the old days. The diverse collection of neighborhoods in this city provide the place with uniqueness and global flair. Moving to Las Vegas will welcome you to an area with the noise of a city and the charm of a small town.

  1. How’s the Weather in Las Vegas?
  2. What is the Population of Las Vegas?
  3. What Are the Best Places to Live in Las Vegas?
  4. What is the Cost of Living in Las Vegas?
  5. How’s the State of Employment in Las Vegas?
  6. How’s the State of Education in Las Vegas?
  7. How Do You Get Around in Las Vegas?
  8. What Are the Best Things to Do in Las Vegas?

Everything That You Must Know When Moving to Las Vegas

Whether you want to move to Las Vegas for a change in surroundings, to have a family, or to jumpstart your career, you want to ensure that the transition will be smooth. To help you immediately adapt to your new environment, we listed some of the necessary information about the city that you need to know.

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How’s the Weather in Las Vegas?

Weather can be an essential topic when someone is relocating to Las Vegas. For those who are not used to the hot weather, the summer season can be brutal, especially during July and August. There will be monsoon storms that will cool the temperature a bit these months. Sometimes, there will not be enough rain in Vegas. There are summers when the city will only experience a small amount of rain that is even insufficient to grow your cactus. Nonetheless, there is still a range of indoor entertainments that will keep you busy and various ways to keep yourself fresh.

The winter season in this city is cold. The temperature at midday may reach around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. This weather would be a perfect day to play golf outside. The temperature in the weather can change unpredictably. It will not be surprising for the temperature to drop to 40-degrees in the morning. Therefore, you should not hastily toss your thick clothes and cute sweaters. The chilly winter and the hot summer season mean that you need a diverse set of clothes that will keep you comfortable. Most of the time, you will need to wear an ensemble ideal for summer. However, you will still need to wear layered clothes to handle the heat outside and the cold air-conditioned room indoors.

  • Winter- January, and December will be the coldest month. You may have to wear some light winter clothing. The median temperature will be around mid-50s at day and can drop to low 30-degrees at night.
  • Summer- The summer season will bring some monsoon rains. It is also not surprising to experience some thunderstorms and an incredible cloud formation that will shower rain for a specific period. It can be a beautiful part of the year, but you should also be wary of flooding. The locals will have to be always on alert since the flood control system in the area is not efficient. It can be common to find a car getting stuck on floodwaters or vehicles being swept by the strong current of flood.
  • Spring and Fall- Spring will happen in March and may extend up to the first week of May. Fall, on the other hand, will start in September and will end in November. The weather during this period will be comfortable. Spring is the most exciting part of the year for the locals. You will be exposed to a generous amount of sunshine in the day, and you will prefer wearing a light sweater at night.

What is the Population of Las Vegas?

According to the Census, the current population of Las Vegas is 644,644. However, the entire Clark County has a total population of at least 2 million people. Based on the study, the numbers will continue to grow in the next few years. From 2011-2016, the people in Nevada has grown an average of 8.5%. In the last 50 years, Nevada has become the fastest-growing state in the country. The population diversity in the city is also commendable. 43% of the residents are White, and 31% are Hispanic. The minor part of the population belongs to the 12% Black and 10% Asian; 4% of the population belong to another ethnicity. There is a significant percentage of the community that is Pacific Islander and Hawaiian.

What Are the Best Places to Live in Las Vegas?

Living in Las Vegas can be draining and exhausting. It is essential that you consider the things that you want and needs when you are looking for the best neighborhood. To help those who are planning to move to the city that never sleeps, we’ve created a short rundown of the areas that will be suitable for a variety of lifestyles.

  • The Scotch 80s- This place is where Nicholas Cage lives; that fact alone will encourage you to consider this place. It is a planned and gated community that will give you a small-town vibe. Despite being close to The Strip, this place offers a peaceful and relaxing ambience. It is a premium community, and not anyone will afford it. However, if you have enough money, you will love the amenities that the celebrities are enjoying. There are also different business personalities living here.
  • Mount Charleston- If you are looking for a secluded and quiet life, driving 45 minutes away from the city centre to reach this place would be worth it. Compared to the hot and dry weather of the city, the temperature here will be more relaxed. Since it is a mountain, you will get to experience four different types of climate here.
  • Seven Hills- This site is a planned and high-end neighborhood in Las Vegas. There are currently 2,500 homes here who are giving residential options for all the locals. You can also take advantage of the different amenities, including, the world-class golf course, parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, and areas that will give you an all-encompassing view of the city. If you want to make sure that this place will be suitable for you, you may join a virtual tour.
  • 18b- The place has been developed last 1998 to stimulate the local’s art scene. Since then, the area has grown beyond what is expected. You will not only see some vintage salon, art galleries, and clothing boutiques here, there are also antique stores and plenty of restaurants in the area.

What is the Cost of Living in Las Vegas?

You will be happy to know that Nevada is not imposing state tax. If you originally live in a state that comes with a higher tax, this alone will be enough to convince you to move here. While the overall cost of living is lower than the national average, you should also be aware that the median salary of the workers here is also lower. The average wage of Las Vegas employees is around $60,000. While it is comparable to the national average, it is lower than the median income of San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles City.

  • Housing Cost- The median rental cost of a one-bedroom apartment here is only $810 and may increase to $1,328. This price is more affordable when you compared it with other big cities such as Los Angeles. The mortgage payment in Las Vegas is higher than the monthly rental cost. The median value of the housing options here is $307,000. If you want to save money, a townhome or a condo will be less expensive at $171,250.
  • Utilities- Las Vegas is known for its blazing heat during the summer season. It will not be uncommon for the residents to experience 100-degrees Fahrenheit. The winter can also become too cold, and there are areas where snow can accumulate. The significant change in the weather may also translate on your utility bill. For an apartment with a thousand square feet, the average monthly utility cost will be $180.
  • Food Cost- Your food expenses in here will be close to the country’s average rate. A pound of chicken breast will start at $4, and dozens of eggs cost $2.35. If you choose to prepare your food and limit your spending in a restaurant, your monthly food expenses can fall at $400.
  • Transportation Cost- The cost of transportation in Las Vegas will be costlier compared to other cities. Apart from the value of the vehicle, you will have to deal with your auto insurance and fuel. Compared to the other cities in Nevada, the cost of insurance in Vegas is twice as much. Even if you choose to opt for the essential coverage, the cost will start at $100 each month. The price of gas per gallon here is $3.22, which is 14% higher compared to the national average rate.

How’s the State of Employment in Las Vegas?

There was this belief that the wealthiest people in the city are working as valet attendants at luxurious hotels. However, that is no longer the case these days. The local economy has become more diverse than ever. Some of the industries that are significantly contributing to the local’s economy include IT, health, and aerospace. Nonetheless, tourism is still the driving force of Vegas’ economy. In fact, last 2016, 44% of the population depends on the tourism sector. Out of the 25 best employers in the city, 11 of them are casinos and hotels.

While the tourism industry dominates the economy, there are various opportunities for you to work outside of this sector. There is also a lively housing market and ongoing expansion of the resorts that created jobs for construction. According to the Kaufman Index, it is the 5th best destination for startups. The current unemployment rate in the city is 4.3%.

How’s the State of Education in Las Vegas?

For families that are looking for educational opportunities for their kids, Las Vegas has a lot of things to offer to you. They have magnet, charter, private, and public schools that are serving the students in the area. Clark County School District is renowned for being the most diverse educational district in the entire state. A couple of high schools at Summerlin and Henderson are among the top performers in the country. Here are some of the prime educational institutions in this area.

  • UNLV (University of Nevada Las Vegas)- This is situated in the centre of the city. This institution offers the best hospitality programs in the US. Apart from that, UNLV also provides programs that deal with a variety of disciplines.
  • College of Southern Nevada- This institution has a range of satellite facilities and two campuses. It is still a young and developing state college where you can enrol for a 4-year course. You can specialize here in science, communication, nursing, and business.

How Do You Get Around in Las Vegas?

The traffic in Las Vegas will not be as bad as the congested road of other large cities. However, you may need to utilize your navigational skill to get to your destination efficiently. When moving during the rush hour, you might want to avoid the area of I-515, I-513, US 95, and US 93 since the traffic can quickly get on your nerves. If you plan to watch a live performance at The Strip, avoid using the Las Vegas Blvd. Koval Lane that runs parallel with it is the recommended route that will lead you to the resorts on the Eastern side. Here are some of the modes of transportation that you can use when in this city.

RTC Southern Nevada (Regional Transportation Commission) is managing the public transportation of Las Vegas. As years passed by, they continue to expand their service that reaches even suburban areas. While the system may not be as robust compared to other large and established cities, the expansion and continuing development continue to improve the system.

What Are the Best Things to Do in Las Vegas?

As the city that never sleeps, you can guarantee that you will have limitless things to do in Vegas. As a future resident of the town, you may want to take some of our recommendations into considerations. It will give you a better insight into the local culture.

  • The Food Scene- Tons of restaurant in the city will provide you with a range of ethnic and local food. Chinatown offers a variety of authentic Asian dishes. Henderson and Summerlin also have some exciting recipes to offer. Some of the places that you shouldn’t miss in The Strip are Momofuku, Costa di Mare, Carnevino, Aureole, Le Cirque, and Joel Robuchon. However, if you prefer to stay away from The Strip, some of your options are La Strega, FukuBurger, Chada Thai, Honey Salt, Atomic Liquor, Sparrow, and Wolf, and Other Mama.
  • Entertainment Scene- You have endless options if you are looking for a source of entertainment in Sin City. Even if you are planning to avoid The Strip, you will realize the reason why a lot of people are falling in love with Vegas. If you want to witness a live performance, The Smith Center would be an excellent site to visit. It is situated at Downtown and has been hosting the production of world-class acts such as the Nevada Ballet Center and Las Vegas Philharmonic. You can also see jazz performance and Broadway musical shows here. Cirque Du Soleil is another exciting option. You will need a quick trip to the Las Vegas Blvd to witness the amazing spectacle.
  • Museum- Vegas also has something to offer to the kids. The Discovery Children’s Museum houses a range of interactive exhibits that the children will adore. While the museum is designed mostly for kids, adults will also have fun seeing the display here.
  • Sports- From NHL to NFL fans, you will have a good time living here. Las Vegas is where you will find the Allegiant Stadium, which is the home of the Oakland Raiders. You can also witness the intensity of the crowd during the match of the Golden Knights.
  • Outdoor- Las Vegas is also an incredible site for outdoor adventures. Aside from the swimming pools and the golf courses here, there are parks that you can visit where the locals are playing soccer. Head to Lake Mead, where you can do bird watching, picnicking, and boating. There are also hiking trails nearby that will keep your sweat running. If you need a quick weekend getaway, there are popular attractions nearby. For instance, you can get to the Grand Canyon after a 5-hour drive. Mt Charleston, which is a renowned ski resort, is only a half-hour away from the city centre.

After reading the information we presented in this article, we hope that you will be excited about the idea of moving to Las Vegas. Nonetheless, we know that relocating can be stressful and tiring. If you think that you can’t handle it personally, do not hesitate to seek professional assistance. We will be ready to handle your inquiries and meet your demands. We have years of experience in the industry, and we can guarantee that we can provide you with the highest quality of service.

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