Moving to Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a city found in the Midwest that has a very dynamic population and culture. If you are interested in trendy and funky restaurants, close-knitted communities, vibrant sports, and colorful arts, you’ll find everything that you need in Indianapolis. The winter may be cold, but the locals will give you a warm welcome. Nestled on the side of the White River, it is the most prominent city in Indiana. It is the home of lively sports fanatics and major sports events. Moving to Indianapolis will help you realize why it is the perfect place to call home in the Midwestern.

  1. What is The Current Population of Indianapolis?
  2. What’s the Best Place to Live in Indianapolis?
  3. How’s the State of Education in Indianapolis?
  4. What is the Cost of Living in Indianapolis?
  5. How’s the Weather in Indianapolis?
  6. How Do You Get Around in Indianapolis?
  7. Best Things to Do in Indianapolis
  8. Pros and Cons of Living in Indianapolis

A Comprehensive Guide on Moving to Indianapolis

You are likely preparing for your move to Indianapolis if you are reading this. It is a fast-paced city but with the charm of a small town. Some people refer to this as a medical town since the sector of medicine offers the most massive job opportunity. There is also a thriving tech industry here that attracts young professionals.

What is The Current Population of Indianapolis?

The city is family-friendly and is currently attracting several generation z and millennial population. Around 35% of the residents are under 25 years old, and 66% of them reside with their families. Most of the transients here are attracted to the affordable cost of living and the dynamic job market. Religion plays an integral part of the culture. About 40% of the residents identify themselves as religious, wherein most of them are Catholics.

With how diverse the population is, it will not be shocking to hear some people conversing using a foreign language. New residents coming from all parts of the country in the world are moving to Indianapolis daily. About its political view, the city is known for being dominated by Republicans, but on the more recent survey, people are starting to be liberal.

What’s the Best Place to Live in Indianapolis?

Whether you want the charm of an old town or be in the center of the urban jungle, there are different neighborhoods in Indianapolis that will satisfy your needs. You will need to experience this lively city and enjoy everything that it can offer.

  • Downtown- For those who choose this area, you will be surrounded by the city’s skyline, and you will find some of the premium and high-end apartments here. However, just like in other cities, you need to deal with a more expensive cost if you choose this side of the town. If you are ready to spend this much, you will be close to the major facilities in the city. Getting access to your desired hotspot is just a couple of minutes away. You don’t have to take the cab to grab a quick meal at a nearby restaurant or visit the renowned tourist attractions.
  • Bates Hendricks- This community is currently in transition. It is attracting a high number of young professionals who want to take advantage of the low cost of living and affordable housing options. Living here will give you easy access to major highway and boulevards. Reaching the Downtown area will only require a short commute time. Most people who want to transfer to Indianapolis but don’t want to drive their car will find this place suitable for them. It also offers wide bike lanes that will give you a comfortable and safe commute to the different parts of town.
  • Fountain Square- If you want to live in the big city but still want the charm of a small town, this is the perfect community for you. You will need to drive in the southeastern direction of Downtown to reach this area. It is a place where most creative people will converge. You can also have a taste of the local and ethnic cuisine at Virginia Avenue. It is a perfect place to visit for residents who want to have a unique gastronomic experience.
  • Broad Ripple- It is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Indianapolis. The homes here are predominantly single-family houses. There are also smaller lofts and apartments. There are gift shops, local restaurants, and cafes where you may want to spend your weekend. Some areas here would be an excellent place for music enthusiasts.

How’s the State of Education in Indianapolis?

If you are taking your kids with you, finding excellent educational opportunities for them will ensure that they are on the right path to success. There are several top-performing schools in the area of Indianapolis. Some of the schools that score higher than the state’s average include the Carmel Clay School, Zionsville Community School, Hamilton Southeastern School District, Brownsburg Community School Corporation, Plainfield Community School Corporation, and others.

Currently, the school system of Indianapolis is ranked as the 21st best in the nation, and its high school institutions have a fantastic 87% graduation rate making it the 19th highest completion rate in the country. For those who are pursuing higher studies, several colleges and universities are offering their programs in the city like the University of Notre Dame.

What is the Cost of Living in Indianapolis?

BestPlaces has given Indianapolis with a score of 82.1 in terms of its cost of living. Therefore, it is lower compared to the national index rate of 100. Different factors may affect affordability in the city, such as taxes, transportation costs, health care, housing cost, and others.

  • Housing Market- When moving to Indianapolis, you will first consider if you have the budget to purchase a new house, or you will have to look for a property for rent. According to the latest report, the median mortgage per month is about $1,109, and the monthly rent will cost you around $782. You will be able to save$325/month or close to almost $4,000 annually if you choose to rent.
  • Tax Rate- The tax imposed by Indianapolis is lower than the US average. For those who are planning to purchase a home, you will have to settle the property tax that is 0.87, which is the 23rd lowest in the country. Indiana will also add 7% sales tax in most of their goods in the market. The income tax rate is at 3.23%.

How’s the Weather in Indianapolis?

Just like the rest of Indiana, this city has a humid tropical climate. The summer will be sticky and hot and may take some time before you get used to it. The winter will be cold and crisp and will experience an average of 25.9 inches of snowfall each year. Once the spring comes, you will get to see the collection of floral displays in different parts of the region. The diverse selection of hardwood trees in this place also makes a breathtaking fall.

  • Winter- The cold season in Indianapolis can be brutal. The amount of snowfall and the temperature can sometimes be unbearable. The winter may start from November and will last until February. Be sure that you will have a trusted jacket with you to keep you warm throughout this period.
  • Summer- The summer season in Indianapolis will mostly be sunny. However, once July and August come, the humidity may become too much for you. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated all the time to avoid heatstroke.

How Do You Get Around in Indianapolis?

For those who live in Indianapolis, you will soon realize that everything is within your reach. Even your relatives who live in other parts of the US are not so far away, thanks to the efficient transportation of the city.

  • The Streets of Indianapolis- This city is the 14th biggest city in the country. It has a grid-like road pattern that anyone can easily navigate. Whether you are just taking a short trip to the restaurants at the Downtown or going to the work in the heart of the city, you will not experience the usual traffic congestion in the road that you will see in most urban cities.
  • Ride-Sharing App- Depending on your location, you may realize that cars may not be a necessity. There are also lots of options to get to your destination. For instance, you can use the ride-sharing app, such as Lyft and Uber. Simply download the app, sign-up, and you are good to go. The city offers electric cars for rent from Blue Indys. It has more than 200 stations all over the city.
  • Biking- Indianapolis has accessible and safe bike lanes. You can visit the official site of the city government to find a comprehensive map of all the biking trails. There is also a range of information that you can read when getting around the city using a bike. If you don’t have a bike, you can rent one at Pacers Bikeshare.
  • Public Transportation System- IndyGo offers a bus system that covers multiple routes throughout Indianapolis. The city also implemented an improvement of rapid transit that will significantly ease your trip to the neighborhood of Marion.
  • Traveling by Air- If you are moving beyond the Midwest, flying will be the faster way to reach your destination. Offering direct flights to at least 42 routes in the country and other parts of the world, Indianapolis International Airport has frequently been praised for providing world-class services. Delays are uncommon, airfares are very competitive, and it comes with state-of-the-art security. This airport will attract at least 8 million passengers annually.

Best Things to Do in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is also called the Crossroads of America, but with so many things that you can do, it would be an excellent place to call your new home. You will not be bored, and you can indeed find people that share your same interest.

  • Watch a Live Basketball Game- If you’ve seen the movie Hosiers, you will realize that it is not just a simple movie. Basketball is indeed the way of living of the locals here. Indiana Hosiers is competing in March Madness and Big 10 event. Indianapolis also has the team at the NBA league.
  • Visit Fountain Square- It is the center of the art of Indianapolis. During First Fridays, most galleries in this area are easily accessible. You can also listen to the live performance of the bands that will play in rotation to different venues around Fountain Square. At night, you can have a taste of the craft beers at the local pubs while listening to spoken poetries.
  • Join a Tour at the Museum- For a vast collection of attractions and exhibits, check the things on display at more than 26-acres of space at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. There are interactive activities where your kids can participate. It is a fun way to learn natural science, history, culture, Physics, and other branches of science. It also houses some of the world’s rarest fossils and a planetarium. It will not be awkward to accompany your kids since you will not be the only parents in here.
  • Monument Circle- It is another top attraction in the city found in the city center. Tourists and locals are using this as their meeting spot. It is a great place to interact with other locals or learn about life in Indianapolis.
  • Shop for Antiques- It will not be hard to find something unique in this city. We have the Midland Arts and Antiques that will offer some vintage items that will add glamour and beauty to your home. If you want to be surrounded by antique furniture and homewares, head to Southport Antique Mall. You should also check out the items at Architectural Antiques of Indianapolis.

Pros and Cons of Living in Indianapolis

The population of Indianapolis is currently the third-biggest in the whole Midwest. It is the capital of the state and the home of top entertainment venues, colleges, and competitive sports teams. While the place offers a lot of benefits, you should also consider the pitfalls when moving to Indianapolis. The information here will help you decide if it is an excellent decision to move here or not.


  • Lovely Season- While there are instances that the weather can be intense, the different seasons in this city add beauty and color to the town. The city experience four seasons wherein the summer can have a low temperature of 80-degree Fahrenheit. The summer makes it a great way to spend your time outdoors. You can do some water-related activities at the White River. In winter, you will know the real meaning of White Christmas. You can wear your perfect ski attire and enjoy the different slopes. During the fall, take your friends on a trip to the hardwoods where you will see as the colorful foliage descend.
  • Active Sports- Indianapolis is the home of different sports teams that play in the major league. Watch Indiana Pacers as they battle it out with other teams at the NBA. You can also catch the live game of Indianapolis Colts. Indianapolis is the home of renowned racing events. Grab a ticket and enjoy the game with other sports fanatics.
  • Low Cost of Living- You will find the cost of living in Indianapolis extremely reasonable. The median rental price is only $760 for a 1-bedroom apartment and may increase to $810 to a 3-bedroom apartment. You can enroll in a gym program for only $40. You can enjoy the taste of locally-craft beer for only $5. Since your money will have a higher value in Indianapolis, you can stretch your cash here further.
  • A Lively Food Scene- There are different restaurants in Indianapolis that offers a range of cuisine from all corners of the globe. For mouth-watering grub, you should not miss St. Elmo that has been offering its delicacies since 1902. Try to compete on the annual eating contest being held here.
  • Dynamic Economy- There has been an average of 2.3% increase in the job opportunities here annually. For those who want to pursue a career in teaching, different universities and colleges consistently offer job opportunities to the right people. Even the schools at the Louisville and Cincinnati are just a short commute away. Social services and healthcare are some of the sectors that experienced positive employment growth.


  • It’s Not as Lively as Chicago- Individuals who want to be in a city that will never sleep may not appreciate living in Indianapolis. While there are so many places that you can explore and things to do, living in the city is more tamed than the other large cities in the US.

Indianapolis is the heart of Indiana. When choosing the date of your move, be sure that you will consider the weather. You want to guarantee that you are wearing the right clothing by the time you get here. If you are storing your belongings in the storage, look for a facility that offers a climate-controlled storage unit. You don’t want your items to be destroyed by the harsh winter or extreme humidity. Also, think about your needs, distance, and the size of the property when looking for a neighborhood to live. By making the right choice when moving to Indianapolis, you will enjoy all the benefits of a large city while also taking advantage of a peaceful life.


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