Essential Tips When Packing Your Closet

Usually, moving can be an exciting phase but it can also be stressful. Just imagining the changes, new friends, new communities, and the fresh experiences would be enough to overwhelm you. Packing your items is a time-consuming and laborious part of relocating. You want to make sure that your accessories, shoes, and clothes will reach your new home at their pristine condition. Items like this can sometimes be awkward to organize inside the moving boxes since it requires unhanging, folding, and refolding. In this article, we will make it easier for you by providing you some important tips on packing your closet.

Packing Your Closet the Easy Way

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Reducing the required amount of time to pack will be the secret to make the moving process smooth. If you want to learn how to pack your closet when moving, this comprehensive guide will provide you some assistance. This will ensure you that you will stay neat and organized while minimizing the time needed to pack the closet.

Wrapping the Dresser Drawers

Our dressers are obviously heavy. It is essential to take out the drawers in order to reduce the weight of your dresser. Taking advantage of the features and functions of your drawers would be an excellent way to reduce the time in packing your closet. Instead of tossing the items of your drawers inside the moving box, consider packing your drawer using a plastic wrap. Simply remove the knob and then place them in a safe location. Standard types of plastic wraps will seal the deal. Wrap the drawers on a lengthwise position before wrapping them crosswise.

Hangers and Plastic Bags

Removing the clothes from the hangers, folding before arranging them inside the moving box is unnecessary. Knowing how to pack your closet when moving will sometimes only require plastic bags. You can simply cover your clothes with the black garbage bags and leave it hanging on the bar. You should not forget to create a knot on the trash bag to make sure that it is secured on your clothes. It would be better if you can secure it with packing tape.


Your suitcase is not just intended for travelling, you may also use this when moving to a new location. Rather than hauling an empty suitcase inside the moving truck, you may use them as a container when packing your closet. The sturdy material of your suitcase would be ideal to keep your valuable items protected. In addition, it comes with rollers that make it easier for you to transport heavy items. Start by stuffing the books at the base of your suitcase. Pants and jeans can also be packed inside the suitcase since they can be heavy when put together.

In order to make the moving process less stressful, you will need to remind yourself about the positive things that await you in your new destination. Plan in advance when packing your closet. This will enable you to sort and organize your things and discard the items that you don’t need.