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Moving to a new location and having difficulty in finding the things that you will need can be an irritating experience. In case you have several moving boxes that you need to unpack, it would probably take months before you can organize all your stuff. During the first few days in your new house, no one wants to hunt through these boxes just to find a single item. In this article, we will tell you how to be organized when moving that will help you trace the item on a particular box.

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How to Be Organized When Moving

Learn How to Be Organized When Moving

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Some people claimed that moving to a new house is one of the most emotionally taxing experiences that they need to face. With so many things that should be in order, it is quite necessary to stay organized while moving.

Donate Your Items

Relocating is a chance for you to reorganize your items and donate the stuff that you no longer need. Since the last time you move, there are probably items that are just collecting dust in your attic. It is definitely the best time to donate them or to place them in a garage sale. In case you are not using these items, there is a possibility that you will not use it in the future. Donating items will help you bring down the cost and waste space for the items that you don’t need.

Pack In Advance

Packing in advance will help you to be organized when moving. Start with the off-season items. For instance, if you are moving during the summer season, pack you long sleeves, winter gears, and coats. Think about the items that you won’t need during the last few days on your old house. There is a good chance that you will not need a couple of toiletries, several televisions, and small kitchen appliances. These items should be pack weeks ahead of the moving day to make your move seamless.

Use Wardrobe Boxes

These are a special type of boxes that allows you to move hanging clothes. This will not only save you time and energy, it can also help you avoid all the hassles on folding several shirts. You should also not worry about the extra costs that you can accrue. As long as the boxes are in good condition, the company should be willing to buy them back most of the time. Using the special type of boxes will help you to stay organized while moving.

Finally, you need to label the moving boxes appropriately to identify the items inside the box. Adding the proper tag or label can be a great stress-saver. In addition, you can easily move the boxes on the designated room that will make it easier for you to arrange them. House moving is a stressful experience, but learning how to be organized when moving can eliminate the unnecessary worries. Learn the art of moving through the tips that are provided on our blog section.

Items You Should Have during the Moving Day

Finally, the moving day is over. The entire moving process went seamless and smooth and it is finally time to spend your first day in your new house. You went downstairs to have your very first breakfast only to realize that you kitchen utensils are still inside the moving boxes. You start tearing the boxes, rummaging through the several boxes trying to find your coffee maker but to no avail. Finally you decided to give up and get your daily dose of caffeine to the nearby eatery.

Items That You Should Never Pack During the Moving Day

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This situation can be avoided with the right amount of planning. Your post moving experience will be completely delightful and satisfying if you choose not to pack some of the items that you will need during the big day. Here are some of them.

Medications and Toiletries

When you are packing your suitcase for a moving day, you will need to pack it as if you are travelling for two days or more. If you choose to pack all your items inside the moving box, searching for a mere toothbrush can be a struggle. It is better if all essential stuff can easily be accessed by placing it on your suitcase. Be sure that you will also add a decent amount of soap and tissue paper. If you are taking supplements or you are under medication, do not forget to toss them inside the suitcase.


Ensure that you will carry at least one identification form with you during your move. This is especially true if you are planning to hire a moving truck where they will require you to present an ID. In addition, you need to carry important documents related to your new and old house.

Valuable Items

Finding any valuable items during post moving can be a struggle if you decided to just toss everything inside the boxes. Furthermore, there is a good chance that it will be damaged when you mix it with your personal items and household goods. Family heirlooms, jewelry, and money can easily disappear during transit. Either you have to place them in a security deposit box or carry them with you when relocating.

Cleaning Supplies

Hopefully, before you arrive to your new home, the previous homeowner will clean the place. Nonetheless, since the movers will be moving in and out of your house during the moving day, they can definitely create a huge mess. This is why you need to immediately prepare some cleaning materials and supplies. Dustpan and a broom would be enough to temporarily sweep the dust and dirt inside the house.

Finally, you should also carry chargers for your laptops and phones. While some people will obviously carry these items with them when they move, there are still individuals who will put them in the moving box which will make their post moving experience a nightmare. Everything that you will need after moving should be kept close to you to make the move generally pleasant.

Important Moving Tools That You Will Need during the Big Day

When relocating, you will definitely need the basic moving tools that will dramatically improve your experience. Having access to these tools will greatly reduce the stress and will make the process smoother. There is absolutely no question that moving is often related with a great deal of stress. By providing you with a list of tools, the moving day will proceed according to your plan.

The Basic Moving Tools That You Need during Your Relocation

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Starting your moving day only to realize that you are missing the proper moving supplies and tools can be frustrating. The right tools will not only make the process simple and fast, it can also guarantee that your items will be safe. Here are some of the must-have items that you need to prepare during the big day.

Furniture Dolly

When you are relocating, you will most probably need moving tools that can help you move and lift appliances such as furniture dolly. This tool is quite convenient since it can be used to lift large items. The furniture dolly can make the moving process so simple. You will have the capacity to move several moving boxes in one go. This is also the safer method when you are lifting fragile items such as glassware. With a little amount of effort, you will be able to accomplish a large portion of your task.

Pads and Blankets

Aside from the moving tools that will make the process simpler, you will also need to prepare some items that will serve as a protective layer to your valuable items. Pads and blankets can be used as a covering on our personal belongings that will protect them against dirt and dust. This can also serve as a cushioning agent that will greatly diminish the shock, minimizing the possible damages. Make sure that you will wrap the blanket properly to keep your items safe while they are in transit.

Ropes and Straps

If you have large items that cannot be handled by a single person, you will need ropes and straps. The ropes can be used to secure the moving boxes on the utility dolly. Ropes are sometimes used when fitting large furniture inside the moving truck. It is essential to keep items secured with a rope to prevent items from moving while transporting. Without using ropes and straps the damages and risks will be magnified. These moving supplies are provided by your movers for an additional cost.

Tapes and Scissors

Tapes and scissors are indeed some of the best moving tools that you can use during this day. Keep these items close to you when you are packing your items, transporting your goods and unpacking the moving boxes.

Finally, there are also online moving tools that you should take advantage of. Make sure that you will have convenient access to these tools that can reduce the risk and difficulty. This is why we recommend you to hire a moving company who has a complete list of tools of equipment and supplies.

Things You Need to Measure When Moving

You need to take the accurate measurement of various elements when moving. This is the basic rule that you should remember, to make sure that there will be no hassles when you are relocating your items. It also minimizes the possibility that you have to rent special moving equipment. Using equipment such as a crane to move your furniture over the window can greatly increase your expenses.

Taking the Accurate Measurement When Moving

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Before you even start lifting a single moving box, you need to make sure that it will perfectly fit through your door. In a more complex situation, you should also measure the space inside the elevator and the narrow stairs. Here are some of the things that you need to measure during the moving day.

List of Your Personal Items

Of course, you will have to take the measurement of your personal belonging and household items first when moving. This will help you ensure that you will not encounter any massive issue that can significantly affect your moving experience.

  • Armoires and Bookcases-When taking the measurement of your bookcases, you will have to measure the diagonal height, height, width, and the depth accurately.
  • Couch– Determine first if the legs of your couch can be disassembled. If yes, you will have to remove it to minimize the space needed to move your couch. After this, measure the back height, length, depth, and diagonal height of the couch.
  • Dresser– Basically, you will also need to move your dresser during the moving day. You should check if the drawer inside increases the depth of the dresser. Remove the dresser before taking the measurement.
  • Headboard-Height and width should be noted.
  • Desks and Tables- Identify if you can remove some parts of the furniture before measuring the area.
  • Appliances-In case the doors of your appliances are removable such as refrigerators, be sure to remove it first before taking the measurement.
  • Piano– Apart from taking the accurate dimension of the piano, a professional piano mover should take care of this complex task.

Your New House

Aside from your personal belongings, you should also measure the different elements in your new house when moving. Start with the main door. Measure the clearance and the area of the door opening. Would you be able to instantly step inside or are there any obstructions that you need to consider? You should also consider the height of the ceiling once you are inside the house. If it is impossible to use the main door, you should think about the other access points such as your secondary entry ways. This may include the deck doors, patio and the doors at the side of your house. Other features of the house that you need to measure include hallways, stairways, and the windows.

In case you find this process too complex and you don’t want to stress yourself, let the professional movers handle this task during the moving day. They have the equipment needed to take the exact dimension of the things we mentioned here.

Tools to Guarantee Smooth Move

It is just too impossible to avoid the stress that comes with moving. However, there are some things that you can use to reduce the stress to its minimum level. All of us are aware of the physical demands and the emotional whirlwinds that come with relocation. Whether you are moving across the country or just down the block, there are tools that will guarantee a smooth move. In this article we will enumerate some of the tools that you can use.

Top Tools that Will Help You Enjoy a Smooth Move

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Relocating is a process that is not intended for the weak hearts. Packing all your items can be a bit daunting. There are moving tools that you can use to accomplish the cumbersome tasks. These tools are designed to make things easier and guarantee that you will not miss anything.


Before you start packing your items, you will need to sort your items and attempt to declutter your belongings to ensure a smooth move. Apps such as thredUP will help you purge a few of your clothes that you no longer wear. You simply have to request for a shipping bag and then mark it with the name of the clothing brand and the clothes that bears the name of the brand. You will then have to send this shipping bag without any charges and you will then receive the 40% of your item’s resale value. You will have lesser items that you need to move which results to a lower moving cost. Furthermore, you also have extra money for your move.


The concept of opening a yard sale would be an excellent idea. Nonetheless, the process can be exhausting. Fortunately, there are moving tools that you can use that will let you skip the laborious process such as setting-up the tent and the lemonade stand. Yardsale is an app that will allow you to list your range of items in a simple manner. The people within your community can view your list of items in the comfort of their own home. You also do not need to deal with the lady that is negotiating the price of your items.

Visual Inventory

For those who think that listing your items is too laborious and time consuming, Visual Inventory would be a great tool that will ensure a smooth move. You should do nothing more than to take a picture of your room and tag the items indicate their resale value. This means that you will not miss an item in your house.

Green Box

If you think that moving boxes are too expensive, there are moving tools that allows you to rent boxes. Green Box is a more eco-friendly way to move. There is just no use to use a mountain of boxes when you can rent them. With this app, you will be able to reduce stress and waste. They will be dropping these boxes to your old destination. At the time that you are finished with your move, they will then pick it up in your new home.

Taking advantage of these tools will help you enjoy a carefree and smooth move. This will help you stay away from the unnecessary stress that can affect your entire moving experience.

Items You Need When Moving

You finally bought one of the biggest investments that you will make in your lifetime; your house. Now it is time for you to move and enjoy the fruit of your labor. There is a good chance that you are missing some of the essential things that will help you settle into your new house. Whether this is your first time to move or you are relocating to an apartment, we listed some of the items you need when moving.

List of Items You Need When Moving

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To help you prepare for the big day, we listed some of the must have items when moving out. You should not wait until such time that you will need it. There are instances that missing these items can lead to several issues. Let us start enumerating these items.

Paper Products

You need to make sure that all your bathrooms are sufficiently stocked by the time that you will move to your new house. Check if there are paper towels, toilet paper, and Kleenex; these are some of the items you need when moving. If you have experienced being in a toilet without any bathroom tissue, you will understand why this should be on top of the list. Other paper products that you will need would be paper plates and napkins. You can use this during your first day in your house when you are too tired to unpack your kitchen items.

Cleaning Items

While it should be expected that the previous owner or tenant of your house cleaned the property, it does not mean that it is ideally clean. If you have the budget, consider hiring the services of professional cleaners. For the others, they will have to personally take care of this matter. Cleaning items are some of the must have items when moving out. You should buy cleaning products that are appropriate for cleaning your bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms. You should also prepare the essential cleaning accessories such as toilet brushes, sponges, rags, and mops.


No one wants to spend their day in a dark house. While some of the modern facility will come with lighting fixtures, you will normally have to provide the light bulbs. The inherent lighting system of the facility may also not be sufficient for the other areas of your house. You should also prepare some LED, floor lamps and flashlights which are some of the things you need when moving.

Kitchen Essentials

During your first few days in your new house, you will find that it is convenient to eat takeouts. However, it may not be the healthier option for you. You don’t want to develop this type of habit. You want to ensure that you have sufficient amount of kitchen utensils to prepare your own food. The basic kitchen supplies are the must have items when moving out.

To those who need the assistance and the knowledge of the professionals when moving out, be sure to check our online listing. The reputable companies can provide you advice on the things you need when moving.


Things to Take with You When Moving Out

The moving day is often stressful and hectic. You don’t want your charger or your wallet to be packed inside the moving box. In order to stay away from this issue, we created a list of essential things to take with you when moving out. We also included the must-have items that you will need the minute that you step inside your new home.

List of Things to Take with You When Moving Out

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Apart from the items that the movers will not accept such as your pets and your plants, you probably want to know what to take with you when moving out. Be sure that these items are included in your last box that you will load inside your own vehicle.

For Your Place

These are the items that you will immediately need the moment that you arrive into your new house. Be sure that you are properly equipped with these materials. This will make your life comfortable and will make the entire process seamless and efficient. Here are some of the things to take with you when moving out.

  • Flashlights and Light bulbs-This can guarantee that you will not be unpacking your moving box while in the dark. You probably notify the utility service provider about your move but the house will remain dark if you do not have a working light bulb.
  • Garbage Bags– This is essential to clear the garbage when arranging your household goods.
  • ToolsYou will need tools to reassemble your furniture and set-up your appliances.
  • Batteries and Extensions-In case you want to know what to take with you when moving out, never forget a pack of batteries for your flashlights and remote.
  • Cleaning Supplies- While the previous tenants have probably cleaned the place before leaving, their cleanliness may not be up to your standard.
  • Cutters and Scissors– This is for opening boxes
  • Paper and Pen– You will need this to create notes

For You

There are also things to take with you when moving out that will make your life easier. These should be added on your final box.

  • Toilet Paper- You don’t want to find yourself in a situation without a toilet paper.
  • Towels– While some people can add this to moving box; you don’t want to dig inside the boxes during your first day.
  • Coffee Supplies– This is for your daily source of caffeine.
  • Snacks-make sure that you will have enough food to survive for a few days.

Finally, there are also things to take with you when moving out that is meant for the entire family. This includes the charger, camera, pet supplies, and others. Make certain that you will also carry your credit cards, ATM, keys, cash, jewelry, electronic gadgets, medications, and other essential documents that you will need by the time that you will move to your new house. You should also ask your professional mover for extra guidance.


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