Here’s What You Should Know If You are Moving to Kansas

Whether you are moving to Kansas for an exciting adventure or a new job, you certainly will not regret your decision. The city is renowned for its affordable cost of living and a thriving economy. With new businesses opening in Kansas every day, you can guarantee that you will find a job opportunity that suits your skills. Plus, the housing options come with a reasonable tag price that will make it a great place to start your family.

  1. What is the Best Place to Live in Kansas?
  2. What is the Cost of Living in Kansas?
  3. Is It Safe in Kansas?
  4. How’s the Weather in Kansas?
  5. What Are the Job Opportunities in Kansas?
  6. How to Go Around in Kansas?
  7. How’s the State of Education in Kansas?
  8. What Are Some of the Utility Providers in Kansas?
  9. Pros and Cons of Moving to Kansas

Ultimate Guide on Moving to Kansas

Kansas is offering a high quality of life to those who want to be a resident of this city. It is not only a great place to stay, but it also has unique characteristics that will separate it from the rest of the towns at the Midwestern hemisphere. It has a continuously developing culinary and art scene, and the profound history will make you adore this charming city.

What is the Best Place to Live in Kansas?

If you haven’t done your research or you haven’t spent enough time in the neighborhood of Kansas, you may end up making a huge mistake in choosing a community that will not suit your needs. To help you pick the right location, we listed some of our recommendations of the neighborhoods that you can call as your next home.

  • Shoal Creek Valley- This place is nestled close to the base of the Ozark Mountains. It is a tiny community that is enclosed by agricultural lands. While many young professionals are moving here, almost all of the residents here are homeowners, while only a meager 13% are renters. It is the home of some of the best performing schools in the city. Plus, the fact that Missouri Southern State University is found here, it is not surprising that it has become the heart of healthcare and learning in the city. There are so many places that you can visit here; you can enjoy a day at the Shoal Creek Golf Course or join a tour at the historic site of Liberty Jail.
  • River Market- You can find it in the south of the Missouri River. It is a quaint and vibrant neighborhood that provides a lot of activities to its residents. Perhaps one of the main highlights of this place is the farmers market that is considered the biggest in the area. It includes around 140 booths selling locally produced crafts, flowers, baked goods, and others. River Market has a lot of apartments and condos, so it is not surprising that most locals are renters. Another great feature of this community is that you can easily reach your destination by walking. Some of the places you want to visit here include The Blue Line, Pigwich, and Arabia Steamboat Museum.
  • Overland Park- It is the second biggest neighborhood in Kansas. Found at the southwest section of the Downtown, Overland Park will be an exciting place to work and live. It is also an excellent place to have a good time. You can watch live performances and join several annual events. It is the home of different famous sites like Black Feather Farm and Overland Theater. If you want to take a long and relaxing walk or have a weekend picnic with the entire family, head to the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.
  • Independence- This community is located just outside of the metro area. Independence is renowned for its diverse and friendly population and the local’s hospitality. It is filled with delicious dining options, live events, and activities. You can also take the wagon ride when visiting the historic district. There are retail shops and pristine parks that will keep you busy throughout the year. If you are a sports fanatic, you can catch a live game at the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena. There also ethnic dishes that you can find here.
  • Armour Hills- The name of this place has been derived from the family name of the founders. It is nestled between two commercial districts that made it an excellent destination for the job seekers. Apart from that, it is also a comfortable place to stay. All the things that you will need are within your reach. It would be best if you took advantage of the different amenities offered to its residents. You can go to Arbor Villa Park, where you can swim, play, and relax, especially during hot weather.

What is the Cost of Living in Kansas?

When determining the cost of living in a city, BestPlaces offers an easy and convenient way to compare living expenses in different cities. It gives a national average score of 100, and anything lower than that means the city is affordable and higher means that it is an expensive place. All in all, the cost of living in Kansas is very affordable, with a 91.9 score. Some factors are costlier than the national average rate, such as healthcare costs and utilities. However, housing options and food are generally lower.

  • Housing Market-There is a very active housing market in this city due to the increase in the number of transients. According to the latest report, the median home value is $149,600, which is very affordable. The average cost of rent is $1,025. Most of the residents are homeowners, and only 38.1% are renters.
  • Tax Rates- The income tax of Missouri is considered moderate at 4.6%. The nearby cities in the south and north are imposing a higher income tax. For instance, Arkansas residents will be subjected to 6.90%, and Iowa has an 8.53% income tax rate. Concerning the sales tax, Kansas has a combined rate of around 8.6%; it is the total rate of the special, state, and county sales tax. For those who are planning to purchase a residential property, you will need to settle a property tax of 1.387%, which is slightly higher than the state’s average rate.

Is It Safe in Kansas?

Some people will be discouraged from moving to this city due to the higher crime rate based on the 2020 reports. Despite that, the resident’s worry about their security and safety is about the same level as the residents in other counties. The mass shooting is probably the most pressing concern of the residents here. 9% of the residents here claimed that they or someone they know had been affected by a mass shooting. Between 2014-2019, there had been four instances of the mass shooting in this city. Still, physical assault is more likely to happen in this city.

  • Property Crime- You will likely become a victim of someone breaking inside when you are not home. Around 65% of the residents here claimed that this is their primary concern. Another 45% are worried that their digital property may be stolen. 12% of property crime is burglary. To prevent this, around 26% of the residents have their home security system.
  • Natural Hazards and Disaster- Kansas is situated in the Tornado Alley. The place will be threatened with a range of natural disasters. Since the year 1990, the area has weathered 40 major disasters such as severe weather conditions, flooding, tornadoes, and ice storms.
  • Safety Level- Around 40% of the location in Kansas has experienced an improvement in their safety. Unfortunately, 35% of the area had suffered a significant blow in their security. Hugoton has reported the least incidence of property crime, wherein only nine occurrences were reported.

How’s the Weather in Kansas?

If you are moving to Kansas, you will experience the benefits of having four seasons. The summer will have calm nights and warm days, and the winter will not be too cold. The fall and the spring season are usually mild, but there are instances when the condition can change from humid days to cold winds. July and August will often be the hottest months. The temperature can increase at 90-degrees and may fall at 72-degrees at night. The coldest month may fall in December or January. Heat can be as high as 40-degrees and may dip to 20-degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Temperature- The hot climate will usually last for more than three months. It may start from the last week of May and will extend up to the second week of September. The median summer temperature is 80-degrees. July will have the highest temperature, and it will not be unusual for the heat to surpass the 90-degree mark. The cold climate will run for three months. It will start in the last week of November and will end in February. The median temperature during January is at24-degree Fahrenheit.
  • Cloud- There will be a seasonal variation on the percentage of the sky that was covered with cloud. June will always have a clear sky and may last for four months. In August, there will be some changes to the atmosphere. 72% of the time, the sky will be partly cloudy. It will be more overcast in October, and by February, the entire sky will be covered with clouds.

What Are the Job Opportunities in Kansas?

The residents of Kansas are enjoying a stable job market. At the end of 2019, it was believed that an additional 11,000 jobs had been created in the area. The latest unemployment rate is around 3.6, which is lower than the 3.9 national average rates. There has been a 1.4% increase in the job growth rate in the past few years. The sectors that are giving the most significant amount of job opportunities here are government, professional services, education, health, utilities, transportation, and production.

The city has become the base of operation of giant companies such as Kansas City Life Insurance, Bushnell Corporation, Hallmark, Garmin, and Dairy Farmers of America. For those who are looking for work opportunities, the official website of Kansas City Jobs will give you a list of the available jobs. You may also visit LinkedIn to get an insight into the job demands.

How to Go Around in Kansas?

In Kansas, you will have to rely on your car when moving around the city. Nevertheless, the public transportation system is also offering a couple of options. Union Station is the hub of the Metro Bus System, Amtrak, and Kansas City Streetcar. If you are taking a short trip to the Downtown Area, you can rent a bike through the ride-sharing app. The bus system that is offering in Downtown offers a decent service. However, for the other parts of the city, there will be no bus routes, and you will need your car to get to these destinations.

Fortunately, you will never have to worry about a heavily-congested road. Based on the study, Kansas is among the cities with the least amount of commute time. With an average of 22.9 minutes, commuting in this city will be a breeze. The city will not have enough lanes for the bike, which led to a low bike score of 32. Walkability is also weak. Among the large cities, it ranked as the 42nd most walkable city with a score of 34. Transit Score is also subpar at 29. There are so many things that can be improved in the transportation system of the city. It should give you a hunch that traveling with your vehicle when running errands and going to work is the more convenient option.

How’s the State of Education in Kansas?

The city’s education quality is one of the reasons why families are moving to Kansas. Around 74 school district systems are serving the metropolis. Some of the most renowned school systems include the Olathe, Blue Valley, And Shawnee Mission Public School System. Most of the schools here have a high rank based on their performance, like Lincoln College Preparatory Academy and Nashua Elementary. You can also enroll in a four-year course in the university or finish a post-secondary education program at one of the community colleges here. You can choose from the 24 universities and colleges that are operating in Kansas, such as the University of Kansas. You also have the option to enroll in one of the seven community colleges.

What Are Some of the Utility Providers in Kansas?

Before moving to Kansas, you want to guarantee that the primary utilities that you need are up and working. It can be a hassle to stay in the house without electricity or water. Here are some of the services and the providers that you will surely need.

  • Cable and Internet Services- You have a lot of options when choosing your internet service provider. You may select Spectrum, CenturyLink, or AT&T. Be sure to compare the speed plan, the cost, and the terms when choosing the right service provider.
  • Recycling and Waste Management Services- The city is handling all services related to trash management. You can visit their official site to know more about how to open a new account.
  • Water Services- You may open a new account by visiting the city hall. It is also an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with things related to Kansas. If you don’t have the time to visit the city hall, you can also complete the registration process online.
  • Electricity- If you opt for a sustainable form of energy, you can be qualified for the renewable energy incentive of Kansas.
  • Gas- Spire is the primary provider of natural gas in Missouri. Please activate your account today by visiting their website.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Kansas

Relocating to a new city is a huge decision that requires lengthy and careful consideration. Comparing the advantages and the drawbacks of the city is necessary to ensure that you are not making a big mistake.


  • With the lower cost of living, you can guarantee that you can stretch your budget further in Kansas. Lower housing costs mainly influence the more affordable price.
  • With a range of job opportunities that are being offered in Kansas, the job market is growing steadily. The market remains promising, which makes it an excellent place for transients.
  • While there may be slight congestion in rush hour, most residents will enjoy an excellent road condition most of the time.
  • For those who love an outdoor adventure or if you want to be surrounded by the beauty of nature, Kansas is a great place. There are lakes on the border of the city where you can do water-related activities.


  • The city experiences severe weather conditions annually. According to the report, an average of 60 tornadoes every year is battering the town.
  • You have a range of public transportation options, but the route is not sufficient. In some areas, the transportation system is inaccessible.

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you have more information that will help you decide if moving to Kansas is an excellent choice. This city has a lot to offer to young professionals and families. In terms of finance, rest assured that your money has more value here. Each neighborhood has its unique character and offerings, and you will not be disappointed with the welcoming and friendly community that awaits you.


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