Moving Checklist When Changing Your Address

Due to the number of tasks that you need to complete, moving can be a stressful occasion. From packing your goods to setting up your house utilities, there are some tasks that are too complex that will overwhelm you. To help you navigate through the intricate process, we created a checklist that will assist you in changing your address. Hopefully, this will make your life easier and will make the transition process a lot simpler.

A Complete Guide on Changing Your Address


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After the last moving box has been delivered in your home and the essential utilities have been installed, you still need to change your address when you move. You need to ensure that your letters, packages, and bills will be brought to your new address.

Updating Your Mailing Address

You should start by changing your address at the USPS (US Postal Service).This agency is keeping a record of all your past address. It will then automatically send all your mails to your new location. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of this method, but the agency has its way to determine an outdated address. When you change your address through USPS, simply visit the official site of this agency. You will be charged at least $1 for the processing of your papers and verifying your identity. This means that you will need a debit or credit card to complete the process. For those who want to change it over the phone, you should call their toll free number 1-800-ASK-USPS. For those who don’t want to settle the verification fee, they can visit the office of the USPS.

Changing Your Billing Address

Your credit card company will never believe you, even on the off chance that the bill did not actually arrive. In order to guarantee that you will be receiving your bills, create a note on the bills that you are receiving. Contact each company and notify them to change your address when you move. Most companies will be willing to change your address to save time.

Changing Your Address on Subscriptions

Usually, changing your address with your magazine subscriptions can be completed online. Simply visit the official sites of the magazines and then input your customer number. Your customer number should be located either at the back of the magazines or at the inside of the latest issue. If you think this is a hassle, you can call the company and change the address through phone.

Driver’s License

In case you have to change your address when you move, you should also update your identification card and driver’s license. Usually, you should have around 30 days to update the information on your identification card. For those who failed to do this, they will have to incur hefty fines. Most of the states allow their residents to change it online. In case you can’t, you have to visit the office of the DMV.

Billing address should also be changed in case you are frequently buying items online and if you are a member of a club or organization. Changing your address will help you stay away from problems and ensure that you will receive all your letters, bills, and packages.